eddsworld weed

Eddsworld weed

Sorry :neutral_face: :unamused: but :peach: i only :flushed: talk 🗣 :bust_in_silhouette: to lolis 🤤🤤 :girl: :bow: ‍♀

I’m hella inactive on here so it’s best to follow my Insta if you wanna talk or be friends. I’m on there 24/7

This account and bio is gross. Old art and old stuff oOf

★☆ :taurus: Taurus :taurus: ★ Homo ★ Memes ☆★

So feel free to follow me. I post art and shitposts.

I have a Skype, Oovoo and Discord.

(I used to be PyroSINical)

I’m part of the Coonstebels.

:spades: :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds: :spades: :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds: :spades: :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds: :spades: Some Great People :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds: :spades: :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds:

______________________________ :taurus: Me :taurus:

May 1st is my birthday.


I am Homestuck trash and Caliborn is my favourite character.

I am the creator of the Eddsworld Trickster AU but Trickster originally comes from Homestuck. So credit goes to Andrew Hussie.

I mOstLy talkkk liKe thiS most of tHE TIMe caUse i JUSt do. :)))))))

If i use ‘XD’ or ‘X3’ then it’s ironic.

I’m a salty lime.

If you’re gonna become friends with me then don’t use stale memes like Dat Boi, Harambe, bleach jokes, IT’S TIME TO STOP, I’m gay, I have crippling depression, ect. Technically, jokes from 2016. Please.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. I bite. :))))

Edgy, I know, but I don’t have any empathy and I never will, bromo.

If you want an honest opinion on something, come to me.

I will actually stalk you until you notice me.

I do have athazagoraphobia. Just saying ;))

Happy instrumentals and sad lyrics is my a e s t h e t i c.

I do joke about a lot of serious stuff.

_________________________ :taurus: Likes :taurus: (Not in order.)

The OFFICIAL Eddsworld Community!

Tord Eddsworld Smokes Weed

12 player public game completed on October 31st, 2019
128 0 1 day

Tord Eddsworld Smokes Weed

smoking without your friends

UwU Teen Smoker

Stop uwuing while smoking teens


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