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African dream seeds, all the information about the weed of dreams

Entada rheedii is a very particular plant that originated in Africa, although nowadays it grows wild in many other places in the world. It is a vine or climbing plant that is born in very humid places. It is part of the Fabaceae leguminous family, where other plants whose seeds are psychoactive are also classified, such as Yopo or Cebil.

This plant produces large pods, which contain giant seeds inside, covered with a very hard layer, but half hollow on the inside, so they float in water. This has allowed it to spread across rivers, seas and oceans to many different areas of the world, but the best thing about these XXL seeds is not exactly that, from our point of view the most remarkable thing is their power to provoke lucid dreams, and that is what this article is about.

👾 African dream seeds history

Indigenous tribes in regions of what we know today as South Africa used the inner part of Entada rheedii seeds to spiritually connect with their ancestors through dreams. They realized that this practice could be very enriching and beneficial for some people, and continued to do so to this day, inheriting the tradition from parents to children.

Image of an Entada rheedii plant*

🎯 How to use African dream seeds?

First of all you have to open the seed, that is, break the outer shell to be able to access the inside. For this purpose you can use a hammer, a saw or a nutcracker among other things. Inside you will see the white part, which is also quite hard, although it can be chewed, and that is one of the ways to consume these seeds, being the whole white part of a whole unit the dose for one person.

Another way to use African dream seeds is to drink them as a tea or infusion. Once the shell is broken, all the white “meat” is extracted from inside, it is crushed until it is ground and put in a tea bag. Then you only have to immerse this bag in hot water for at least 5 minutes to extract all the active ingredients of our African dream seeds.

It is also possible to smoke, as rare as it may seem, but just like to drink in tea, you have to grind the inside of the seeds well, in this case as fine as possible. Then you can mix it with tobacco as if it was kief or hashish, roll it in paper and smoke it as if it was a joint of weed.

Image of an open African dream seed, where you can see its white part*

🔥 How are the effects of African dream seeds?

This substance is considered an onirogen, meaning that it has the capacity to create and enhance dreams. It is supposed to modify the waking state through sleep, but maintaining a high level of consciousness. It is as if you are fully aware of everything that happens while you are sleeping, so you are able to remember it clearly afterwards.

African seeds of sleep also have narcotic or sedative power as some claim, it is as if they want to prepare you to force you to dream. Once in Morpheus’ arms, these dreams are clearer than you have ever seen before, letting the subconscious take over or controlling at will what happens in each one.

Some cultures have used this power to reveal problems of people who do not externalize their concerns, something like a tool of psychology from ancient times. Others have consumed this plant to try to predict the future through dreams, their own or other people’s

✅ Uses of African dream seeds nowadays

You may be asking yourself… What is this for? Well, being able to live your dreams and remember them afterwards is an experience you can learn from. Sometimes you don’t feel like you are dreaming, so you can’t control those dreams, but other times you are aware of being dreaming and can modify certain details.

Many times we dream and then don’t remember, or only remember some parts of the dream, no matter how hard we try. With African dream seeds everything is easier, and that can have certain advantages, because sometimes the subconscious tells us things that we normally don’t think.

Subconscious, an unknown inner universe

The most important events in our lives remain in our memory for a long time, sometimes forever. These thoughts come back to our heads in a recurring way, both during the day and at night, as if the subconscious wants to settle some unresolved issues that do not allow us to achieve absolute peace.

We have all recalled previous discussions or situations, but acting differently, “I should have done that” or “I should have told him/her that. Well, in dreams the subconscious, or the pineal gland, also returns there cyclically, like a flaw in the Matrix, forcing you to live those situations that when you are awake you can avoid by thinking about something else, but not in dreams…until now.

A good part of dreams are based on things that have not yet happened, using the imagination rather than memories. When we have important events coming up, it is normal to think about them, we cannot avoid them. And when you think about something a lot, it is also normal that you end up dreaming about it. This can serve as a rehearsal for some situations, even to take into account some things that if you hadn’t dreamt about them you wouldn’t have imagined. But of course, in order to learn from dreams you have to remember them, and now, thanks to the African dream seeds you can do it naturally.

🚀 Conclusion

Just as much can be learned from experiences with some substances that have the power to alter the mind, with African dream seeds we can learn much from a part of us that we know very little about. I am sure that some of you after reading this will say… “I wouldn’t even dream of trying them…” But many surely are curious about this strange plant from southern Africa, or at least have found the subject interesting. If this is your case I hope you share this article so that many more people can read it.

The seeds of this plant have the ability to induce very vivid, realistic, manipulable dreams and with the possibility of being remembered laters…