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Cannabis And Healthy Hair | Find Out How Weed Can Make Your Hair Stronger

For eons, hucksters sold various potions that promised healthier hair for a price. Today, not much has changed, except the iconic snake-oil salesman has been replaced by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. But, could cannabis hold the secret to healthy, fast-growing hair?

Could the secret to thick, flowing tresses be as simple as adding cannabis to your hair care routine? Many believe it’s true, and have the hair to prove it.

Here’s how cannabis could help your hair grow healthier.


Apply cannabis oil directly to your hair as a topical and your follicles will soak up an all-natural formula filled with beneficial proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids including omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. In addition to feeding and moisturising your hair, you’ll stimulate hair growth as you massage the cannabis oil into your scalp. As you work your scalp with your fingertips, blood flow to the scalp increases.

Together, the nutrients and the massaging action boosts new hair growth, strengthens existing follicles, and prevents damaged strands from breaking.


Cannabis oil quickly penetrates the hair shaft to lock in nutrients and moisture, but it doesn’t leave behind a lot of heavy residue that can make your hair look greasy. The moisture inside the strand combined with a light coating of fatty acids on the outside plump up the strands for added volume and thickness.


It’s impossible to have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Cannabis oil can help here too. As you massage it into your scalp, it can help calm inflammation [1] and irritation, stimulate blood flow, and moisturise the skin to help with a multitude of problems including dryness, itchy skin, acne, fungal infections, and dandruff. It may even help improve psoriasis and dermatitis in some cases.


Even if you don’t apply cannabis oil directly to your hair, you may see faster hair growth if you smoke, vape, or ingest cannabis several times a week. That’s because cannabis speeds up the metabolism. A faster metabolism digests food faster, burns calories faster, and grows hair faster. Just don’t take this to the extreme; a metabolism that’s excessively fast can make you age faster too.


Stress isn’t good for your health, period. And it can also wreak havoc on your hair. Frayed nerves not only make you feel like pulling your hair out, it can cause actual hair loss as well. Cannabis is a well-known stress-reliever, and can help many people experience a more restful night’s sleep.


Cannabis has become so popular that you can find hair products at pharmacies that include the herb in their list of ingredients, usually in the form of legal hemp. Some even proudly display the ubiquitous multi-bladed leaf prominently on their label. However, these products usually only contain a small amount of active ingredients.

For a stronger formula, purchase cannabis-infused hair care products from a dispensary or speciality store, or make your own. Most basic cannabis oils can be massaged directly into your hair and scalp as long as they were made with a hair-friendly carrier oil. Cannabis oils made with hemp seed oil, argan oil, or olive oil are preferable to those made with butter or coconut oil.


Cannabis oil supports hair health and promotes growth when used topically by supplying nutrients, moisturising and strengthening the hair shaft, and stimulating blood flow. By reducing inflammation and irritation, it also improves scalp health. Even if you simply enjoy cannabis recreationally, this can improve hair health by boosting the metabolism and reducing stress. If you would like to add cannabis to your beauty regimen, you can purchase commercial products that include the herb as an ingredient, or you can make your own.

Whether smoked, vaped, or used topically, cannabis could be the secret to healthy, flowing hair that grows fast. Find out how it works inside.

Smoking Weed Could Potentially Make Your Hair Grow Faster Then Normal

What if you could cure slow hair growth and baldness by becoming a stoner? Is it possible? Let’s find out.

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Everyday more studies about the potential health benefits of marijuana are coming out to the public. So far, there is a lot of information out there pointing to the idea that there are in fact MANY health benefits to human body when consuming marijuana. Is hair growth one of those benefits? Or is this all just bulls***?

According to an article from it could be…

“Smoking pot causes us to have lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels present in our bodies. And this is often more noticeable in males than in females. Higher levels of estrogen are known to cause rapid hair growth and lowered levels of testosterone are a common issue for those experiencing male pattern baldness as we get up in age. And since the bud of the female marijuana plant is what eventually becomes distributed as a drug, this shouldn’t surprise anybody.”

The article goes on to say…

“Another way that marijuana is related to hair growth is the fact that marijuana speeds up our metabolism. And this too can help our hair grow much faster. But be aware that by boosting your metabolic rate, you can also experience a higher rate of aging. This side effect is prevalent in people of all ages and genders who experience faster metabolisms. So if you are a regular smoker of marijuana, be advised that this can be a cause for hair growth and loss. And of course our bodies do not all react to substances in the same way. So it is also possible to consume marijuana without seeing any of these possible side effects.”

Another ganja friendly website shared a similar viewpoint.

An article by suggests 3 reasons why marijuana could improve hair growth.

  1. Estrogen Boost: “Firstly, marijuana can lower testosterone and increase estrogen levels. High estrogen levels causes hair growth.”
  2. Metabolism Boost: “Another way that marijuana can be linked to hair growth is through the metabolism. Marijuana benefits include a faster metabolic rate.”
  3. Reduced Stress Levels: “A final proposition for how marijuana may increase hair growth is through its effect on stress levels. One big cause of hair loss is stress. Marijuana benefits most definitely include positive effects on mood, depression, insomnia and stress. “

So maybe there is something to this theory after all.

Of course you should do more research on the subject before you smoke a pound of weed thinking you will have hair like Bob Marley. There’s obviously a science to this.

Medicate Responsibly.

Until next time. Stay up, Stay Loc’d, Stay Tru!

What if you could cure slow hair growth and baldness by becoming a stoner? Is it possible? Let's find out. ]]>