does weed lower your vibration

Weed and Yoga, Maybe Not?

[The following contains “woo-woo” language.]

Contrary to popular myth, weed is not the magical doorway to higher consciousness that many hope for. I understand it’s possible you didn’t want to hear that, especially if you live in my town of Portland, Oregon. Cannabis was legalized here in 2015 and it has since become a Cinderella industry. Also, I’m also not opposed to weed. I’m simply making a case for yogis who are serious in their practice to give thought about why and how they recreationally use marijuana.

There are many reasons for developing a yoga practice, spiritual growth is just one of them. How yoga can assist us spiritually depends greatly on which path we are following. Not everyone’s spiritual practice is affected in the same way through yoga, though everyone can benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from yoga.

Marijuana has specific, adverse effects on your aura and soul that affects spiritual development. You likely won’t hear about these insights, because the people speaking on the subject, whether in favor or against, lack intel on what happens to your energy field when you put weed in your body.

Marijuana messes with the body/mind connection. It creates a dissociated state that interferes with spiritual growth and well-being.

The essential problem with cannabis is that it creates a split between body and soul. This is something that can be detected with subtle sensing. Those unfamiliar with this type of sensing may be quick to dismiss it as whack-a-doodle nonsense. But folks had a hard time believing the world was round at one time, too. Stay with me.

Fuzzy Energy

Marijuana proponents are quick to offer how chillaxed the drug makes them, in contrast, to say, alcohol drinkers who tend to be more boisterous. While this can be true, it doesn’t validate the use of a substance that creates an energetically fragmented condition. The fractured aura of smokers keeps them peaceful, but at a price. That fuzzy energy field inhibits fully feeling emotions. When you understand this, it offers a different, albeit less benign, image.

More often than not, when people have averse emotions or thoughts – such as boredom, sadness, doubt, loneliness – they tend to want to escape and there are many ways to do this. They can drink alcohol, eat junk food, or surf the net. They can sex it away, shop it away and they can smoke it away. The difference with cannabis, is that the spiritual problems last longer.

An honest dialogue about the impact smoking weed has on our emotional and spiritual growth is still in its infancy, though more yogis are speaking out. Supporters report feeling more peaceful when they smoke, but they aren’t transcending their pain in any useful way. They’re just suppressing it. Their escape from emotional discomfort is fleeting. Sooner or later, it will make itself known. Consequently, the tamping unwanted emotions may explain the psychologically addictive quality of marijuana.

Spiritual Bypassing

The belief that marijuana helps “take the edge off” is a euphemism that hides the emotional discomfort consumers seek to avoid. To be fair, it takes a great deal of courage and determination to work through discontent. Unfortunately, smoking doesn’t build courage and determination. That requires the soul and personality coming together to reside within a coherent whole. As proposed, marijuana interferes with that.

Harmonizing mind, body and spirit is the key to being aligned with your true self. Anything that muddies your energy is slowing your progress. Better to be clear in your perception – even if this involves challenging emotions — rather than hide in a fragmented experience of self.

When your soul, or wise self, is integrated with your body, you become more conscious about how you treat your body. When your soul is able to shine into your emotions and mind, it infuses them with the energy and strength that lets you confront deeper issues. Weed disrupts this unity and short-circuits your spiritual empowerment.

Dope Science

Another concern with weed is that getting high can mimic spiritual experiences. That’s due to the psychoactive compound THC. Many of THC’s reinforcing effects are mediated by the dopamine system. THC increases the release of dopamine and serotonin, which feels great! The downside being, long-term use is associated with a blunting of the dopamine system. Gradually, the body’s ability to make this natural, feel-good chemical diminishes – which may explain why high doses of THC are linked to depression. Which is not so great.

To understand what happens on an energetic level, imagine a person with a narrow view. Such a person might find that weed helps them feel and see beyond their limited scope. That seems impressive, almost mystical. It even suggests that marijuana might be a consciousness expanding substance.

The “problem” is that it does expand perspective, to a point. It does give people a more expanded view. Until it doesn’t. When a substance keeps you at an intermediate level of consciousness, you’ll always be chemically limited from attaining higher states of realization. When someone who feels stuck or bored uses weed, they get a fleeting view of expansion and believe they’ve a found a way out from small mind.

