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Island Girl

First of all this isn’t a “Custom Strain” this is from Next Generation Seeds ( they just aren’t listed on grow diaries as a breeder. I have no affiliation with them, I have received nothing from them, I just don’t want to take credit for a strain that isn’t mine.

My Sweet Island Girl is done and I couldn’t be happier with her growth, yield, smoke, taste… everything about her has been a joy.

The smoke is really nice, it hits hard and hits fast. The taste is very light, citrus, sweet, and fresh, everyone will like this smoke. It is a “skunk” and has some skunk smell to her but it’s not overwhelming like a lot of other skunks I’ve met before…. more like a “skunk light”

It’s a sativa and the high is definitely sativa, this isn’t the strain for indica lovers. But if you like taking a big rip and then weeding your garden for the afternoon or washing your car this is definitely a great contender for making the task more enjoyable. However don’t be blazing this stuff before bed, it definitely will give you insomnia.

She made BIG FAT FROSTY COLAS. We saved twelve cola’s that are between 12g – 16.5g each, put them into jars and have been sending out the whole colas to friends and family. The colas that are under 15g we put a extra bud in along with it to make sure it’s above 15g for them. None of these people grow and all of them are loving the whole cola’s. They get a kick out of cutting them apart to smoke, its been a real hit.

We have shared this with some friends and family, the friends that are use to strong weed are very impressed and happy with it. The others that aren’t use to strong weed are now timid of it after their first try. This stuff will knock you on your ass.

Our biggest cola was 19.3g dried (in picture) but was too wide to fit through the top of our biggest jar, so we had to cut it down to fit 🙁

The breeder lists the THC content of this as 23%, it is stronger then the BC Blueberry (from the same breeder) and that was listed by the breeder as 20% and we had it lab tested with the results coming in at 19.7%. So there is a fairly good chance this stuff is in the 22-23% range. Hoping to get it lab tested next month.

The buds themselves are nice and big, very sparkly, but medium density. The BC Blueberry has denser buds then the Island girl, but these buds are still very nice in the density department, just not as much as that epic Blueberry.

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