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Karma Genetics

Formed in 2008, Karma Genetics officially started after winning a cup at the IC420 cup in Amsterdam. Karma has been breeding since 2000 and on the Dutch cannabis scene since 1996. He states that he aims his strains at cultivators desiring top quality cannabis with superior genetics.

Whilst some strains he produces are ideal for beginners, most best suit an advanced cultivator. One such strain ideal for beginners is Headbanger and Skullcap, both high yielding, fast growing plant capable of thriving in and outdoors. Always proud to enforce a “Sharing is Caring” policy, many companies use Karma Genetics’ strains for their work.

As stated by Karma Genetics in an interview: “I thought I would become a firefighter like most little boys. I guess in reality, that is pretty close: I use a water hose a lot and try to breed that FIRE.” We very much believe this to be the case, with his iconic strains being a testimony to this!

Take your pick from the gorgeous Grenadine, the remarkable Rado Banger LTD and much more. Alternatively, discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from multiple banks!

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