To better understand this, imagine a range of consciousness between one and ten. A one represents a narrow perspective, while a ten represents a wide perspective. A person at level one or two could go to level three or four with the help of marijuana. They might be quite pleased by this shift. As they would say, their consciousness has been expanded, they feel more creative, and have a broader sense of reality.

It’s a convincing argument, until you realize that weed is keeping them from going beyond level four. This is the elephant in the room that spiritual seeking smokers would rather not talk about. Again, I’m not against the consumption of cannabis. I want us to be candid about its impact. Clarity of mind is key component of spiritual development.

The ability to sense, name and locate your energy blocks is vital to self-healing.

Puffy Clouds

The popular claim that marijuana generates peacefulness is based on a restricted idea of what peace is. Peace is not merely the absence of strife or violence. If there were no other options for attaining inner peace, or for dealing with your emotions, then the assumption might be valid. But there are, in fact, many options:

– Learning to feel your feelings is a powerful teacher that builds strength. It’s not easy and rarely fun, but when you gently breathe through your feelings you discover that you are stronger than your fears.

– Learning to question negative self-talk lets you get out of the mental and emotional loops. Learning to talk to yourself in an empowering way puts you, metaphorically, in the driver’s seat. Which beats the heck out of riding shotgun with your ego at the wheel.

– Learning to move and exercise, by whatever means you choose, gives you an option to raise your vibration every single day.

– Learning to meditate and visualize helps you discover your true spiritual identity. Additionally, spiritual practices empower you to live in alignment with your true self. When you observe the world from a deeper wisdom, it naturally follows that your actions will as well.

Glass Ceiling

Another spiritual concern with marijuana is that it can cause users to get stuck in their heads, endlessly looping thoughts and ideas. It’s hard enough to reign in the mind when one is calm and clear-headed. But for the smokin’ yogi, it’s nearly impossible. You can bend and twist to your heart’s content, but your ability to connect more deeply within will be hindered by the ego’s ceaseless chatter.

In case your thinking, “Well this sucks.” Know that spiritual integrity is something you develop over time. We can’t float our way there in a cloud of smoke. It’s a daily practice. And just as we build muscles through daily exercise, we can build spiritual strength by cultivating awareness.

Choice = Freedom

No matter where we are in our personal development, we can always choose to move in a healthier direction. If we’re lucky, it’s a decision we get to make every day.

If you’re already making better choices, chances are you can appreciate how less-than-best choices interfere with your energy. For the soul-seeking yogi, this may require taking a hard look at a well-loved habit.

When you do, you get a sense of what it means to live in alignment with your best self. You can literally feel nature [spirit/soul/essence] buzzing within you. That vibration is the sensation of being alive in the deepest sense of the word.

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This may just be my wack-a-doodle mind @ work, but the idea of nature humming within me is smile-inspiring. Maybe I wouldn’t ‘t be as discouraged to quiet my singing voice if it was a duet (or more) collaboration. This is me feat. unsolicited songbirds… goes a ‘lil somethin’ like this…

This was a very insightful and appreciated message I needed to hear. It is a well loved habit, but I feel it has been hindering my advancement. I do find myself turning to it as a way to escape uncomfortable emotions. I think this summed up what I’ve been feeling very well, and in a way that helped me understand it at a deeper level. I know now I need to face these emotions and work through them with a clear head and just trust that it will get better and better one day at a time. Thank you for this, Namaste

Thank you so very much for sharing. What a beautiful insight.

Excellent article, it gives a lot to think about and I agree with it in general. However, most of the times the great answers and not black or white and every thesis should have an anthethesis, so we can find the right way.
If you are ok with it, I’ll share some doubts I have in my quest as a psychologist studying transpersonal psychoterapy, yoga practitioner and human being with cronic pain that tries to get away from heavy comercial drugs with the aid of natural and alternative methods.
I’d really like to hear your opinion about five questions.

I agree that no psichoactive substance should be consumed regularly, except in case of need – like if we don’t take it we’ll be even worse. Example: psychotic break will may need anti psichotics, suicidal may need antideressants. Maybe these are heavy cases, but even these should be temporary solutions if possible.

But lets consider light drugs like coffee, chocolate and ginger, they too are psychoactive. In your opinion or experience, what will their effect be in the aura if taken everyday? (this is my first question).

