kryptonite og

Kryptonite og

Has that piney OG taste & smell. Dense dark green buds with fine milky white trichomes & burnt orange hairs that melt into the bud. This bud is for pain, relaxation, & sleep all of which it does with ease with it’s 20% THC level. Best thing about this strain is i got it at a mid-shelf price & got top shelf effects! Kryptonite puts SUPERMAN on his azz & it put me on mine! IMPORTANT NOTE: Kryptonite OG is a different strain from Kryptonite.

this is a very good bud. but it doesnt give you creativity, or eurphoric feelings. its great for sleep, relaxing, and a very strong non focusing head high

Pleasant. Definitely a nicely medicated effect. Drowsy, slow, calm, relaxed, your thoughts slow, and often disappear, so it’s got a meditative effect. You will have a quiet mind, and the chatter in the head stops. Time passes slowly. Good for doing manual chores at home, where being entirely focused on the task, but not in any rush is desired. You can function very well, but there is a tendency to feel that you lack judgement, or are forgetful. And later on: a nice, long, luxurious sleep.

This type of Indica dominant marijuana is parented from the very potent strain OG Kush. It is made up of big nugs, which are light green in color. The appearance is frosty due to the large amount of tri-chromes, which come in layers all over the buds. Certain farmers grow this type of marijuana, … ]]>