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Greenpoint seeds has an easy to use web…

Greenpoint seeds has an easy to use web site and payment page they have a great product and awesome customer service

Wonderful customer service

Wonderful customer service. Everything shows up quick and is packed safely. Beans even had padding inside container minimizing movement.
Selection rotates so always keep checking back.

Greenpoint has been a great place to…

Greenpoint has been a great place to purchase unbelievably great genetics at an affordable cost. Their customer service department is second to none! Exceptional company that I will do business with for the foreseeable future!

Great service

Great service. Seeds are on point. Just waiting for that back stock to come out! You know!

Quick shipping, nice strains.

Quick shipping, great beans. Only grown texas chem so far, very happy.

Excellent genetics

Excellent genetics, seeds are fresh,good sales, fast shipping

Awesome genetics

Awesome genetics, awesome customer support! My favorite strain is chemdog stinky strains, so Greenpoint knocks it outta the park! Mahalo from Hawaii!

I’ve been ordering seeds for years now

I’ve been ordering seeds for years now, greenpoint is the best no company is even close when it comes to fast shipping, can you imagine if greenspoint had a very wide variety to pick from it will be over for the rest, but everyone has their place with that being said I’m extremely thankful for greenspoint.

Great customer service the seeds…

Great customer service the seeds arrived fast

Greenpoint seeds is where it’s pop’n!?…

Greenpoint seeds is where it’s pop’n!? Everything they do is expert & the shipping is safe & fast!!?? Genetics ? ??????

Great genetics and great people thanks…

Great genetics and great people thanks greenpoint

En fuego.

Greenpoint is top self in each and every way.
With 30 years of growing in Florida’s Triangle-I have no need to shop elsewhere.
5 boiled peanut stars to Gu and Crew

Missing seeds

Second time ordering from Greenpoint, bison breath six out of 10 popped and look like they are doing well. Western Grail only six seats out of 10 arrived.

I’m really sorry you had trouble germinating the seeds and that a pack arrived short a few seeds. Did you ever contact us for a replacement before leaving us this review?

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a pack being short in years. This is not up to our standards and we’d like to replace that pack for you.

We would have instantly replaced any pack that was shorted.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know unless you contact us and give us a chance to make things right.

Please contact us via phone, email or SMS. All of our contact information is listed on the Greenpoint Seeds website.

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Greenpoint Seeds

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Greenpoint Seeds?? I recently just purchased their Eagle Scout strain as well as their Cookies n Chem strain. Reviews were amazing and the genetics look outstanding. Has anyone on here tried growing their Eagle Scout or Cookies n Chem? They say the cookies and chem is 30% thc if grown correctly and I have been trying to get my hands on these strains. Anyone have expereince with Greenpoint? Thank you and

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You’re throwing an awful lot of shade and nasty uncalled for remarks against one of the best seedbanks currently operating in the US.
None of the seedbanks operating stateside can do damn thing about federal law and THATS what the problem is and why they must use “overseas” payment options for folks that demand a credit card option. US banks refuse/cant work with seed companies.
GU is a stand up guy and I’ve yet to see him not make good on any issues that have been posted in either thread.

Why didn’t you check the Greenpoint thread? There are two and one is extremely active. You could’ve asked your questions there.

Honestly, if I were GU and you came at me they way you’ve come in here blustering on you’d get shit and pushed in it.

BTW- Welcome “new” member.

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All right, easy does it. It’s only Monday, let’s not get so choppy. Did any of you throw your backs out today.

The OP was asking about growing info, not about purchasing from GPS. So let’s first address that question.

JR21 here is the link to the GPS seed & strain review:
Ask anything you want there, many friendly people there to help you with your growing thoughts/concerns.

Also welcome to RIU. Some people are a bit salty, but you’ll get all the info and more on this site. So take advantage of all the forums!

Quickly addressing the issues mentioned about GPS.
We had a bit of trouble on our second order through GPS, we were sent to China and Payofix isn’t the best at customer support. Where ultimately our CC was not going to work. However, GPS has amazing customer support. They offer an extended discount for cash payments. And in the end they helped us get our seeds, all of our orders arrived in days. The rewards offered through the site are also some of the best we’ve seen.

No site is perfect, and not all experiences are going to be positive. But GPS as a company definitely works to please the customer, and takes responsibility for orders even when it’s not really their fault for the issues. Just our opinion on the matter and we’ll get off the soap box now.

Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Greenpoint Seeds?? I recently just purchased their Eagle Scout strain as well as their Cookies…