gorilla haze

White Gorilla Haze (White Label) feminized

In White Gorilla Haze, three famous cannabis strains come together for an extremely potent sativa-dominant experience. Resin-drenched bud with a mind-blowing effect may even school the occasional “advanced” smoker.

White Gorilla Haze (White Label) feminized
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White Label – White Gorilla Haze: Mind-Blowing Sativa

What do you get when you pair the powerful Gorilla Glue with two other heavy-hitters, Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze? Say hello to White Gorilla Haze by White Label, an enormously potent sativa-dominant hybrid with a mind-blowing effect.

White Gorilla Haze can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoors, where she can easily reach her full potential, the strain has a low growing odour. As the plant can stretch up to 300% when she starts to bloom, it is recommended to induce flowering once she’s at around 30cm in height. You can see particularly good results by growing her in a SOG or ScrOG.

Outdoors, White Gorilla Haze prefers a hot, sunny climate where she can max out her yields. If you happen to grow in a colder climate and want to take advantage of natural light, a greenhouse can be optimal. As the plant develops rather thin branches, supporting it with trellises or stakes may be needed to help her carry her load. Indoors and out, White Gorilla Haze is capable of delivering a heavy harvest.

If you want a great strain for hash and extracts, look no further, as the GG parent has endowed White Gorilla Haze with incredible resin production. Just make note that the buds retain their stickiness even after drying and curing!

White Gorilla Haze adds undertones of coffee, pine, and citrus to a pronounced Haze aroma for a pleasantly intense smoke. This is also a top strain to enjoy in a vaporizer, as here you can really detect each complex flavour note. Her potency is through the roof too—no surprise given her heavyweight parentage. White Gorilla Haze delivers a soaring sativa effect that is energetic, creative, and almost psychedelic. There is still a bit of indica to her smoke, with a relaxing effect that keeps you grounded. Still, given her generally energetic high, she is best enjoyed during the daytime rather than at night. Due to her potency, even seasoned smokers may want to take it slow with this one.

Want to grow a massively potent sativa? If so, White Gorilla Haze by White Label belongs in your garden!

White Gorilla Haze by White Label is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid with enormous resin production. Get your White Gorilla Haze seeds at Zamnesia!