Now lets go in the middle. Marijuana everyday or maybe even every week is definitely a no-no. But is it possible that the temporary consciousness expansion it provides, when taken in the right setting (nature, meditation, etc), can propel us to achieve that expansion more easily without it? The same can be asked about psichedelics. Could it be considered a good use in this case or does the harm it causes in the aura surpasses apparent positive effects? (second question)

What about CBD is it putten in the same boat? (third)
By my experience it helped me a lot to keep down heavy meds that were given to me, opioids included, so I could keep working and living despite the deep muskuloesqueletal pains that, at a point, we all thought could stay for the rest of my life.
I can assure you that heavy pain can have an enormous and hard negative impact in the energy field. So, what about the people with heavy chronic pain, should they endure it or taking the possible meds to lower it? (forth)

Also trauma has a heavy negative mark on the aura. Regular therapies have 30% efficience rate to help overcome it, therapies with the aid of psichedelics have at least 70%. The numbers are not as good with CBD, but the resuls are also quite positive.
Overcoming trauma has great benefits in the energetic field.
Can we consider that taking psichedelics (or CBD) in the right setting and with the right mind frame can be benefitial even to the energetic field? (fifth)

My hipothesis is that everything we consume, do, think or feel, influences the energetic field.
Feeling rage can be benefitial in a therapeutic process, but if you get stuck in it, it’ll definetly have a negative energetic impact on your existence and aura.
Can the same logic apply to THC, CBD, or some known psichedelics? (last one ?

Thank you for your time,
(all the way from Portugal)

Thank you for your comment, “all the way from Portugal.” ? Connecting people in engaging conversations is the best use of the internet.

You bring up excellent questions and good points. Instead of assuming a position of authority, I will simply say “It depends.” I believe we are all trying our best, even when our behavior indicates otherwise. Our mind, body and soul are perpetually seeking growth and healing. I trust that people are making the best decisions possible that allows them to get through the day.

Sleep aids are good example. Our insomniac culture has come to rely more and more on pharmaceutical sleeping aids that allow us to sleep at the expense of restorative dreaming. Sleep is a primary pillar of health and pharmaceuticals can be life-saving. And, we desperately need our deep dreaming sleep for physical and emotional health. Hopefully, over time, the disturbances keeping sleep at bay will heal allowing it to come naturally. I hold the same hope for those who need substances for pain management – somatic or psychological.

I appreciate your thoughtful inquiries and am honored that you took the time to read this rather long blog.

The perfect article for the perfect time! Thank you for your insight. This subject has been weighing heavy on my mind. Namaste.

These are challenging times, Cheyenne. More and more people are self-medicating their anxiety. No judgment, here. My intake of chocolate has certainly increased.

Thank you for reading my article. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

In health and happiness,

Thank you for this insight. This was very helpful in helping me decide if cannabis will interfere with my spiritual growth. I’m glad I was led to this.

All the best to you Brandon. Be kind and easy with yourself.

I resonatesd with this article. I overstood, innerstood and understood it all. Thank you for sharing your spiritual insight.

Steven, thank you for taking the time to read it. Loving the many ways you took it in. ?

Weed and yoga, two great things that go great together? Maybe. Though more likely, getting high is a sign you are searching for a real life experience.

3 Things that Are BLOCKING You from Raising Your Vibration INSTANTLY

I’m going to be sharing with you the three blocks to you raising your vibration instantly. These are things you may not even be aware of, but once you are, it changes your whole entire life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the three biggest blocks that I see with people when it comes to things that are keeping them bogged down from going to the full expression of what they can do. Understand your vibration is what is directly controlling the course of your life. Your vibration is a combination.

I like how that kind of rhymes. Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel and what you do. There are things that people do that people justify. People rationalize because we think it raises our vibration.

However, many times it won’t. It will to a certain point, but then it actually works against us. That was me for years. What I’m about to share with you. The biggest, one of the biggest blocks I see with so many people that if they were to get rid of it, they would raise their vibration to a new level. Is this controversial one right here? It is that of smoking weed. Okay. I’m going to say it right now as see so many people do it. It’s not bad.

