how to make a weed vaporizer

DIY Homemade Vaporizer – Step by Step Guide With 2 Methods

The debate between smoking versus vaping has a longstanding history, but for those who prefer vaping for health reasons or for mitigating the harsh cough that comes with smoking, knowing how to make a homemade vaporizer is priceless knowledge.

Long-time cannabis users know the frustration of having plenty of weed yet nothing to smoke it with, but the pros know how to take some of the most basic household items to engineer a homemade vaping device.

Even newbies who have never used a vaporizer before might have an interest in making a homemade vaporizer, especially since the commercial ones that are truly worth the investment can also be quite costly.

Considering vaporizers are better for your health and homemade vaporizers are easy and cheap to make, knowing the basics of making a homemade vaporizer is simply good information to add to your repertoire of cannabis culture.

What Is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is basically any device that uses heat to release the active ingredients of the weed. There are many commercial vaporizers with digital temperature readers, but basic and functional vaporizers can also be made at home.

Vaporizers are a healthier method of cannabis use in comparison to smoking, and the effect of inhaling vapor is a smoother pull and less lung irritation.

How does it work?

Vaporizers work by heating up the weed to release the active ingredients in vapor form. While smoking weed involves combustion and releases the active ingredients through smoke, (which can lead to harmful effects including lung damage, burning the back of the throat and esophagus, and exposure to carcinogens), vapor only heats the herb.

The pleasurable effects of vaping are the same as smoking, if not superior to smoking since vaping is significantly less harsh and less likely to induce fits coughing fits.

How to Make a Homemade Vaporizer

There are many ways to make a homemade vaporizer, and the basic elements that are required are a sealable container that can be heated, a knife or scissors for cutting, two tubular items for inhalation and ventilation, and a heating element.

Below are two of the most common methods – a vaporizer using a lightbulb and a vaporizer using a mason jar – for making a homemade vaporizer using regular household items.

While the light bulb method probably requires the least preparation, it is also more suitable for individual users or smaller groups. The mason jar method might require a trip to the hardware store, but it is also easier to share in a group.

How to Make a Homemade Vaporizer with a Lightbulb

What you’ll need:

  • 1 clear glass lightbulb
  • 1 knife
  • 1 pair scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • 2 straws or hollowed-out pen tubes
  • 1 plastic bottle cap from a 2L soda bottle
  • 1 lighter or candle
  • Weed

The Process:

1) Using the scissors, cut the end of the lightbulb off, making sure to remove all the black glass at the bottom. If the edges are smooth, it will be easier to put the bottle cap on later and get a more airtight seal, but it’s not a big deal if the edges are not perfectly smooth.

2) Remove the filament from the lightbulb. This part can be tricky, and you’ll want to handle the bulb with care so that it doesn’t break. Using either the screwdriver or the pliers, or both, pull out the filament wiring from the lightbulb.

For a visual demonstration of cleaning out a lightbulb, check out this video down below. Make sure all the glass and contents are completely emptied out of the lightbulb. You can wash the bulb out too, but then you must wait for it to dry completely.

3) Take the plastic bottle cap and use the knife make two holes in the top. The holes should be big enough for the straws or pen tubes to fit into. If handy, a drill can make this process even easier, and it will create two nice, smooth holes.

4) Insert the two straws or pen tubes into the newly bored holes on the bottle cap and secure them in place with the duct tape. One of the straws will be for inhaling and the second straw is there to act as a carb so you can clear out the vaporizer as you inhale.

5) Put the weed into the lightbulb. Preferably, the weed should be ground since that will make it easier to heat up all the weed (rather than one side of anug) and maximize the vapor yield. If you don’t have a grinder, click here to learn how to grind weed without grinder.

6) Screw the bottle cap onto the lightbulb.

7) Heat the head of the bulb with a lighter or candle. Make sure not to burn yourself! As you are heating up the weed, you’ll begin to see vapor being released.

8) As the vapor builds up, start inhaling. Inhale slowly so the weed doesn’t fly around in the bulb. Lastly, enjoy!

The lightbulb vaporizer is probably the easiest vaping device to make at home, and there are many ways to improve on the technique discussed above. Some vape fans have thought up innovative ideas like a lightbulb holder, so you don’t have to hold the vaporizer up while smoking.

