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Durban Poison

Durban Poison is the perfect strain for being productive. Its status as a pure sativa makes quite a popular strain. Perfect for daytime use, this strain will give you a euphoric feeling coupled with a boost of energy and creativity.

Strain Review: Origins

The flower inherited its name from the South African port city of Durban, where it originated. Its energizing and mood-boosting qualities make it a highly sought after strain.

Durban Poison Attributes

  • Sativa
  • Great For: Chronic pain, Depression, Migraines, Lack of Appetite, Anxiety

Frequently Seen at:

  • Silver Sage Wellness
  • Top Notch – The Health Center
  • The Dispensary NV
  • The Dispensary NV
  • The Source Dispensaries
  • Las Vegas ReLeaf
  • Essence Dispensary (Las Vegas)
  • Essence Dispensary (Henderson)
  • Essence Dispensary (North Las Vegas)

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The nugs of Durban Poison are medium to large in size while being round and chunky in appearance. A bright forest green color is speckled with long, light orange hairs. The thick film covering of trichomes give this flower its a milky, pale look.

Flavor & Aroma

The sativa strain has an incredibly unique scent – often described as both sweet and spicy. Breathe in a little deeper though, and you’ll be able pick up the bold, pungent, earthy tones. A light hint of pine-sap finishes off and rounds out the intense aroma.

In the same fashion as its aroma, it has a complex flavor profile. This zesty strain starts out with a sweet, citrus flavor followed by spicy anise, leaving the palate with the unmistakable aftertaste of rich licorice.

Durban Poison Effects

It’s best known for allowing patients to be productive throughout the day. Most people report high energy levels, accompanied by strong, happy head-high. It also provides a nice boost of creativity. This strain is best used for appetite stimulation, migraine relief, depression, anxiety, as well as chronic pain and ADHD.

Durban Poison is the perfect strain for remaining productive. Its status as a pure sativa makes it a popular Remedy for day-time use.

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