I’m not saying we do that. Okay? I’m not saying he can’t even like you’ve got to feel guilty about doing it. I’m not saying they’re not amazing benefits of it. I’m just sharing with you that if we look at the scale of consciousness right here, which I’ve shared in other videos before, this is the scale of consciousness I want to share with you where we’d calibrate on the scale of consciousness and why it may serve you up until a certain point, but then eventually it works against you.

It keeps you in the lower vibrational seats of consciousness because of the attachment to it and believes me, for years, I would not want to hear this. When I was smoking, I didn’t know. I didn’t want to come across any information that talks about how you should quit or anything that said there was anything bad about, I was like, nope, don’t even want to read it because it was reflecting back to me sometimes. I did not want to see.

But if you’re here right now, then maybe this will resonate with you at a deeper level. For years I smoked weed because it would counteract the side effects of Adderall. I took Adderall. Adderall is people that are labeled as that of an ADHD. Adderall is a prescription drug, so I had that. But the prescription drug of Adderall made it so you couldn’t eat very much.

He couldn’t sleep very much. But I’d be focused, I’d be focused, as you can imagine, I go into work every day selling women’s shoes at Nordstrom’s. That’d be like just ready to go. Just like helping people. Okay, I do like to eat some food. The heart side effects, I was like, what would this like?

And then I found weed and I was like, Whoa, the side effects of lead are you sleep good and you eat good and the side effects of Adderall or you don’t eat, you don’t sleep. I’m like, hmm. I did that for a while and then I ended up liking weed and I was like, I read something online.

I was like, oh, weed’s not, you know, you can overuse weeds. Like no, you cannot overuse weed or anything that was bad about it. Like, nope, nope, these people brainwash. Nope is good. And that’s where I was for a long time. But then what happened, this is what happened. I went through a spiritual awakening and my vibration raised over that, of where we’d calibrates and then as I raise my vibration.

I would go back to the weed and it would bring me the weed. I sound so old, I’ll go back to the weed, the pot, and it would bring my vibration down. And I was like, why? Why do I not feel as good as I used to? And this was why. Let me share with you this scale of consciousness right here that you see on the scale of consciousness, you will see shame, fear, guilt, anger, willingness, neutrality is under that willingness.

Acceptance. You’ll see right in between there as well. Reasoning, joy, peace, enlightenment, bluff. I’m kind of, I got it and we mainly memorized, but you guys get, you guys can see what I can’t see right now. But you see what I mean? We’d that’s looking at alcohol first off. Okay, you like to drink a little alcohol is cool, but are you doing it too much? Because alcohol resonates at like to 70 so this scale of consciousness, you can calibrate using muscle testing.

What certain activities resonate at. One of them is you might, you might test alcohol. Alcohol resonates. I’d like to 70 which is very ironic because 70 is courage. But we call it liquid courage. Ooh, look at that correlation. Ooh, that’s so cool. So courage right there.

Then what we see is that’s where read resonates. That’s where alcohol resonates, right about to 70 which isn’t very high. Then what happens is we got weed, well, guess what? We’d resonated higher than alcohol. Weed resonates at 300 5,350 is acceptance. What happens when you smoke weed? If you smoked weed and you know, you just kind of chill. It’s kind of like you just accept the moment spent on some good music.

Let’s go eat some food. It’s accepted, you know, just accept life in general. You know, why? Why go? I Bang yourself out? Why not just go home and really not everyone that smokes weed, I’m not generalizing it? I’m just saying, I’m just saying that when we look at it, acceptance makes a lot of, you know, when you test it, it’s acceptance. It makes a lot of sense as well. It’s like liquid courage for alcohol.

Acceptance for that of weed makes a lot of sense because you’re more chill. You’re more relaxed. Here’s the thing. Many people will a lot and consistently and it’ll keep them in the acceptance mode consistently, which isn’t bad in comparison to the lower vibrational emotions, but your natural vibration is much higher than acceptance.

You can be in reasoning and understanding your beliefs, create your reality, and then love unconditional love. You tap into that, but every time we smoke it’ll bring us back down to that acceptance stage. What may have been a powerful tool to let go of the stress of the day? A powerful way of letting go of the lower vibrational emotions may actually be a crutch for most people is what I notice.

