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BEWARE of Green Life Seeds

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Ordered From Them

About 5 years ago I sent them 250$ for seeds, several weeks later I received a letter from customs asking me to get in touch with them. The original cheap envelope they sent the seeds in was ripped in half and the note from customs was tucked inside, thats what I found in the mail box. Don’t order from them


over a year ago.

Fortunately, i did not have the same experience as others did. i had ordered over 500.00 worth of beans from them. it certainly took a long while. i never email or anything, and they showed up. i recently popped the beans and everything seemed to be as they say!

so i did have a different experience with them. my order showed up, no problems, except they took a long while to get here.

in defense to all legit seedsbanks in europe,
we all take a risk when we purchase beans that customs will intercept them. i would not be so quick to blame the “seedbank” for customs interception.

its a tough place out there for seedbanks. selling souvenir’s that may have legal implications in most countries. (marc emery) im still trying to figure out how the blame can be put on them, when we all know the risk we take to purchase them and we all know that the beans just might not show up.

and for christs sake: we all know the american government is completely against cannabis!

just like gambling in vegas, odds are always in favor of the house, but people still play thinking they can beat the house! and they do sometimes.

Green Life advertises in HT, and seems to be well known. In spite of a thread at TY where someone had a fit about some unresolved issue, and because the…