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Halloween-Themed Weed Strains For A Haunted Smoke Session

Halloween is fast approaching, and since you’re not going to be attending any crazy costume parties this year (unless they’re on Zoom) you might as well stay home, get high, and snack on candy until your teeth fall out. But in order to keep your appetite cracking, you’re going to need some new in-season weed strains to smoke. Something to make the day feel festive.

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve decided to build this list entirely around spookily-named strains. If the name doesn’t conjure a nightmare, it’s not making the list — sorry to fans of Skywalker, Gelato, Green Crack, and Zookies, you won’t find those strains here. (For those, you’ll have to turn to one of our other lists, like this one about strains for horny people!)

While this is the first time we’ve ever built a weed strains list based solely around names — and not THC or CBD content — we’ve made sure to filter out the lesser strains to ensure this list meets the same quality standards as our others. Which is a fancy way of saying yes, these strains will still get you baked out of your f*cking mind.

Strains with spooky names that'll also get you frighteningly high! ]]>