And it was for me because when I got rid of the weed, all of a sudden, I’m getting rid and then I had a process, a lot of emotion that was kind of pent up. But once I did it raise my vibration to a whole new level. What I’m sharing with you is that what you can do is understand that maybe we’d as a powerful tool, but maybe it also you don’t need to use the tool anymore.

It’s like using something to hang up something on the wall. You hang up that beautiful picture, like the wave picture in the back. If you can kind of see it. Beautiful, beautiful. And then what happens is you grabbed this hammer and you walk around with it everywhere and you’ve got this powerful tool, but you’re walking around and your friends were like, Yo, what’s up? How are you doing? You’re like, I’m doing good. I got my hammer right here. Do you see me? They’re like, yeah, but why are you carrying around the hammer?

You’re like, I liked the hammer, I used it. And we keep walking around and then, and then I come along and I’m like, I’m like, dude, do that. You don’t need a hammer anymore. You feel so much freer. You could do this instead of doing this, you could do this. And you’re like, Whoa, I kind of want to do that to that little dancing movement seems really cool.

If I could dance like that, oh my God, that’d be so cool. And, but you’re like, but I can’t. I’ve got this hammer it and when I go like this, I break stuff and breaking stuff everywhere. And the idea is that when you’re done with the tool, put it back somewhere for a while. Be Like, you know what? I’m going to use you in a month.

I’ve got another wave over here. I really liked that pain. Know, okay, so you could use the tool when you need it, but when you’re done using it, let it go because it’s holding you back. It’s holding you back and doing this. Okay, you want to do this or you want to just do this? It’s all serious. You know, Alan Watts said that it’s, once you get the message, hang up the phone, once you’re done with the hammer, hanging up the picture, put the hammer away.

Okay? That’s the idea is to become aware of the hammer you may be carrying around it. Maybe you holding you down into a lower vibration. A lot of people that smoke weed. That’s what I noticed. Not Judging. I’m not like, Yo, I noticed that you hold yourself back. It could be so much more successful, but to be honest with you, I do kind of notice that I’m like so many people.

I’m like, you have so much potential. You could so much more you could accomplish and you can raise your bite. Your vibration is naturally high and it’s just that we get comfortable with certain things. I was comfortable smoking weed for a long time, but I tell you what, once I quit, took me about two weeks to get used to it. It raises my vibration to a whole new level. We’re meant to experience life sober and it’s supposed to be amazing.

If you vote, if you do the inner work, it will become amazing. That’s the first thing that I see that blocks so many people from raising their vibration and is the most insidious one because you won’t even be aware of it. You’re like, I’ll just smoke in a giant, not a dip. It’s no big deal. It’s just that. But that’s actually because you can, it can be so comfortable for so long versus alcohol.

If you have a problem with alcohol, eventually you’re going to become aware of it, but something that’s kind of just under the surface. You could do it for 2030 years and not realize it’s holding you back spiritually. These things are meant to be powerful tools, but not the end all be all, not the end all be all. For me, it was holding me back for a long time. I gave it up. Raise my frequency to a whole new level.

The second thing that is holding your vibration down that you don’t even know it, it’s your ego. It’s your ego. It’s blocking you from experiencing love. It’s blocking you from raising your vibration. You want to know why this ego is your 3D avatar body, okay? We exist in higher states of emotion. We are unconditional love, joy, bliss, peace and higher dimensions.

We do cool stuff. Do you want to know what we might do? We might just go instantly appear somewhere else with someone else, one of our friends and be like, Yo, let’s go do this. You go do something cool and you’re not bound by time and space the way we are in three d reality here. However, we forget that when we’re born here because we come into this 3D avatar body that experiences reality through the five senses.

We identify with our senses growing up. We’d look around and we’re like, oh, this is who I am and then what happens as we start to identify with their ego and then our ego takes over and we are, the ego thinks it’s got everything figured out. The ego knows at all. This is the way reality is. This is how people should be. The thing that keeps people from raising their vibration is their egos.

The necessity to be right. The Ego’s necessity to be right and when I say to let go of the need to be right, there is no right. Everyone has a different belief system. The reason I say this is I experienced this firsthand. There’s a little story for you. I’ve shared it maybe once or twice before, but this story, I haven’t beaten to the ground yet, so I guess we’ll just continue to share it.

