fish fertilizer for cannabis

Fish fertilizer for cannabis

Cannabis Complete Organic Fish Fertilizer has
everything you need in one conveneient bottle.
The perfect blend of Nitrogen, Collagen, Minerals and Proteins.
Feel good about using a chemical-free fertilizer
We guarantee you’ll love the results.

CANNABIS COMPLETE Organic Fish Fertilizer is produced only from Fresh, Wild Caught Fish from the sea; Never Farmed, Never Frozen, Never Cooked.

Why CANNABIS COMPLETE Fish Fertilizer?

We are highly passionate about SUSTAINABLE FARMING PRACTICES and we have devoted a huge amount of time and resources in researching and developing this product. Producing a HIGH Quality, Earth Friendly, 100% Certified Organic Fish Fertilizer was our main priority and focus. Commercial fish & seafood industry generates millions of pounds of wasted fish bi-products yearly, Cannabis Complete Organic Fish Fertilizer prides itself by using the Wild Caught whole fish, nothing is wasted. Cannabis Complete Organic uses the whole fish; everything from head to tail and everything in between. Each part of the fish contains a valuable source of nutrients & minerals needed to grow the best plants possible.

The Increasing public awareness of the environmental impact of marine waste and chemicals has created a need for a safe, organic and environmentally friendly fertilizer. We know Mother Earth approves.

All Purpose Fertilizer

Can be used as both a soil enhancer and as as a folient. Although pioneered for Cannabis plants – Can be used on all plants & flowers Can be used for indoor and outdoor plants – see directions for use.

High in Omega-3, Nutrients

The Fish oils (omega-3’s and other powerful nutrients), Calcium and Collagens are retained for the highest qulaity fertilizer – your plant’s best friend!

Safe to Use

Its Organic – A Friend to the enviornment. Also, safe around children and pets.

Cannabis Complete Organic Fish Fertilizer produces healthier, fuller plants and buds.