iranian autoflower

Iranian Auto Flower

breed by Dr. Greenthumb

Here you can find all info about Iranian Auto Flower from Dr. Greenthumb. If you are searching for information about Iranian Auto Flower from Dr. Greenthumb, check out our Basic Infos, Lineage / Genealogy or Hybrids / Crossbreeds for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Iranian Auto Flower is an indica variety from Dr. Greenthumb and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±50 days ) and outdoors . Dr. Greenthumbs Iranian Auto Flower is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Dr. Greenthumbs Iranian Auto Flower Description

S1 from an Original Clone NOT from a cross
* Developed to eliminate the worry of thieves in the Fall

Potency: 4.5 out of 5
Taste: Hashy

Finished height: 12″ to 24″
Yield (g/m²) SOG: 250 to 350 g
Flowering: 45 to 55 Days

Plant height: 18″ to 24″
Yield: 100 to 300 g
Finish: June, July, August & September
Frost Resistance: Spring: Excellent; Fall: Good

Iranian Auto Flower breed by Dr. Greenthumb Here you can find all info about Iranian Auto Flower from Dr. Greenthumb . If you are searching for information about Iranian Auto Flower from Dr.

Iranian Autoflower

Origins: Iranian x NA S1
Flowering: 40-50 days

Iran is also widely known as Persia. This home to one of the world’s oldest known continuous major civilizations has a long history with cannabis, and in particular with hashish, including tales that date back a thousand years. The country if Iran is roughly the size of the UK, or slightly bigger than the state of Alaska. It is southeast of Kazakhstan and Russia, two countries believed to be the birthplace of autoflowering strains. Iran has coastline along the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf in the south, but is probably more known for being sandwiched between Iraq and Afghanistan. Much like these neighbors, Iran has much mountainous terrain, which turns to desert as one moves south and east.

Dr. greenthumb’s Iranian Autoflower strain is an all-indica strain with parents from the rugged terrain of Iran. It was developed for outdoor use in temperature climates. This lush green plant will grow anywhere, and finishes in just 90 days from start to finish. The Iranian Autoflower is compact, growing between 3-4 feet in most gardens, although it can reach heights of 5 feet at maximum. This variety tends to keep branching minimal and focus most of its energy on developing a single dominant cola.

This plant can finish in 3 months from seed to harvest, spending about half of that time in flowering. Since this is an autoflowering strain, the plants shift into flower development without strict light cycles, making it an easy plant to grow outdoors. Multiple harvests are possible from spring thaw to the first freeze of late autumn, and the lack of light requirements allows harvesting to occur in months during growing. When combined with potential off season harvesting and compact size, they offer an impressive stealthiness for outdoor growers.

Iranian Autoflower buds form tight dense nuggets that take on golden hues as they cure. Average per-plant yields are 4-8 ounces. Iranian Autoflower reflects the long hashish tradition of its native nation region. In a side-by-side comparison, testers equated this all-indica strain’s potency to White Widow and OG Kush. The deep earthy tones bring out flavors reminiscent of hashish, and the smoke has strong narcotic and pain-relieving qualities that lead card carrying med-users to ask for it by name.

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18 comments to Iranian Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Just ordered some of these seeds from greenthumb it’s my first time growing and will obviously start very very small! It’s by such coincidence that this strain literally met my needs the best of all his strains and I happen to be Iranian as well! Was born there but left at age 2 and lived in Germany until 2000 at which point I moved to the states! It’s May 11th I dropped my order form off at the post office today along with the donation. Hopefully within the next two weeks I’ll have the seeds and I can get them planted by June 1st so by end of August I can hopefully have my first ever harvest god willing! I’m a die hard Sativa fan though and Neville’s haze is my favorite strain in the universe! I can’t wait to next year hopefully be able to step it up and grow his Iranian haze!! I’m in the northeast coast of the United States! Near Kashmakesh Village right outside Popomomonukata City next to Gorbechov Avenue!

I have the mother plant to this strain.
If kept under 24 hr photoperiod you can take clones from it.

i grow 2 heavy strain togheter. iranian ancient og auto vs g13 haze
the iranian is more powerful than strong g13 haze photoperiod
i am in iran and i test this iranian auto strain with another hero photoperiod strain
this is the best

I used greenthumb seeds several times, had great success with all seeds, also very good service, packaging for delivery fantastic.

you want some give book seeds grow good

Wonderful strain .iranian strain is the best forevere

I am iranian and in my contry the weed is forbiden.
I grow all kind of persian weed such az 1-Saveh weed 2-Varamin weed 3-Yazd weed 4-Takhte jamshid weed 5-Persian Great Cyrus weed and … .
In my contry the cannabis is forbiden .
I Preparing and collecting Persian weed all around our cities of my country more years.
More kind of spawn in Iran ,more than 14% THC whitout any genetict tecnics and grafting tecnics and fiminized tecnics (they are all regulard and natral plant.
I feminized all kind of persian seed since 4 year ago and i graft them to its bone (no other strain bone)
I guse My new buds thc come over 20% without any genetic tecnics and all kind strain are just indica
My email is [email protected]
Saeed Rafati

aug28 2015 Iranian auto flower 8out of 11 germinated those 8 kicked ass like full sized plants ended up with28 ounces dried trimmed and cleaned.hows that sound for auto flower plants. thanks doc keep up the good work my son also says thanks you da man.

Yes I aswell hae rown the dr.s strains and they all have performed .I even got a bad bunch of seeds.(In which i took a pic of the half i didnt try to germinate germinating beside my other seeds the doc found the problem and gave me double the order for my trouble) So to me the Doc is great and honest to deal with which you wont find anywhere else.Thanks Doc for my beans.I read threw all the crap and sending in another order to doc today Cheers all!!

yo I purchased seeds from the dr and hes the real deal his Iranian auto kicks ass and so does his Iranian og and diesel believe me I will be purchasing more seeds real soon big john

‘Doc ripped reibsi’s auto affie…Doc selfed the aa called it iss…he’s a liar!’ This is a serious matter as a breeder’s reputation is hard-earned and is his primary product…he vends seeds but people buy therm based on his reputation for past performance. Without reputation a breeder is bankrupt. Your words are a slam and an insult, akin to calling your brother’s wife a ho. What’s your proof, Dick? If you don’t have something convincing to offer you are more than a Dick. If you do, please lay out the proof here for all to see and judge.

Gottcha Dick , I read and looked threw this info you left me.Very thanks to you for the insight as to the real maker of this strain.I was just about to order more!#331 from dR &*( thumb #$ can yuo direct me to auto alffie?

iss is a rip of of reibsi’s auto affie,doc selfed the aa called it iss…hes a liar!

Go to Dr.greenthumb i got some…

Look just under the heading. It says Greenthumb Seeds. Just for shits and giggles I went there and there they were. Not too difficult to figure out.

How can I get me some iranian auto flower seeds please!?

have not been able to find those yet, but will keep looking. for a list of all available autoflower seeds check here: Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

My youth is gone forever, romance memories of Good Hash (mid 1970’s Canada).
Is it possible to purchase Sativa Seed of fragrant female strain?. in/outdoors, male too

Iranian Autoflower – cannabis indica marijuana weed strain. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds.