hemp smoming cones from france

Hemp smoming cones from france

Cone pricing is determined by the following factors:

All cone paper options in our four standard sizes are priced the same.

Spiral finish filter tips and “M” style filter tips are priced differently. The spiral finish is more expensive than the “M” finish.

Pricing is primarily determined by the quantity ordered.

Branded cones with your logo are more expensive than unbranded cones.

Please fill out our Contact Form. We will get back to you directly and assist you in placing your order.

Can I get a sample pack of the cones?

Yes! Fill out the Contact Form and request a free sample pack. Please specify what paper types and sizes you are interested in receiving. We will also include some branded samples so that you can see the quality of our printing.

If I need cones immediately, how quickly can I receive them?

Our standard size cones are available and in stock in all three paper types. If you order today, you will receive the cones in 7-10 business days.

How do I order custom cones with my logo?

Email us directly or use the Contact Form. We will send you a template that you can use to drop your artwork into, or you can email us the artwork directly. Be certain to specify logo size. Once we receive your artwork, we will create branded samples for you within 5-7 business days. When you receive the branded samples and approve them, we can place your production order. The production order will ship in 30-45 days.

are the cones knock box, THUMPER AND ROCKET BOX compatible?

Yes! All cones are Knock Box, Thumper & Rocket Box compatible. If you would like a custom sized cone we can ensure that it is knock box compatible as well.

Where are the cones made?

The paper for the cones is crafted in Eycheil, France using the finest raw materials. The papers are then sent to India where they are rolled into cones.

Are the cones safe for smoking/consumption?

All cones are in conformity with the US Food and Drug Administration Regulations (US FDA) regarding paper and paperboard in contact with food products (FDA – Department of Health and Human Services, section 21 of the Code of Federal Regulation, part 176, Section 170 & 180) .

How many cones are in each box?

The 1 1/4 (84mm) cones are packaged 900 per box. The Slim and Reefer Style (98mm) and King Size (109mm) cones are packaged 800 per box.

Pure Cones has pre-rolled smoking paper cones in 100% Natural Hemp, Pure White and Himalayan Brown in multiple sizes ready to ship.