double afghan chunk

Double Afghan Chunk-Mixed Berry Shortcakes

Yeah that’s a mouthful…

Welcome back! It’s been a little bit now as life has been oddly entertaining to say the least! Since my last check-in I’ve upgraded my camera, made backdrops,reorganizing my house, starting to plan my housewarming..blah blah blah… So today i’m kicking it off with DOUBLE AFGHAN CHUNK MIXED BERRY SHORTCAKE…

aaaaamerica! UHMERIIICCCCCAAAAAAAAHHH! I made them on the 4th of July lol

Yeah, Hailing in at around 75mg each, it was freaking AWESOMEEEEE.

and did i fail to mention i had a half gram still left over to vaporize?

Yeah Homie-I dont’ play aroundddd

Honestly what made this the most best is that i picked my own got damn blueberries! I thought they had both, but apparently it was a no-go for strawberries,nonetheless, I threw on my headphones, put on some overalls, and got to pickin’ lmao

I went to Maple Acre’s Farmers Markets in Plymouth Meeting, it’s actually a few minutes from the mall, I had NO idea! It was such a therapeutic day for me. Some #sunshine accompanied with my Sour Pink Grapefruit Cartridge by Cresco Yeltrah, I ended up picking blueberries by myself and cut some flowers for veryyyyy cheap. I believe it was around 5 dollars to pick the blueberries and 3.50 to cut 20 stems of flowers. With the recent loss of a very good friend, i’ve just been living in a “life’s too short” cycle. For the third time. I thought life couldn’t get worse after the loss of my beautiful neice, Natalie. But then life shook me when Bryan was taken and now Radski. People say “Alanna, you’re so young don’t be so hard on yourself.” How can I not? It’s weird to think that my beloved babies and friend won’t make it to my “so young” age. and I feel that every. damn. day. That’s why if you know me, i’ve been so quiet. I don’t have much to say, I just want to focus on how to be happier, even on the happiest of days,i’m still sad. Depression doesn’t just go away overnight. It’s a constant work in progress and I picked up this Double Afghan Chunk Wax by Prime Wellness because it’s a personal heavy hitting favorite of mines. Sometime I JUST WANT TO SHUT EVERYTHING OFF. I LOVE how much it chills out my anxiety, I completely melt into a blob and just enjoy what’s right in front of me at that time. I don’t overthink or worry as much, instead i get a mildly giggly, heavily sedating, pain-relieving, mind-erasing high. The more i stress, the worse i am overall physically so I try to find strains that is anxiety-relieving. I’ve found that using strains that helps my anxiety, helps everything else fall into place better. But that’s just me, everyone has their own different way of searching for relief, and there’s no right or wrong way to find it.

So anyways! Not to stray off too far, but every time you click on my blog, it may not always be so sweet. This is life, well MY life and in order for US TO GROW TOGETHER. We have to be open and honest with each other and this is my truth.

…to the good stuff, right ?

So because i’ve been trying to “keep it simple” I went along and used Betty Crocker’s Shortcake Recipe and because of that i will not be having my own personal recipe card. But more so how i “jazzed up” my shortcakes.. so if you want to make the shortcake base and strawberries, click on the link above to be sent to the recipe i used. As time goes on, you’ll notice i’m backing away from the boxed shit(i’m just being honest, I truly like making my fodd from scratch but i understand not everyone wants to take that time, so i’ll try to have an even amount of both!

I’ll still list the ingredients you need here, but i’m not going to waste time to recreate teh same recipe that Betty already did lol

Hell yeah i made my own whipped cream AND got Brown sugar whippd cream, How could I NOT?!

Here’s ALLLLLL the ingredients you need for this specific shortcake in case you want to get everything together at once like NOW:

  • Concentrate of choice
  • Butter
  • 1 Pint Blueberries
  • 1 Pint Strawberries
  • Sugar
  • Bisquick
  • Heavy Whipping Cream(I accidentally grabbed heavy cream, just makes it denser)
  • Semi-Sweet Chunks
  • Sea Salt Flakes(Optional)
  • Brown Sugar(optional for whipped cream)
  • Confectioners Sugar(optional for whipped cream)
  • Lemon Juice(for blueberry compote)
  • Music(to set the vibe right, childdddd)


If you do not know how to infuse your butter with concentrates, NO WORRIES! I got you covered! This is my go-to link whenever someone is interested in infusing with their concentrates. It’s very beginner friendly and super easy to do AND the site is called how can you not be a fan? 😉

BEFORE MAKING YOUR SHORTCAKES MAKE SURE YOU’VE INFUSED YOUR 5 TBSP OF BUTTER WITH YOUR CONCENTRATE ALREADY. That’s the first step. you want your #cannabis infused butter all set to go and ready before you start this tempting #recipe.

Look at dem babies nice and sexy, all ready to be baked ughhh

AFTER forming the dough balls, I took 6-7 pieces of chocolate chunks and pushed them into the shortcakes and using my wack #saltbae technique, sprinkled some sea salt flakes on top of the shortcakes right before baking….

Tadow! *Masego Voice* you’re almost there!

After i took my shortcakes out the oven, I placed them on cookie racks to make sure they got the full on cooling off that they deserved since i still had to eat dinner, i warmed it up for like 15-20 seconds before topping and devouring them.

While they cooled, i went on to make my blueberry compote with

1 pint blueberries

1 1/2 TBSP Lemon Juice

1/2-2/3 Cup Sugar(depends on your sweetness level)

Combine over medium low heat until bubbling, stir and remove from heat.

Smash with a fork or potato masher to help release some juices. Let cool.

My mouth is drooling looking at this again, i ate one every night for almost a week. It was GREAT.

Not sure how to calculate your dose? Click Here.

You’ll be redirected to another go-to link of mines when i’m asked. I LOVE and has been the only dosage calculator i’ve ever used!(Until i figure out how to do one lol) but check out this page if you need help dosing! and just check it out anyways! Corinne is an AMAZING cannabis home cook that I do follow, she’s more on the Vegan,Paleo,etc. side of things so for my #vegan friends,or just friends in general.. this is SUCH a perfect site to check out!

And there ya have it! dress ya bad boy up and you’re on your way to go! I’ve also included MY VERY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO. OMFG guys I can’t believe i’m going to be a “youtuber” but hey, whatever get’s the message across,right? Please go and LIKE,COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE if you support the vision please and thank you! I’m excited to be bringing you guys more content on a more consistent basis. But THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience in the meantime, it’ll be worth the wait! So until next time home skillets…

If you happen to follow this recipe tag me @sweetleihs on #instagram with the hashtag #SweetLeih so i can check it out! i would love to see what everyone else tries out!

Double Afghan Chunk-Mixed Berry Shortcakes Yeah that’s a mouthful… Welcome back! It’s been a little bit now as life has been oddly entertaining to say the least! Since my last check-in I’ve