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Error x Blueberry : A Little Hung Up :

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: A Little Hung Up : Updates Whenever I get a chance

Error x blueberry

“ I’m well aware that I’ve accidentally set myself on fire and it’s none of your business. I don’t need your pity water either. Let me burn in peace.”

– blue at erratum probably

(i recommend reading the Fanfiction, children of chaos, if you’re into Errorberry. It’s really good and i love the fic. It’s not finished yet tho)

Error: YoU SeRiOuSlY NeEd To ReLax.

Blueberry, in the middle of a mental breakdown: But how can ice cream be birthday cake flavor if birthday cake can be ANY flavor.

I hope I can make my arts more beautiful,but I don’t have the power to do this.😭

I will keep trying to make myself better!🤗

Since I seen people liking my old art of him I wanted to do a redesign!

Looking at my art from a year ago its crazyyyy how much I’ve improved (and uh cringy qwq)

eyyyy it’s one of my fav shipss

error is a contortionist you can’t tell me otherwise

[speedpaint on reblog!]

brief disclaimer: The past event portrayed in this fic is not part of official IBVS.

The probably-long-awaited Barry x Ed has arrived.

It was the same old pattern as it always was. Blue was getting a bit concerned over the circumstances–the amount of times that Error was coming over on a regular basis was increasing, and every time, he’d acquired at least one kind of injury, which Blue would promptly have to take care of.

Blue really cared about Error and gladly treated him, but he wished that Error was at least learning something from all this.

He didn’t seem to be.

And with Error being as stubborn as he was, there was no getting him to change his mind about whatever he was doing, since he hadn’t mentioned what it even was. The most Blue could do was influence him in small ways, but Error was the opposite of influence material.

Error came in one night with his head bleeding, bearing several bruises and a cut on his arm. It was the worst he’d ended up like in a long time.

“Error, what in god’s name did you even do?” Blue asked, immediately sitting him down and drying up the blood as soon as he’d grabbed a rag.

Error didn’t say anything. He never wanted to talk about the cause of his injuries no matter how bad they were. Blue had learned that the silent treatment was usually because it was Error’s fault, but there wasn’t even a way to tell anymore.

“You should’ve gone to the hospital, not to me, in your condition,” Blue said.

“I prefer coming here,” Error grumbled.

“You’re lucky I’m good at this.”

Error sat there in silence with his eyes closed as Blue worked on him. Both of them had gotten so used to it at this point, but for some reason, Blue couldn’t help but glance up at his friend’s face here and there. Error was trying to look relaxed, but it was clear that he was in pain.

“Error, you really should start at least telling me the cause of some of these incidents of yours,” Blue told him.

“You think you deserve to know?” Error asked calmly, not as any kind of attack.

“Well, yes,” Blue answered. “I’m the one patching you up all the time and all.”

Error was quiet again for a few moments, flinching in pain as Blue applied disinfectant.

“The reasons tend to vary,” Error said. “At least, today wasn’t my fault. If that makes you feel better, or whatever.”

“What happened?” Blue asked him, concern in his tone.

“I dunno, some kid… some kids attacked me. They were saying something about undeserved positions and all that… one of ‘em had a knife… I swore I wouldn’t use my powers on people who don’t know so I just had to get out of there… it was more complicated than that but that’s the gist of it.”

“Error, I’m so sorry that happened,” Blue told him. “Nobody deserves to be attacked like that.”

Error just let out a hum in response, seemingly distracted. He closed his eyes again, and Blue noticed that the pain seemed to be subsiding due to his reactions. The look on Error’s face getting more relaxed brought him an indescribable peace.

“Error, I’m done,” Blue said. Error opened his eyes and looked up at Blue, who was standing directly in front of him.

“… thanks,” Error said a little bit late after gazing at Blue for a few moments. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“It’s no big deal, really,” Blue told him, shrugging it off.

Error slowly stood up. “No, really… you do all this stuff for me, and I just… don’t do anything in return.”

“You don’t have to.”

Error put his hand on Blue’s arm. “No, Blue… I’m serious. I want to do something for you. What can I do?”

“Well, I won’t ask you to pay me, that’s too shallow,” Blue told him with a laugh. “If you really want to do something for me, well… I dunno. Can I just tell you after I’ve thought of something?”

Error let out a huff of air. “Sure, if you need to,” he said.

For a split second, the strangest thing went through Blue’s head.

Nononono, like hell that was an actual thought. You don’t ask your best friend to kiss you. Literally why would he even think that? He didn’t think that.

“Are you gonna head home?” Blue asked.

“Actually, uh… I was wondering something,” Error started. “My parents are both out and Geno is sleeping over at his friend’s house. And I realized how long it’s been since I stayed o–”

“What?” Blue interrupted, smiling a bit. “Of course you can stay over! Man, how long has it been, like three years?”

“Something like that,” Error said. “We can like, movie marathon or play some old games, or…”

So, that’s what they got to. Doing all those nostalgic things, eating pudding, having a good time in general. It was odd how it’d been so long, were they just busier? Perhaps.

As time went on, memories of the last time Error stayed at his house came back to Blue. It was about midnight and they were watching the Lord of the Rings, huddled up in fuzzy blankets on Blue’s huge couch.

Blue was getting this impression that something really significant happened that last time when they were thirteen, but what was it…?

He glanced over at Error, whom he didn’t realize had nodded off already.

And in that moment, it came back to Blue what it was.