In addition to the lightbulb design, you can use any small glass container that can be heated and capped. A small glass vial, for example, is handy formaking a homemade vaporizer that can be taken on the go.

A lightbulb vaporizer is convenient and more affordable than a commercial vaporizer, but it is also small, and thus better for one or two people. Read on to find out how to make a homemade vaporizer for larger groups!

How to Make a Mason Jar Vaporizer

What you’ll need:

  • 1 mason jar with lid
  • 1 knife
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1 glass votive candle holder, approx. 1.75”
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • 2 plastic hoses/tubes or 1 hose cut into two pieces, one about 1 ½ feet in length, the other 6”
  • Wire hanger
  • 1 lighter or candle
  • Weed

The Process:

1) Take the knife and cut three holes in the mason jar lid. Two of the holes should be large enough to fit the hoses. The third hole should be wide enough to allow the votive candle holder to fit snugly into place. The votive will hold the weed for heating.

2) Take the duct tape and tape around the edges of the holes to create a more airtight seal.

3) If the candle holder comes with a candle inside it, melt and remove the candle wax, so you are left with a clear glass container.

4) Take the wire hanger and unwind it so that it is a long, pliable piece of thick wire. This will be used to fashion a stand for the mason jar.

Press the middle of the wire against the neck of the mason jar, then wrap around the neck of the jar, once in each direction, so that it forms a ring around the jar.

Take the ends of the wire and bend down to make a stand about 4” high, and then bend the wires again at ninety-degree angles to form the base of the stand.

5) Holding the mason jar upside down, place onto the stand.

6) Put weed into the votive. The weed should be ground to maximize the amount of vapor yield.

7) Fit the votive into the cap and screw the cap onto the jar.

8) Insert the hoses.

9) Heat the votive to release the vapor. A lighter or a candle can be used with this method. A candle can sometimes be preferable since holding a lighter can get too hot to hold after a while.

10) Pass the vaporizer around to share with friends, and enjoy!

The mason jar vaporizer can be made for a very affordable price. Since the jar is much bigger than a lightbulb, you can get bigger hits with a mason jar vaporizer, and the device is easier to pass in a group of friends. Check out the video from DJ Titofor a great demonstration of how a mason jar vaporizer can be made.

Design Your Own Homemade Vaporizer

As demonstrated by the two processes discussed above, making a homemade vaporizer is simple. If you have a glass container that can be sealed and can withstand heat from a flame, a couple of tubes or straws for inhalation and air circulation, a heat source and, of course, some weed, the possibilities for designing your own vaporizer are limitless.

DIY Homemade Vaporizer – Step by Step Guide With 2 Methods The debate between smoking versus vaping has a longstanding history, but for those who prefer vaping for health reasons or for

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Homemade Cannabis Vaporizer

All you need are some household supplies…

Ever wanted to make your own marijuana vaporizer, but didn’t know it could be easily created with just a few everyday household supplies? If you want to start vaping cannabis but are on a budget, or you just want the experience of creating your own, our simple guide will walk you through making your own awesome homemade vape.

While there are plenty of excellent vapes you could purchase on the market, some people find that making their own vaporizer is a much more interactive, fun, and exciting experience, and in some cases, it can also substantially cut down on the cost of getting started.

Whatever your reason is for undertaking the task of making your very own vaporizer, our simple steps can serve as a tool to help guide you through the process.

There are various methods you can use to produce your handmade vaporizing device, but the one we will share with you is probably the most simple in our opinion, especially for those of you who are giving this your first attempt. Before we look at what materials you’ll need and how you go about making your own homemade vaporizer, let’s first look at what vaping is, for the benefit of those who are new to the subject.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is simply an alternative method of consuming cannabis. Unlike smoking weed, where you are burning your bud, vaping involves heating cannabis either in dried herb or in an oil form to temperatures below its combustion point. This heating method produces a vapor which you then inhale.

Some of the arguments in favor of vaping as opposed to smoking are that it is a more convenient and discreet way of consuming cannabis. Vape pens, for example, are small and convenient to carry around, they fit easily in a bag, and are a great way of consuming cannabis on the go. Vape pens are simple to use; you simply press a button to activate the atomizer and inhale.

Also, the fact that you are heating rather than burning your weed means you are producing vapor rather than smoke. One of the biggest advantages vaping has over smoking weed is that you get to experience stronger flavors as well as avoiding the harmful effects of inhaling marijuana smoke.

