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Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison is a high sativa dominant autoflowering strain. It is an improved version of the famous Durban Poison. The plant has a longer stage of vegetative growth, compared to other autoflowering strains. In its structure, it resembles its predecessor. Just like it, the autoflowering version has a large number of side branches. The crop appears in 70-77 days in the form of many large resinous buds. It can be from 75 to 100+ g per plant. Easy to grow in any growing conditions. Auto Durban Poison gives a pleasant, uplifting, invigorating buzz and has an incomparable Durban flavor.


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Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison

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Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison

Auto Durban Poison

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It was wonderful to grow another flower from Dutch Passion, the Auto Durban Poison.

So far so good, this Auto Durban Poison was harvested day 80 from seed. Grew very well, typical ruderalis aspect seen on the leaves with 3 blades especially. The buds swelled up pretty nice in the end, with moderate trichome production and a fantastic sweet smell and aroma. What a treat of a smell! Branches felt heavy and had dense large buds on them.

They will be drying for bout 10-14 days before jarring. Will come with more numbers and updates as time goes. Until then, enjoy some pictures of this wonderful creation from @DutchPassion_Official grown in @Plagron under @budmaster led lights G.O.D. x2 90 w , dry bud on scale 78g

Plant was done under Budmaster Led Lights G.O.D. x2, 90w, dry bud on scale – 78g.

The smoke is relaxing, euphoric, creative, energetic, uplifting but clear mind with increased attention to detail. So if you have work to do, this is one strain for you. Only down is that I grew only one 😉 but, have some left over seeds and for sure will grow it again!

Kind thanks to Tony from @DutchPassion_Official and all the team for their incredible genetics! Thank you Paul @cropmasterled , thanks Plagron @Steven_Plagron for an always reliable 100% organic grow and thanks everybody here on @GrowDiaries for stopping by and watching the diaries.

If you want to see more macro pictures, subscribe here and on instagram @occultgreen420

Cannabis grow journals, strain reviews by home growers, harvests and trip reports. Auto Durban Poison by Dutch Passion strain information.

Durban poison autoflower

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Auto Durban Poison is the auto-flowering version of Durban Poison and boasts similarly first-class vaping or smoking. Tall with plenty of side-branches it is a prolific yielder for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is a very sativa-dominant plant.

Auto Durban Poison grows to be between 80 – 100 cm. tall and can sometimes grow even taller. Even relatively inexperienced growers should be able to harvest 75 – 100 gr/plant and those with more skill/knowledge and with good conditions could harvest more than this in a growing cycle of 10 – 11 weeks from germination. Buds grow long and are sticky with resin.

The taste and smell of this strain will be familiar to anyone who has grown or partaken in Durban Poison before; a sweet aniseed or liquorice taste which is quite different to the norm. Its effect is uplifting and extremely pleasant just like its photo-period relative.


Breeder/Brand Dutch Passion
Product Type Seeds THC
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
Yield 75 – 100 gr/plant
Plant Height 80-100 cm
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 10-11 weeks
Taste / Flavour Licorice
Effect Happy, Uplifting

About Dutch Passion

“You don’t buy that many seeds a year, it’s one area of your life where compromise isn’t necessary so choose a seed bank with a long tradition and proven record”Dutch Passion

In the 1970’s, Dutch Passion’s founder, Henk van Dalen, began collecting and breeding with cannabis seeds which he found in the early Dutch cannabis imports arriving from all over the world. He realised that it was possible to grow your own cannabis and often it was far superior to the often poor-quality, heavily seeded, imported product.

Some of his best varieties were selectively crossed and bred and he soom realised that many people would prefer to grow their own cannabis from seed rather than buy it on the streets.

In 1987, the Dutch Passion Seed Company was formally established. 10 years later, they became the first seed bank to learn how to make feminized seeds, something that many people at the time said was impossible with cannabis. Ever since then, Dutch Passion have been busy trying to create the best cannabis seeds and trying to keep up with customer interest in other varieties of seeds such as autoflowering and CBD-rich etc.

Dutch Passion grow from their own gene bank of original genetics collected decades ago, These days, many newer seed banks simply regurgitate existing varieties/genetics and put a new name on them. Dutch Passion are both proud and fortunate to have their own legendary varieties from the 1980’s and plenty of old original seeds to use for future projects.

Crowned Best Seed bank at Spannabis 2014, Dutch Passion are well known for their sophistication and quality. The Dutch Passion breeders concern themselves with creating and preserving quality, and their varieties have won many prizes in cannabis cup competitions.

Auto Durban Poison is the auto-flowering version of Durban Poison and boasts similarly first-class vaping or smoking. Tall with plenty of side-branches it