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ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Campbell County hemp farmer Jonathan Zinski — along with the WellNest in Roanoke — collaborated to distribute cannabis and hemp seeds to people across the Commonwealth. People lined up and expressed excitement that something like this was even taking place in Roanoke. Cannabis is a controversial topic in the Commonwealth. Just […] Looking for a Virginia Seed Bank? We are a mail order service that lets you buy marijuana seeds in Virginia. Call I49 at 1-888-441-4949 for the best cannabis seeds. Looking to buy marijuana seeds in Fountain Green Utah? Check out our exclusive selection and stock up now.

Campbell County hemp seed farmer gives away 100,000 marijuana and hemp seeds across the Commonwealth

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Campbell County hemp farmer Jonathan Zinski — along with the WellNest in Roanoke — collaborated to distribute cannabis and hemp seeds to people across the Commonwealth.

People lined up and expressed excitement that something like this was even taking place in Roanoke.

Cannabis is a controversial topic in the Commonwealth. Just last year, the Virginia General Assembly decriminalized adult possession of small amounts of marijuana and legalized adult possession of marijuana up to one ounce and up to four homegrown plants.

Co-owner of the WellNest in Roanoke, Valarie Angle, sees this seed giveaway as an opportunity to change negative perspectives.

“I hope that for the political and societal perspectives, they will shift, and people will see cannabis for all of the opportunities it can bring,” said Angle.

Angle also wants lawmakers to learn more about the product before making any final decisions.

“I do have a hope that our legislators and people in government will educate themselves first before making decisions that will affect millions of people,” said Angle.

Cody Thomas, local cannabis consulting owner, was one of the hundreds of folks waiting in line to get his free packet of seeds.

He agrees with Angle and says he’s happy to see legislation evolve.

“It’s great. You just got to treat it like it’s not a bad thing. Being legalized is the best thing that could have happened,” said Thomas.

It’s estimated the total cost of seeds given away was $500,000.

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Buying Marijuana Seeds in Virginia

Marijuana laws are changing rapidly throughout the United States, but possession of marijuana is still illegal in Virginia. Possession of marijuana seeds, however, is legal. Those who live in Virginia can purchase and own marijuana seeds without risking jail time, so long as the seeds aren’t cultivated. If you’re interested in purchasing seeds and you live in Virginia, we have tons of different options to choose from. Browse our selection or read more about the legalization of marijuana and seeds in Virginia.

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Can You Purchase Marijuana in Virginia?

Legalization is highly supported in Virginia, with 62% of residents saying they support the legalization of recreational marijuana and 86% saying they would support medical marijuana being legalized. Despite this, marijuana is still illegal and has not been decriminalized. A simple possession charge can lead to jail time and a fine of up to $500. The sale of marijuana leads to a harsher penalty, with the possibility of as much as a life sentence for the third offense. Right now, however, legislation is considering at least reducing the potential penalties, though there is no current legislation to legalize recreational or medical use.

As far as medical use, marijuana is still extremely limited in Virginia. Patients who do qualify can avoid being convicted if they have certain low-THC oils. However, they can still be arrested for having it on them. On top of this, if they do want to purchase the oil, they cannot get it from Virginia. They’ll need to order it from out of state, which limits their options because many states do not allow the sale of medical marijuana to non-residents.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Virginia

With the penalties being so harsh for marijuana in Virginia and the restrictions for even medical marijuana use, is it possible to purchase seeds? Seeds are actually considered a novelty product in the US, which means they’re not regulated like marijuana and marijuana-derived products. This means the purchase and ownership of marijuana seeds are legal. Anyone can purchase seeds and have them in their home. The restriction is against the seeds being cultivated and anything made from the plants. For those in Virginia, buying souvenir seeds is possible, so long as they don’t plant them.

What to Know Before Buying Souvenir Seeds

Since seeds are legal to purchase and own, those who are in Virginia can order the seeds they want online without worry. Before buying any seeds, they should look into local laws further to see what restrictions there are for plants and to learn about possible changes in the law that might be coming soon. Then, they’ll want to learn about the different types of seeds and browse through available options to determine what they want to purchase. We offer a vast selection, and we can ship the seeds to Virginia quickly so they’ll arrive as soon as possible.

Different Types of Seeds for Purchase

Marijuana seed buyers should know what the different types of seeds are so they understand the pricing as well as what to expect if they can legally plant them in the future. There are generally three different types of seeds available, which are regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds.

