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Fat Tone – OG Stack A Dolla текст песни

Stack A Dolla (OG), Stack A Dolla (OG) (OG),
Stack A Dolla (OG), Stack A Dolla (OG) (OG),
Stack A Dolla (OG), Stack A Dolla (OG) (OG),
Stack A Dolla (OG), Stack A Dolla (OG) (OG),

I’m OG Stack A Dolla, Fuck Rollin Impala’s,
03′, Northstar, Squattin on them scholars,
They say he got that scraper, I know he got that paper,
OG Stack A Dolla aint got no time for you haters,
I major in this game, Yall bitches no my name, (OG Stack A Dolla),
That mothafucker off the chain,
I told you I was coming, Now yall niggas runnin,
Shouldnt’f been fakin I wouldn’t of never start dumpin,
I gotta get my hade, Fuck getting paid,
If a nigga can’t get paid, I can’t ride Escalade,
On 20 Inch blades, I mean I’m the nigga,
Og Stack A Dolla got it locked like Jigga,
Jigga? Huh? Yea nigga Jigga,
My moneys gettin larger and my pockets gettin bigger,

[CHORUS: x4]
It’s ya homie Fat Tone (Slash)
OG Stack A Dolla (Slash)
OG Stack A Dolla (Slash)
OG Stack A Dolla.

(OG Stack A Dolla)
I’m tired of you niggas, all up in my mix,
OG Stack A Dolla give a fuck about a biatch,
Take it how you get it, Eat it how you shit it,
You niggas on that bullshit besta get rid it,
Cause aint go be no playin, My niggas get the sprayin,
Fully automatics, they be jerkin outcha hand,
(For real Stack A Dolla, Tell me how ya livin)
I can’t be broadcasting, that’s how niggas go to prison,
So I keep it low-low, and roll on the solo,
Run up on Stack A Dolla and imma hitcha with this 4-4,
You niggas on that gay shit, I’m bout to let that K spit,
OG Stack A Dolla slap a nigga like a straight bitch,
And still got them tricks, hooking on them plays,
By any means necessary, Stack A Dolla paid,
And I aint showin no sympathy, I know yall gone remember me,
Or imma blow some shit up like ya homeboy Timothy,
McVane, I stay, where paper chape-r be at,
Bitch who am I? (Stack A Dolla) Please believe that,

You say ya bills do bitch how much that shit cost,
(Forty-Five dollars) Oh them lights is going off,
(The police at the front door) I’m runnin out the back end,
Don’t follow Stack A Dolla, bitch you know I got this Mack 10,
Cause I aint going back to the pen with my homies,
Don’t let them people see me, girl them motherfuckers know me,
So I stay duck-low, they wanna talk hold on,
Tell em I be back, leave a note on my front door,
Cause I aint got no time to be locked up on the weekend,
OG Stack A Dolla gotta be somewhere freakin,
Freaking? Huh? Yea nigga freakin,
You know I bust nuts on ya sister last weekend,
But don’t tell, I might go to jail,
She’s only 16 but her bootys big as hell,
And oh well, I aint go regret it,
The bitch wanted dick like a phene wanted credit,
Credit? Huh? Yea nigga credit,
And ya homie Fat Tone hit now I’m better,

Stack A Dolla (OG) [x6]
Bitch, the definition of OG Stack A Dolla is a old ass man, in a young ass body,
Which is sayin. Fat Tone gotta ego, you know what I’m sayin trick,
I’m Fat Tone, but I’m slash OG Stack A Dolla, yea, yea, that make since right there,
(OG Stack A Dolla) hahaha

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