When they were thirteen, Blue had kissed him while he was sleeping. They had been sharing Blue’s bed that night, and unable to fall asleep, he found himself gazing at Error’s features. They had been talking earlier about if either of them had kissed a girl yet and Blue confidently replied that he had. Error got all flustered about it, making it obvious that he hadn’t.

Then, in that moment, way back then, while Blue was gazing at the boy next to him, he realized that he could take it… his first kiss. Well, it wouldn’t count if it wasn’t a girl, right? Nonetheless, the thirteen year-old version of Blue really wanted to do it for reasons he didn’t entirely understand.

And so, being tired and only half-practical, he did it. Then, much to his dismay, Error stirred, and Blue froze in place much too close. Error didn’t say anything–he simply cracked open an eye and closed it again, curling up more in his position.

Blue never knew if Error remembered what he did. Based on the fact that it never came up, he safely assumed the answer was no.

Seeing Error asleep next to him in the present had brought this memory back to him.

It was beginning to fuel similar feelings, as well.

Blue simply shook his head a bit… that was all in the past, just a little insignificant childhood event better off forgotten.

He felt himself drifting off as well, so he turned sideways, rested his head on the back of the couch and closed his eyes, allowing the movie to continue playing in the background.

He wasn’t fully asleep, but mostly asleep when he heard shifting in front of him. Someone got closer, settling directly in front of him.

Blue was stirring just a bit, opening his eyes a small amount. Error was in front of him, and noticing that Blue was awake, started looking a bit flustered.

“S-Sorry, I just–” he started, about to move away, but Blue grabbed his arm.

“Don’t move…” Blue said. Error settled back into place, looking a bit nervous. Everything around them had blurred out, and Blue really just wanted to be closer to his friend. He lay his head on Error’s shoulder, closing his eyes again. Error steadily breathed out, pulling more blankets up and relaxing into it.

They both fell asleep before long, but only for a while.

Error woke up after just a while, apparently not able to stay out… the pudding may have had something to do with that.

He glanced over at the clock, seeing little change in the time. The movie was still going on, although the volume had been turned down a bit.

He then looked at Blue, who was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder.

Why did something seem so familiar about that closeness?

And why wasn’t he able to look away? His gaze kept coming back to his friend’s mouth. It was slightly open, relaxed as he silently slept.

Blue looked so… peaceful. Almost cute, even. Was that normal? Was it normal to be cuddling with your best friend on a couch and watching them sleep and only being able to think about how attractive they look while sleeping?

Put into those words, it started sounding a little less normal.

Regardless, Error started searching his mind for every reason to not to kiss the boy in front of him right now, as some kind of attempted counter for what he was currently feeling.

He found a lot of reasons, but wasn’t able to deem any of them important enough to stop him.

Besides, it wasn’t like Blue would know… right…?

If he just held his breath, maybe…

He stopped thinking about it and simply leaned in to gently kiss Blue. Something seemed very familiar about the situation, hence his impulse… but he couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Error moved back and Blue hadn’t seemed to wake up. Why did that feel so… right? It was ironic, because up until recently, they both thought they were very very straight. (Well, Error has been dealing with conflicting feelings for a while, but always ignored them.)

When Blue’s eyes suddenly opened, Error felt a momentary rush of panic.

“Were… were you awake–” he stammered, trying to seem calm, but not doing so well.

Blue didn’t say anything. In a brief moment, he slipped his hand behind Error’s head and brought their lips together again.

Several thousand questions and assumptions threatened to occupy Error’s thoughts, but all he could focus on was that moment. He was so tired, he hardly even cared. He kissed back, attempting to take control, but it actually wasn’t working.

The kiss escalated rather quickly into something more intense and Blue was leading it. Error just gave up, letting the other boy push him down.

He wouldn’t have let anyone else do that.

After making out for a full minute, one of them finally said something.

“Hey Error…” Blue started, “I figured out what I want for that return favor.”

“Uh… what?” Error asked awkwardly.

“Let’s go out tomorrow.”

Error exhaled a bit. “Wha? Oh.” He let out a sheepish laugh. “Sure, yeah. Of course.”

“What, were you expecting me to say something else?” Blue narrowed his eyes a bit and smiled.

Error glanced away. “… No?”

“A little soon, isn’t it?”

“I wasn’t thinking that.”

Blue laughed, flipping over next to Error on the huge couch and snuggling against him.

The credits were rolling on the movie. Blue felt around, searching for the remote, but unable to find it from his position.

“Error… where’s the remote?” he asked.

“Ahhmm…” Error glanced around. Somehow, it had ended up on the floor several feet away. He held it hand out, strings flying from it and retrieving the remote. He glanced at its buttons for a second before figuring out how to turn it off. “There.”

“Good night,” Blue said, smiling.

“Shouldn’t we go upstairs?” Error asked him.

“Error, I’m tiiiireed…” Blue whined. “I’ll go up if you carry me.”

“What? Dude, I’m strong, but I’m not that strong. And I’m the injured one!”

“Then couch it is, man.”

Error let out a huff of air. He, admittedly, was also too tired to get off his ass, so he just shifted around a bit until he found a comfortable position in the sectional couch’s corner, where Blue snuggled up against him. Good thing Blue had a huge couch.

Error never really realized how affectionate Blue seemed. He put his arm around the other, giving him a kiss on his forehead.

God, he was so gay.

Blue let out a bit of a laugh, smiling.

It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep like that.

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