  • Regular Seeds – Regular seeds are those that come from a typical marijuana plant. They can be from any strain, and the seeds can grow into male or female plants. If they are planted, it’s necessary to weed out the male plants as soon as possible to prevent pollination. These are typically the least expensive seeds and are easy for beginners.
  • Feminized Seeds – Some plants are sprayed with a chemical that enables them to produce only female seeds. Seeds that are feminized are going to grow into female plants. This means there’s no need to weed out the male plants, making it easier to grow them without the worry of pollination. These are a little more expensive, but the cost difference is typically worth it for the time saved.
  • Auto-Flowering Seeds – The auto-flowering seeds produce plants that do not need any assistance with growing flowers. This means they will require less attention than the other types of seeds and also means they may start flowering earlier, leading to a longer growing season. These are generally more expensive than the other types, but worth the price because they produce faster and last longer.
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What Can You Buy Today?

If you’re interested in cheap cannabis seeds, try out Auto Critical 2.0 regular seeds or Auto OG Kush feminized seeds. Want something that will be easy to grow when growing is legal? Try out White Widow feminized seeds or Trainwreck feminized seeds. Thinking about buying seeds that can grow plants for medical use? Some of our most popular medical marijuana seeds are Purple Kush feminized seeds and Auto Pineapple feminized seeds. We also have tons of other seeds available, so browse the website today to find cannabis seeds that are going to meet your needs.

Purchasing Seeds From i49

If you’re planning on purchasing souvenir seeds, why buy them from us? We offer a huge selection plus the best customer service, so you’re sure to be pleased with the seeds you receive. We have decades of experience working with marijuana seeds and have a support team available to answer any questions you might have about purchasing cannabis seeds. Our phone lines are fully staffed, so you’ll talk to a real person any time you call us. If you’re looking for amazing options and outstanding customer service, we’re the best seed bank and have what you’re looking for.

Though cultivating, possessing and selling marijuana in Virginia can still lead to serious legal penalties, and a criminal record, the purchase and ownership of seeds are legal. This means you can own any type of marijuana seeds that you want. If you’re looking to purchase seeds, browse our website today and learn more about all of the options available to you. We ship everything quickly and offer amazing customer service. Check out our best cannabis seeds or contact us now with any questions you might have.

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Outdoor Grow Calendar Our marijuana growing calendar will take you through every step of the grow cycle, depending on the region you are growing in North America.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Near Me
Is There Any Way To Get Free Marijuana Seeds?

This will straight result in a greater yield of the home grown Marijuana. These seeds are best matched if the farmer wants to skip the removal of the male plants and is just thinking about breeding resin-carrying buds. If you wish to streamline the growing even more, you need to go with autoflowering Cannabis seeds.

Furthermore, these species need less cultivation time and are thus earlier all set for the harvest. Marijuana seeds for indoor and outside cultivation Depending on the area you have available you can pick between types that thrive finest outdoors or in an enclosed space. Outdoor strands usually grow a lot bigger, prosper finest in a natural environment and are very robust.

Both types germinate especially well indoors, safe from temperature drops or other environment changes. If you are aiming to buy Cannabis for indoor development, we suggest Big Bud, Amnesia, or White Widow. They are the bestsellers in our online store. Indoor types like a stable temperature and humidity level and their growth and flowering can quickly be affected by controling the lighting times.

At High Supplies you can purchase cannabis seeds easily online– always at the very best prices. We offer exceptional marijuana seeds as a hallmark and don’t feel the need to ask our customers for a minimum purchase. Take your time and poke around our page. We are looking forward to your order.

Like enjoying a freshly prepared meal with ingredients from your own garden, Homegrown Marijuana Co delivers a distinct satisfaction. Sure, purchasing the ended up item can be easier, however the taste of self-cultivated produce is sweeter and even more satisfying. Viewing your seeds pop their taproots, seeing the first sprigs of green push their method through the soil . these are happiness everyone should experience.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing canna-breeders, our top-shelf cultivars have provided success to hobbyists all over the world. Our marijuana seed bank uses high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with tested, supported genetics throughout an excellent variety of routine, feminized and autoflowering seeds, all at budget-friendly prices. From novices to seasoned growers, growers of all levels make sure to discover excellent options for recreational and healing use.