is gorilla glue made from gorillas

is gorilla glue made from actual gorilla?

6 Answers

To the person who said they use infant gorillas. you are incorrect. They actually use infants AND adults. The trick is you have to squeeze them just right, it is just that the smaller ones are simpler to squish so the majority of the glue is made out of them.

Goodness no, it is not made out of gorillas. Why on earth would you even think that? It is just called “gorilla” because the glue is strong and gorillas are strong.

Yes, of course! How else would it get it’s name? First, they take the gorilla and throw it into a stew pot and mix it up with some navy beans. Then, they pour it into little jars with the label gorilla glue! Isn’t that lovely!! ;]

is gorilla glue made from actual gorilla? ]]>