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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atropa belladonna – Deadly Nightshade


I’m a very experienced gardener and have grown her and her sisters Tomates, Mandrake, and bitter sweet in my garden.
Do Not Boil Or Bake her seeds.
Soak them for 2 weeks in a pill bottle changing the water daily,
this leeches out the anti-germination chemicals.
The alkaloids present in the water from the 5 or 10 seeds is negligible at best.

Im trying to grow atropa belladonna. What am i doing wrong? Can you provide step by step day by day instructions?

Hi. I’ve tried and failed a few times, but this time I bought seeds and used Ga3 (gibberellic acid) to germinate them. It’s worked and I now have 8 tiny seedlings appeared so far.
You can buy Ga3 on the internet pretty easily. Just follow the instructions.
Hope this helps

As already mentioned do NOT boil or bake seeds, that will kill them for sure. Rather Atropa belladonna is sown in the Fall or early Spring in the garden for natural cold stratification. This can be simulated by refrigeration for 30 days. I use a fine seeding mix, dampen with Comfrey FPJ (fremented plant juice) similiar to Nikki’s recommendation as it contains gibberellic acid, tamp the seeds lightly, place in a marked paper bag and placed in the the back of a fridge – this all in a small yogurt cup. Dark, cold, for 30 days. FPJ or GA stimulates germination and improves rates greatly. I get 90-100%. After 30 days cold, they take about 24 additional days to emerge. The lethality is largely overhyped. A toxicity warning should be enough for any normal adult and children should be prevented from access to it.

Growing Hermione’s Garden An autodidactic approach to growing a classic medicinal herb garden. Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Atropa belladonna – Deadly Nightshade 6 comments: I’m a very

Propagation Of The Amaryllis Belladonna

Sometimes the large mother bulbs produce small, side bulbs; you may remove this and do the same preparation for the new bulbs. Put them in separate pots with rich, sandy soil and wait for them to grow. It could take around 2 to 3 years to see the fruits of your labor. BellaDonna can be grown from fresh seed. Seeds vary in size from a grain of rice to a pea and are iridescent as mother of pearl. When the capsules in which they ripen fall to damp ground the seeds sprout in the capsule as peas sprout in the pod. When I adapted this procedure by placing freshly collected seed in a plastic bag with a bit of damp sphagnum moss I had perfect germination.

Hybrids And The Belladonna Plant

Gardeners who wish to do some hybridizing with a view to leaving the gardening world richer than they found it will find that the belladonna can be crossed with many members of the Amaryllis family.
The most widely sold cross is known as – amacrinum, a hybrid of the belladonna lily and a crinum lily.
It was bred for floriferousness rather than hardiness and is probably more of a gamble than the belladonna lily except perhaps in the Gulf States. The great opportunity for would-be garden benefactors lies in hybridizing the belladonna lily for hardiness and dependability.


The Belladonna Lily deserves your attention due to its wonderful properties.
The best time to buy the bulbs would be either during late winter, late summer or early spring.
It’s not to difficult to pick up the Belladonna Lily and care for it, as long as you keep in mind – patience is required. This plant could even outlive you when they are properly cared for.

Propagation of your current Belladonna Lily can be quite difficult ! Sometimes the large mother bulbs produce small……..