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The Premium Cannabis Experience Our mission is to deliver the best cannabis experience through combining our obsession for innovation , knowledge of cannabis science , and precision Get details and read the latest customer reviews about Polar Mint CBD Mood Pen by Flav on Leafly.

The Premium Cannabis Experience

Our mission is to deliver the best cannabis experience through combining our obsession for innovation,
knowledge of cannabis science, and precision production processes to deliver a complete product line to consumers under the trusted Flav brand and our production capabilities to other brands as a partner.


Now shipping our premium CBD products to all 50 states.

Headquartered in California with other locations in Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan and soon to be in Massachusetts and Maryland.


Within our innovation labs, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of cannabis science through products designed to let people harness their inner potential.

1,600+ UNIQUE

Over 1,600 unique items that cover a full spectrum of product categories including vapes, concentrates, edibles, flower, CBD and accessories.



We are collaborators and seekers of like-minded artists and athletes who share our values and ambitions.
We represent the pure cannabis lifestyle so that we can change the negative stigma once and for all.



“So my complaint about the candy is that if they’re gonna have a super potent candy, they shouldn’t taste so good because I’ll eat the whole bag! You know what I mean? Because who’s going to eat just one. That’s very good.

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Joe Schilling

Makes me feel like a dragon. You know that it’s working when it makes you feel like a dragon, one of my favorite creatures. The flavor x pen is very awesome. It comes with a stylish pen. What I really like about it is the flavor and seeing what I’m smoking. Right here, you see what you’re smoking. It looks pretty clear and it’s just easy to carry around. I love it! Thanks, FlavRX.”

Marley D. Williams, Rebelution

“Clean! This reminds me of the old school vape pen I put on back in the days, 100% solid. I need these. I need these everywhere I go. They’re using genuine, 100% genuine cookies. There’s a lot of fake cookies out there. You could taste it. You really can’t go wrong with this out there. It’s so easy to use that it’s scary how easy you could use it.”


“It’s not too much, it’s just right. Easy to use, tastes nice. Always good to see people putting effort to making really nice. refined extracts. This is a problem-solver right here.”

Polar Mint CBD Mood Pen

Ultra-refined organic cannabidiol hemp oil with the refreshing taste of Polar Mint provides the absolute best CBD vaping experience. Providing fast and effective results with non-psychoactive, gluten-free oil, infused with the highest grade terpenes. Available in 13 uplifting and calming flavor experiences.

• Lab tested broad spectrum CBD oil
• CO2 extracted and terpene enhanced
• Ready to use – No charging required
• Simple buttonless operation
• Disposable and recyclable

About this brand

Flav represents an advancement in cannabis science. All-natural purified cannabinoids infused with unique terpene blends create our extensive line of vape products. Our scientific and socially responsible approach to product development is carried through all facets of the brand. From our flower, edibles and tinctures to our topicals and vape products we aim to produce the highest quality consumer goods on the market.

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