how to make an indoor greenhouse

Indoor Greenhouse Garden: Tips For Creating A Mini Indoor Greenhouse

Starting seeds indoors can be a challenge. Maintaining a warm environment with sufficient humidity isn’t always easy. That’s when a mini indoor greenhouse garden is called for. Sure, you can purchase one from a variety of sources, but a DIY mini greenhouse is so much more fun and a worthwhile project in the dead of winter. Read on to learn how to make a mini greenhouse indoors.

Mini Indoor Greenhouse Garden

A mini greenhouse indoors is great at creating and maintaining the perfect microclimate for starting seeds before spring. This greenhouse garden for indoors can also be used to cultivate houseplants, force bubs, propagate succulents, or grow salad greens or herbs – anytime.

There are lots of indoor greenhouse gardens for sale from elaborate Victorian era versions to simpler boxed sets. Or you can opt for a DIY project. Creating your own mini greenhouse can often be put together inexpensively to free from whatever items you have on hand.

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse

If you are handy or know someone who is, your indoor greenhouse can be made from wood and glass; but if you don’t think you are up to cutting, drilling, etc. these materials, we have some simple (literally anyone can do them) DIY mini greenhouse ideas here.

  • For those who want to make an indoor greenhouse garden on the cheap, try repurposing. A mini indoor greenhouse can be created from cardboard egg containers, for example. Just fill each depression with soil or soilless mix, plant seeds, moisten and cover with plastic wrap. Voila, a super simple greenhouse.
  • Other simple DIY ideas involve using yogurt cups, clear salad containers, clear containers such as those a precooked chicken comes in, or really any clear plastic food container that can be covered.
  • Clear plastic sheeting or bags can also easily be turned into simple versions of indoor mini greenhouses. Use skewers or twigs for supports, cover with plastic, and then tuck the plastic in around the bottom of the structure to keep the heat and moisture in.
  • Beyond repurposing stuff you already have, for just a little over $10 (courtesy of your local dollar store), you can create a simple DIY mini greenhouse. The dollar store is a fabulous place to get inexpensive project materials. This greenhouse project uses eight picture frames to create a slanted roof and walls. It can be painted white for continuity and all it takes to put it together is white duct tape and a hot glue gun.
  • Along the same lines, but probably pricier unless you have them lying around, is to make your indoor greenhouse with storm or small casement windows.

Really, creating a mini DIY greenhouse can be as easy or complex and as expensive or cheap as you want to go. Or, of course, you can just go out and buy one, but where’s the fun in that?

Maintaining a warm environment with sufficient humidity isn’t always easy. Click here to learn ideas on how to make a mini indoor greenhouse garden.

9 DIY Indoor Greenhouses You Can Easily Make

The gardening season hasn’t started yet but some plants really require early starting, especially if from the seed, and in some places getting them ready is starting. If you don’t have outer space or it’s too cold to plant there, you can always make an indoor greenhouse for easy seed starting and just growing what you want. It can also help you to extend the gardening season easily, let’s see what you can construct at home.

This simple indoor greenhouse is right for a small space, it’s built of wood and there are some containers for growing herbs. The author also added light because plants and seeds need it a lot, so read the tutorial to find out how to make it all.

DIY indoor greenhouse station with lights (via

Just because the seasons are changing, doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own veggies and eat them too! If you have a windowsill, you can make your own indoor greenhouse. Save money and eat organic vegetables that you have grown in the comfort of your own home. This piece is created using recycled items, so it’s also very eco-friendly.

DIY indoor greenhouse made of picture frames (via https:)

An indoor greenhouse isn’t just for show, although it does pack plenty of style into its tiny structure. For starters, it keeps temperatures stable, boosts humidity, and increases carbon dioxide levels inside the enclosure for quicker-growing plants. Sheltering your greenery also keeps pests out and reduces the risk of disease. A simple glass box creates an optimal environment for your plants, guaranteed to take your gardening game to the next level. Read how to make this one here.

DIY natural wood greenhouse (via

By trapping sunlight inside and capturing warming energy greenhouses make ideal environments for starting seedlings and growing plants all year long. With a space-saving countertop greenhouse, the benefits of having a garden can be applied on a smaller-scale indoors providing a continual supply of greenery. These can be bought pre-made and can include glass or plastic frames. Kits can also be purchased, or you can construct your own with a bit of crafting skill and some basic materials.

DIY mini greenhouse for indoors (via

Get your seedlings off to a flying start by building a cheap, easy greenhouse. You can make a single plant greenhouse or one that will hold multiple plants. This is a great way to make a practical or decorative addition to the greenery in your home.

DIY indoor greenhouse with pots and containers inside (via

This indoor/ outdoor greenhouse was designed to grow hot peppers but of course you can grow there whatever you want. It’s made of glass, with containers and pots inside, and lots of light. Read how to make such a piece here.

DIY indoor greenhouse to build with kids (via https:)

Whether you’re trying to extend your growing season or simply want to enjoy gardening with your children when it’s not seasonal enough to work outside, creating and maintaining a simple indoor greenhouse is a fun DIY activity for the whole family to enjoy all year-round. Keep reading to learn how to make a mini greenhouse of your own.

DIY indoor seed starting station (via https:)

Starting seeds indoors is an excellent way to get a jump start on the gardening season so you can save money on the various foods you plant. Starting seedlings is a highly rewarding and enjoyable endeavor. The components for this system are readily available at most hardware stores and can be sized to your specific needs and growing space.

DIY baby greenhouse (via https:)

The last for today but not least is this inexpensive seed starting system or indoor greenhouse. It has lights and warmers and won’t take much money or time to construct, just follow the instructions.

With this roundup we want to help you make an indoor greenhouse for easy seed starting and just growing what you want. Here are several DIY projects for that.