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Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Check out all the latest styles at Dragon Seed Bridal & Photography in San Francisco. Ladies, if it’s time to treat your closet to a better collection of clothing, it’s time to shop the selection at this store.

Dragon Seed Bridal & Photography is located in a prime location surrounded by various parking options. If your preferred mode of transit is of the two wheel variety, you’re in luck ? there’s tons of bike parking outside the store.

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Check out all the latest styles at Dragon Seed Bridal & Photography in San Francisco. Ladies, if it's time to treat your close

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5 Reviews for Dragon Seed Bridal & Photography

Recommended by 62% of couples

Average response time 3.8

User4612662 · 2+ years ago

  • Quality of service:

Had my Chinese Dress Custom made here. Beautiful outcome with perfect fit. The snaps on the dress were loose and some came undone during the reception. Didn’t realize it until I saw it in the pictures. The decreased number of stars for professionalism is because the ladies told me outright my breasts were too small and they did not like my shoes.

grace · Married on 12/02/2006

  • Quality of service:

Hired them to do 2 custom dresses and 1 alteration on an existing chipao. The turnaround was exactly as promised but the value is not there. The place charged me the same price for using my own fabric. That makes no sense. I give them huge thumbs down for that pricing. Then I used them again for my wedding dress and it wasn’t fabulous. For what I paid I could have had something better at Macy’s but I had no choice because I didn’t want to go to China or Hong Kong and moreover, the Chinatown shops sell the toursity cheap crap. If you have no other choice to have a custom made chipao, then I guess you would have to settle for this place. Else I say go online and see if you can have it made and bring it back to Dragon Seed for alterations.

Christene · Married on 12/18/2011

  • Quality of service:

1. Dragon Seed is quite possibly the most affordable store for wedding gowns in San Francisco.
2. Alterations are included with price of dresses!
3. Conveniently located.
4. Some veils are free for rent with purchase of dress. However, you can buy some really beautiful brand new ones on ebay for less than $5-$10. Just make sure they come with a comb and order them 1-2 months before your wedding because they often come from China and take a longer time to arrive.
5. Henriette, Angel and the other sales ladies are very nice.
6. There always seems to be a sale on the wedding gowns. It’s never the price on the tag.
7. They also have a beautiful selection of ball gowns and Chinese dresses (cheongsams I think?) I won’t be getting those but based on the reviews here, it seems that they are overpriced

1. Thomas, Henriette’s husband, although he means well, is a very loud and aggressive salesman. Be prepared for that.
2. My sister gave them a bridal dress to be altered a month ago. Since it wasn’t from their store, they charge $100 for alterations, which isn’t bad compared to other places in SF. They told her it would be ready the first week of July. But when she went to pick it up, they told her they forgot to give it to the seamstress and that it won’t be ready until the end of July. Furthermore, they called her yesterday wanting to take her measurements because they are having trouble with the dress. This is the main reason I knocked off a star because that is a big deal. If the wedding was any sooner, it would have been a major problem.
3. I’m not big at all but I’m really curvy. They only have bras for A or B cup sizes because most of their clients are Asian.
4. Wedding shoes are expensive and they do not have a big selection of shoes in the store. They would have to order them.
5. The dressing rooms are very small.
6. Some of the dresses and wedding gowns especially are very old fashioned and dated.
7. You have to go back and forth a few times before they get the sizing right because it’s not going to fit after the 1st or 2nd alteration. It’s a good thing my wedding is still 4 months away and that I live so close to this place.

All in all I probably would give it 3.5 stars – for wedding dresses only. I’m not buying any other type of dress there so I can’t base my review on that. It may go up or down half a star after I see how my dress looks and feels after the alterations are finally done. I know some people complained about the way the salespeople pressure you here. It doesn’t really bother me that much because I’m used to Chinatown I guess. I grew up with it. It’s just how their selling style is. I’m sure they have good intentions. They have been in business for a long time. The ladies are actually nice and soft spoken. I know most of the clients are Asian so I was surprised that they said they can alter my dress to be bigger in the bust and hips area. My dress was originally priced at $480. The sale was 30% off so it was $336 plus tax. The total was $364, including alterations and I can rent a veil for free a couple days before the wedding. You really can’t beat that. I just have to wait and see how my dress will look and fit when it’s ready. If you’re getting married or have a special occasion in which you want a beautiful dress at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Dragon Seed. BUT you will definitely need to start a few months in advance so you won’t stress out before the wedding. You can’t take a risk and wait to buy the dress a month before the wedding. That being said they really do have a beautiful selection and the best prices for wedding dresses including free alterations. I’m the type of bride who wants to look GORGEOUS on my big day but for my budget I can’t justify spending any more than $500-$600 including all alterations for a wedding dress. Dragon Seed is the only store that has met this expectation for me.

Felicia · Married on 08/08/2010

  • Quality of service:

We visited Dragon Seed twice – the first time to take a look at chipaos (we went with Ling’s in Oakland). We didn’t talk to anyone about custom dresses, just looked at what they had on the rack. For the most part, they were pretty blah. Lots of sequins, old fashioned, and kinda fobby.

We returned about a week before our wedding because we needed a silk signing cloth. We figured a store as specialized as Dragon Seed would have them – and they did. We asked, received, and were out of there fairly quickly.

The signing cloth wasn’t great quality silk, but it was pretty, inexpensive, and did the job.

Kyle · Married on 08/28/2016

  • Quality of service:

Dragon Seed Bridal was a decent choice for us, renting traditional Chinese qipao dress. WORD OF WARNING — Dragon Seed is one of the few shops in SF having decent qipao dresses, including ones available for rent, however, their customer service and business practices can be frustrating and suspect, taking advantage of language misunderstanding to bait-and-switch customers (for example reneging on offers of full refunds on deposits to make sale instead giving only store credit). My spouse happens to be fluent in Cantonese, and so can argue toe-to-toe with their staff, but if you cannot converse in Cantonese then we would highly recommend getting all agreements in writing (and signed and dated by the shop owner) as well as making payment on credit card where you can use the credit card company fraud department for assistance should there be some dispute with the shop.

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