indoor plant pots with saucers

23 stylish indoor plant pots to suit every interior

Bring the outdoors in with these must-have styles.

Indoor plant pots are perfect for displaying flowers and plants around the home. From traditional terracotta plant pots inspired by Spanish style to more contemporary designs, there are plenty to suit every interior scheme.

Indoor plant pots come in a whole range of different sizes, colours and textures. Not sure where to start? A clay pot is a good option as they are less likely to topple over. Ceramic plant pots are great for cacti, succulents and orchids as they are porous (which means they allow air and water movement through the sides of the pot).

Another option is plastic plant pots. These are great for plants that like their soil kept evenly moist, plus they are also far easier to move around the home, inexpensive and hardwearing, too.

Many decorative indoor plant pots help to spruce up our interiors, but always be careful when choosing those without drainage holes. If you choose a plant pot without holes, ensure the plant is in a smaller pot with drainage holes, and then pop it into your decorative plant pot cover. This is vital to ensure your plant blossoms and grows.

If you’re on the hunt for plant pot stands and planters on legs shop our roundup here, or alternatively, if you want to use up vertical space rather than floor space, shop our guide to hanging plant pots here.

Whether you’re looking for small indoor plants or large indoor plant pots, we’ve rounded up a selection of indoor planters that offer style and practically for your houseplants, cacti, succulents and herbs. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

Indoor plant pots are perfect for ´╗┐displaying flowers and house plants. Shop the best indoor planters including terracotta, ceramic and large and small designs ]]>