There are, however, some drawbacks with vaping. The initial cost of purchasing your vaping device can be quite high and also the learning curve to familiarize yourself with the equipment, and vaping generally, is quite steep. There are also some concerns about the safety of vaping, too, particularly around the use of toxic substances as thinning agents to transform raw cannabis oil into a more liquid form which is suitable for vaping.

Thankfully, as you will see from this simple step-by-step guide, making your own homemade vaporizer isn’t as daunting a task as you may think. You just need to source the materials, and the rest is pretty straightforward.

How to Make a Homemade Vaporizer Using a Lightbulb

First, let’s begin with the supplies you’ll need. You’ll likely find these items around your home. If not, you can inexpensively purchase them from almost any store in your area (such as a grocery store).

  • A clear glass lightbulb
  • A corkscrew or a drill and drill bit
  • A flathead and Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • Two straws or empty pen tubes
  • A plastic bottle cap from a 2L soda bottle (as long as it fits the base of the lightbulb snugly.
  • A lighter or a candle
  • Last but not least, some weed!

So, you have all of your supplies, here’s how to go about making your own homemade vaporizer out of a lightbulb.

Step 1 – Begin by Hollowing Out the Lightbulb

Before you get started, it is a good idea to lay a couple of sheets of newspaper on the worktop or table that you will be working on. Using a piece of newspaper will make tidying up afterward easier as it will catch all the falling pieces while you are hollowing out the lightbulb.

The actual process of hollowing out a lightbulb requires a certain amount of care and precision as you obviously don’t want to break the lightbulb glass.

Start by using pliers to remove the bottom ring from the base of the lightbulb. Work your way around the edge of the ring, gripping it with the pliers and pulling and twisting until the ring comes off.

When you have the ring fully removed, use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the base glass insulator (black piece of plastic) at the bottom of the bulb. You can do this by sticking the flathead screwdriver through the opening and moving it back and forth until the insulator is fully broken off. Use the pliers to remove any remaining pieces.

Next, remove the clear inner tube from the lightbulb, again using the pliers. Use a large Phillips screwdriver to detach the remaining inner parts of the lightbulb – the glass mount/support, the tungsten filament, etc. – by moving the screwdriver back in forth inside the lightbulb. Use the pliers to remove the remaining inner parts.

Tap the sides of the lightbulb to cause any remaining debris to fall out of the bottom onto the newspaper. You now have a hollow light bulb and are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Make Two Holes in the Bottle Cap (Make Sure to Choose a Bottle Cap That Fits Snugly to the Base of the Light Bulb)

Some people would simply use a corkscrew to burrow two holes in the bottle cap while others prefer to use a drill. If you choose to use a drill, select a drill bit that will create two holes that are large enough for the straws or empty pen tubes to fit through.

Step 3 – Insert Straws or Pen Tubes into Bottle Cap

After you have drilled the two holes in the bottle cap, insert the two straws or pen tubes. One of these straws/pen tubes will be used for inhaling the vapor. The other will act as a carb, which will clear out the vaporizer as you inhale. It is recommended that you use duct tape or electrical tape to secure the straws/pen tubes to the bottlecap.

Step 4 – Grind up Some Weed and Place It in the Lightbulb

Grind up the weed that you intend on vaping. The more finely ground up the weed, the easier it will be to heat up. Once you have ground up the weed place it in the lightbulb and fit the bottle cap with two straws/pen tubes onto the base of the light bulb to seal it.

Voila! Your very own homemade vaporizer. All that’s left to do is try it out.

Heat the head of the lightbulb using a lighter or candle and wait for the vapor to release from the weed.

Once the vapor starts to release into the lightbulb/homemade vaporizer, gently inhale through one of the straws and enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Making a Homemade Marijuana Vaporizer Using a Lightbulb

As you can see from this easy step-by-step guide to making a homemade vaporizer using a lightbulb, it is pretty simple to make. It shouldn’t take you too long to make your vaporizer either, so you will be ready to enjoy your homemade vaporizer in no time at all.

The only thing to bear in mind is that you will need to be careful when hollowing out the lightbulb as you don’t want to break it and cut yourself with the glass. Take your time, be careful, and follow the steps in this article, and you will find making your own homemade vaporizer is a piece of cake.

Wondering how to make your own vaporizer from home using items you can find easily? Follow these 6 simple steps and change your life!