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A Guide to Enjoying Edibles

In 9 states adults 21 years of age and older can now enjoy recreational edibles—from your classic chocolate bar or gummy to newer creations such as hot sauce or tea blends. There’s an edible to fit every lifestyle and palette. This guide is for those who are new to edibles, self-proclaimed foodies, people who seek a healthier way to consume cannabis, and curious folks who wants enjoy all of the wonderful effects cannabis has to offer.

Why Does Eating Edibles Feel Different?

Eating edibles is not like smoking a joint or hitting a bong. Your body metabolizes cannabis differently based on your method of consumption. Often times, when you smoke, you feel altered almost instantly but the effects fade away after an hour or two. Eating edibles is a different story. Edibles take a lot longer to take effect and last anywhere from two to six hours. When you ingest edibles, your body metabolizes them through the stomach and then passes them through the liver. This process alone takes time and may be why the edible high lasts much longer than a joint high.

These Aren’t Grandma’s Brownies. Choose the Right Edible for You.

The edible industry is made up of an extensive network of creative foodies, chefs, and culinary artists looking to bring you the best-tasting edibles experience. You can find your traditional chocolate bars and cookies, but we encourage you to look a little further into the the incredible variety at your favorite local dispensary. You’ll find gluten-free brownies, paleo treats like roasted almonds, and inventive beverages such as kombucha, chai, coffee and tea. You can even find small batch vegan ice cream! If you have any dietary preferences or restrictions, your perfect edible is out there. Just ask your budtender.

Every edible affects its consumer differently. If you are looking for a specific outcome, we suggest seeking out edibles that are strain-specific (which means only one kind of cannabis is used in the recipe). Looking to take a nature hike or have a productive work day? Check out Cannavore edibles, as they use TJ’s Durban Poison, a Sativa-dominant strain known for its high-functioning and energizing effects.

Pace Yourself and Know Your Limit.

Patience is the key to edibles. Everyone has their limit—but everyone does not have the same limit. Finding your sweet spot is an important part of ensuring you have a positive edibles experience. One person may feel relaxed and comfortable with a 10 milligram dose; others may not feel much until they eat 50 milligrams. For the first-time edibles enthusiast, we recommend starting low and going slow. By this we mean: start with the standard 10 milligram dose and wait. Edibles can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to kick in; effects may last anywhere from two to six hours. Remember to take a moment and read the information on the label. It will tell you how much is exactly in each piece. Take a bite, relax and enjoy.

Whoa, I Feel Really High!

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. It happens. Sometimes that cookie is so delicious, you just want one more bite. Then you suddenly realize that you feel uncomfortable or withdrawn. This is why finding your sweet spot is so important.

If you feel like you may have ingested too much cannabis, here are a few tips to help curb your high:

Hydrate and drink water.

Have a snack or a meal. Eating edibles on an empty stomach may allow for stronger effects. Munchie time!

Breathe deep, take a bath, or go for a walk. Relaxation is key.

If all else fails, eat some black pepper or try some CBD (cannabidiol). Some cannabis connoisseurs have reported curbing their high by eating black pepper or smoking a joint of a CBD strain.

Plan Your Day

Edibles take time to kick in. So make sure to plan your day for maximum enjoyment. Don’t plan on driving or operating heavy machinery when eating edibles. A good day may consist of working in the garden, reading that book you meant to finish, sitting in some hot springs, or taking a walk to your local park to play some bocce ball or frisbee golf. So eat up and recreate responsibly!

By Stephanie Calderon, Cannavore Staff Member

A Guide to Enjoying Edibles In 9 states adults 21 years of age and older can now enjoy recreational edibles—from your classic chocolate bar or gummy to newer creations such as hot sauce or tea