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Expert Gardener Weed & Feed –28-3-3 Reviews

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Did not work, burned my yard, still have dandelions

The dandelions lived it. They grew more. There are burn spots in my yard. See the other bad remarks. We all have the same complaints. It can’t be a fluke.

This item ruin both my front a back lawns.


Dandelions everywhere.

I see another person had trouble with product I will check next time I use any product from this company again! I had to go and use another weed killer to take care of all the yellow heads. More than I have ever had in the past. What a waste of money! Do not use!!

This product killed about 75% of my perenials! Use with caution.

My husband put this product on our lawn this spring and it killed about 75% of my shrubs and perenials! I am heartbroken, because we have spent countless hours planting and caring for all the plants. We have always used weed and feed on our lawn, but this year we had unintended consequences. There is not enough written on the dangers of using these chemicals on lawns when you are also trying to cultivate perenials and shrubs. All I can say is be VERY careful how you apply this product and take care to not allow it to come near any perenials and shrubs that you care about.

This Redneck doesn’t like Dandelion Wine!

I have nothing against flowers and yellow is certainly one of my favorite colors for flowers but Dandelions are not pretty, nor do I want then adorning my yard. When I first bought my house they were all over the place and now 3 years later I finally have them almost licked. Being on a tight budget I needed something that worked but didn’t cost an arm and a leg. While comparing the many products I found that ***Expert Gardener*** had the same properties as Scotts Turf Builder with Weed Control. Reading the label I also discovered that they both had the same address on the label. No where can I find that Scott’s actually makes it but isn’t having the same address stamped on the label the same thing? **Expert Gardener Weed n Feed 28-3-3** Don’t let the numbers confuse you as all fertilizers have these on them, they are the formula that is contained in every bag. The first number is the amount of ***Nitrogen***, the second is ***Phosphate*** and the third is ***Potash***. If you divide each number by half that gives you how many pounds of each ingredient is in each bag. So ***Expert Gardener*** has 14lbs. of Nitrogen, 1 1/2 lbs. of Phosphate and 1 1/2 lbs. of Potash. The rest would be fillers plus your weed killing compounds. You can apply this ***Weed & Feed*** anytime weeds are growing because it is designed not to burn your grass. You also need to mow your lawn at least a day before applying and either apply in the early morning when dew is present or lightly water before. That way it will stick to the weeds and do a better job at killing them. The bag states it kills 200+ different weeds including Dandelions, Clover and other common lawn weeds. Last year you could see nothing but a sea of yellow in my front yard and I applied a 25lb. bag. Slowly the dandelions started disappearing. This year I still had a few here and there so I reapplied. Not only am I getting rid of the dandelions but my grass is fuller and much greener than it used to be. I have not put any in the back yard because of the dogs but I did feed it. I am afraid to use weed killers there because they like to eat grass so the back yard looks like my front yard used too. **Bottom Line **Expert Gardener has sure made a huge difference in how my front yard looks. I went from yellow dandelions with ugly green leaves and very little grass, to a beautiful green lawn that is soft to walk on. If I wasn’t worried the weed killer would harm the dogs the back yard would look just as nice. ***Expert Gardener*** is about 30% cheaper than Scott’s but does a great job, I now have a lawn I can be proud of and it really sets off the flowers and the whole curb appeal of my house. There are a few stragglers that pop up here and there so I have to knock off 1 star but ***Weed & Feed*** is very close to being perfect. It sure has improved how my yard looks!

Expert Gardener Weed & Feed –28-3-3 Reviews Read 5 Reviews Did not work, burned my yard, still have dandelions The dandelions lived it. They grew more. There are burn spots in my yard. See