grow coca plant indoors

another question,is it legal to grow coca plants.

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Here are some faqs you should know before trying to grow it:

1)You NEED a high elevation. Dont expect to grow anything great if you dont have that
2)The germination rate is very low on non fresh seeds. You will be extremely lucky to get a 10/14 germination rate. Normal rate if probably around 6/14
3)Seeds are EXTREMELY expensive. The best deal i saw was $120 for 14 seeds
4)Seeds, cuttings, plant matter, etc are illegal to own in the US
5)The process of extracting the cocaine alkaloid is rather long and boring process. You have a high risk of harming your lungs in the conversion of the paste to the hydrochloride. hell in the entire process of making the paste to having the final product you risk hurting your lungs. Your going to need a hell of a filtration system if you plan on doing it indoors. Most coca farmers (i.e the cartels) have huge plantations in jungles. You will be using things like gasoline and sulfuric acid alot so be careful.

If you are planning on growing coca and making cocaine, i suggest you check out DELETED. They are a trust worthy site that sends out to the states pretty fast. You can also buy Iboga and Khat seeds there.

Deleted the link i gave you. For shift is right. You have problems if you want to grow this and make it your without proper instruction and just because you tried it. You will go bankrupt growing coca and using it. Growing, processing, and extracting is not cheap.

Also, keep in mind:

1000 kilos of leaves = 100 kilos of coke
100 kilos of leaves = 10 kilos of coke
10 kilos of leaves = 1 kilo of coke
1 kilo of leaves = 1 pound of coke
1 pound of leaves = 1 ounce of coke
1 ounce of leaves = 10 grams of coke
10 grams of leaves = 1 gram of coke

So in order to get anything worth while you will need an ounce of leaves and that 10 grams of coke wont even cover 1/4 of the materials it takes to grow and process coke.

if i wanted 2 grow sume where would i get them and how would i make coke i need some :spew::hump:

Can you grow cocaine indoors in the UK? My arms are getting very tired from rowing to africa and back!?

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That is very silly, enjoyed it, thanks.

This Site Might Help You.

Can you grow cocaine indoors in the UK? My arms are getting very tired from rowing to africa and back!?

You can grow coca in the UK as long as you find a tropical area above 3,000m in the UK. Otherwise, you gotta go to the Andes which are in S. America not Africa. You cannot grow cocaine at all but you can manufacture it from coca leaves

And I’ll bet you are quite tired doing all that fruitless rowing

How To Grow Cocaine

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It would be best to get your facts right.

Cocaine does not grow or come from Africa – it comes from the coca plant leaves that are native and only grows in South America easily and then can only thrive a certain height above sea level –

i.e. ‘Coca originated in the Andes Mountains of South America and was revered by pre-Inca peoples as early as 500 BC.’

But apparently it has been grown in other tropical countries according to this web site: but my information and experience I had on this is that while it grows the quality and quantity of its active drug content is not good unless grown at over a 1,000 feet above sea level – so it is probably not worth the bother.

I do not think any street drug originates in Africa – except perhaps cat and khat – two different thingsand not well known in the west. Cat is a form of amphetemine and Khat a leafy bush from Ethiopia it.

‘spread until its use covered Kenya, Nyasaland [now Malawi], Uganda, Tanganyika [now Tanzania], Arabia, the Congo, Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe and Zambia], and South Africa. The khat trees are grown interspersed between coffee trees’

The opium poppy that makes morphine and heroin originated around the Mediterranean:

‘Opium is the name for the latex produced within the seed pods of the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. The plant is believed to have evolved from a wild strain, Papaver setigerum, which grows in coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea’

And to my knowledge is not grown in any quantity in Africa – it did however become vastly cultivated in China:

‘The opium poppy probably reached China about the fourth century A.D. through Arab traders who advocated its use for medicinal purposes’

By the late eighteenth century opium was being heavily used in China as a recreational drug. The Imperial court had banned its use and importation but large quantities were still being smuggled into China’

‘Marijuana originated in central Asia. Only because of its medicinal properties as well as the usefulness of its bast fibers has it spread so far around the world’

I do not think that Africa grows or exports any significant street/recreational drug .

If they did perhaps so many would not be starving. Sorry silly comment, but is is a fact that many countries still rely on drug production for their ecconomy and any prosperity they do have.

As it stands street/recreational drugs do not come from Africa at all and many people there are too busy trying to survive to think of growing any.

The short answer is if you could get hold of some seeds for the Coca plant you may be able to grow it but I doubt is its strength would be worth the bother

Can you grow cocaine indoors in the UK? My arms are getting very tired from rowing to africa and back!?