gorilla glue #4 yield

Gorilla Glue #4

Native Humboldt
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Mega vigor, stretches x 2-3, medium yield with no training. Amazing bag appeal, super chemmy and funky in aroma and flavor.

This cut held up to the hype better than GSC IMHO.

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I know S1’s are out there.

I’ve made two crosses I’m running, one made with Bodhi’s BSHB and another with a Cuban black haze x a5 male.

I know Redeyed genetics and exotic genetics both have new crosses with gg4.

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GG#4 is awesome. great yield, awesome smoke, bag appeal, smell.

4′ veg’d plant will stretch to 6′ in flower (at least that’s what my 6 did last run in a 5 gal pot)

super dense golf ball to fist sized nugs

1.75gal pot yielded 2 zips, 5 gal pot yielded 4.25zips

the leaf tips (about 1″ or so) will twist. this is a sure way to tell you have an authentic GG#4 cut. plus the odor when rubbing the fan leaves has a very distinguishable odor.

I just picked up a few Gorilla Glue #4 clones today at the local nursery along with several OG strains. Has anyone ran the GG#4 indoors? I was just…

Gorilla glue #4 yield

First place winner of the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup 2014

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Description for GG4

Gorilla Glue #4 gets it names from the trichomes that “glue” up the scissors when manicuring this baby.

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By Jamie on February 18, 2019

This is a really stretchy plant, the flowers aren’t enormous but they are dense, and the smoke is potent as hell. Crazy smell of lemon and gas throughout flower and even after the cure. Very cerebral, psychedelic high. Let it go all the way to 10 weeks, it started to get really fat and frosty right at the end. Excellent for sativa connoisseurs, decent yield as well.

Gorilla Glue #4 is a sativa-dominant clone strain that leaves you feeling clear and cerebral. Flowing takes 9 weeks with a moderate yield. Prepare for ultimate bliss.