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Jack Herer Pipe

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Jack Herer Pipe

Classic video from 1 Percent:

With the double-vortex ricocheting effect, smoke leaves the large Jack Herer pipe at a … Ещё much lower temperature than a regular pipe. Due to the design of the bowl, and the fact that air circulates below the bowl freely, the burning temperature in the bowl is very high, meaning a complete burn. You can see the whitish color of the ash (like on the tip of a cigar) which shows you that the tobacco is burning completely without leaving a blackish residue.

Each large # JackHerer pipe is handcrafted and therefore completely unique (will definitely vary from picture). Jack’s… Ещё

Jack Herer Pipe. Отметки "Нравится": 92. The Jack Herer Pipe is just a small part of the lasting legacy of the man, the myth, Jack Herer. Made in Oregon… ]]>