guerilla growing in trees

Guerilla growing – Suitable plot? (pictures included)

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pretty much as title says.

life (plant life) is thriving where i want to place some plants, is that a good thing? or a bad thing?

these pics aren’t great but they give the general idea.

the canopy is nice and open.

Is being close to a small stream a good thing? or could it cause problems?

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Thats in a valley- which limits the amount of light the plants can get down there. That area would probably be sufficient for a plant in veg stage, but I have doubts that there would be enough light to support a plant in full flower. The reason that everything is thriving there is because of the stream- if you will be watering your plant regularly, it wouldnt make a difference to you if you planted in a wet or dry area. The stream would be of no advantage to you unless you were trying to just “plant and leave em” without checking regularly. Since I assume you plan to take a more hands on approach to your garden, I would try to find a spot on the top of that hill in the picture, maximizing the amount of light that the plant recieves each day.

The higher up you can get the plants, the sooner they’ll see the sun come up in the morning. Theyll be the first thing the sun touches in the morning, and if you place them on a south facing slope, theyll be the last thing the sun touches in the evening.

As they say. Mo’ Light, Mo’ Weed!

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cheers for taking your time for that detailed response!

i’ll + rep to that!

yea, light is my main issue. i live near so many hills, i was walking on them earlier and i thought right then “they have to be on a hill”. just finding one that is off the beaten track is going to take some research. but it’s do-able.

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I may be in the minority here, but I’m 100% against cutting down trees to get more light in the area. ESPECIALLY when it’s guerilla growing. But, I’ve grown up with the Outdoor Code: leave only footprints, take only pictures . I’ve since updated to: Leave as few footprints as possible, take no incriminating pictures .

haha, anyway, If I were you I’d look for an area that has naturally downed trees. It happens here all the time. Lightening it’s one tree, it falls on another, and like dominoes several trees go down. Not only does it open up the canopy, but several fallen logs create a somewhat “wall” effect for cover. Helpful, although not by itself.

Your low bushes appear to be only like ivy, ground cover. Ivy thrives in moderate to low light areas. Which doesn’t mean that your plants would thrive there anyway. Mimic nature. When one tree falls, it opens up the canopy so other plants can grow there, that’s where you want to be.

I don’t know about your area, but hikers, birdwatchers, and hunters like to follow streams into an area. That is why I like to avoid them, or go further away from them than your conscious would like you to.

Also try to plant close to sticker bushes, thorn bushes, ect. No one likes to travel through them to find out what’s on the other side.

hi, pretty much as title says. life (plant life) is thriving where i want to place some plants, is that a good thing? or a bad thing? these pics aren't…