That story has to do with once upon a time, two and a half weeks ago, I was on the beautiful island of Hawaii. I was on the beautiful island of Maui. It’s very magical there. Well like you know what? Let’s get our flight Cohen back to La is we’ve been here like a week. Let’s get our flight going back. We both get on our or trusted ways we do it and we get on and we’re like, you know what? We’re going to fly first class because we just feel like why not treat ourselves?

We want to get some work done and that’s just what we’re going to treat ourselves too. Let’s just go to the first house. All right. All right. We both are booking our flights. Her transaction goes through first. Great. Okay. Her transaction goes through first. Then I go to put my transaction through. She pushes the button first. I then push the button. It says I’m sorry. That ticket that you were just going to pay for is now $200 more weight. She heard transaction goes through first.

Mine is $200 more just because I waited a couple of minutes. I said, ah, I’ll call, let me get, let me get on the phone with someone really quick called the airline. I was like, Yo, she just did her ticket. I did my ticket three minutes apart if debt. I said, get, I don’t want to pay $200 more. They said I’m sorry there’s nothing you can, nothing we can do.

They tried to fix it but then they said, sorry, there’s nothing we could do. That’s how the prices go up and based on you know, availabilities. We should have booked it all at once, to be honest with you. Lesson learned. However, I was kind of in a bad mood for like an hour cause I’m like, that shouldn’t happen. They should. I should. Why do I have to pay more? But then I realized my ego is trying to be right.

My ego has an attachment to things being right. Things mean to the blueprint. In my mind, if the price was already that $200 more, I still would’ve paid it, but because I was paying one and then it went up and it shouldn’t have gone up because of this rule in my mind that it was, you see, the ego wants to be right. The ego’s necessity is right is what’s keeping us from feeling happy in the present moment.

The key is surrendering to the present moment and if you surrender to the present moment, everything will happen easier for you. The moment I had this realization, I was stoked. I was like, take my money. At first, I was kind of mad. I was like, I was like, okay, thank you. Have a nice day. And then I called him back like an hour later. I was like, okay, I’ll take that ticket. Was it someone new though?

I was like, no big deal. Do you know? The necessity to be right. You got to let that go. Let’s let go. They need to be right now the third thing that is blocking you from raising your vibration instantly. It’s still kind of the ego, to be honest with you, but it’s like eagle part too. It’s a victim mentality. Many people that get kept in those lower vibrational emotions because they have a victim and I did for years. I did.

I get it. Things happened the past and the moment that thing happened in the past. We created this energy field around us of a certain mentality that they kept people in our lives until we dealt with that emotion, the victim mentality. Think of it as an archetype. There’s an archetype in our reality of being the victim and when we identify with that archetype because something happened to us, we go out into the world and we meet other people that reflect that back to us in many different ways.

The key is to be aware of it. I had a victim mentality because I had an abusive ex step mom and my life for five years, for six years, from 2000 from when I was seven to 15 years old. Not being worthy. And guess what? In my life, there was always someone in my life that reflected that back to me that unworthiness is because I didn’t deal with it and I had it. I didn’t let go of that victim mentality. Once I took my power back, I was no longer a victim and then I could raise my vibration.

I had to process the pain of my past. I had to also reframe it because I saw that that pain led me to a spiritual awakening. I was able to see it in a new way. Our stories are creating our life, but I mean is whatever story we tell ourselves, it’s going to be what we get reflected back to us. What story are you telling yourself? Are you a victim or you have the tour? Are you a loser or a winner? Whatever I say right now is coming from the ego anyway. Realize that we’re mortal, spiritual beans dreaming.

We are these little avatars. I could be like, are you a loser? It’s like playing a pinball game was like, Oh, I’m losing a newsy amusing, or am I a winner? It’s like fuck all this cool stuff. He’s like, yeah, I’m winning. You’re still playing a game. In the same way, you’re still any moral, spiritual, been dreaming. You’re this little, this little ego self and you can be a victim or it could be somebody that’s just powerful.

We don’t have to be like, I’m a winner. You’re a loser. Because then that creates separation. That’s why I’m kind of sharing it in this way. But the thing that will hold you back is believing that you are some victim believing that you are some limited character. Change the story you tell yourself because then your life will change. These are the three biggest blocks, which are, it’ll look like six because I have two hands.

These are the three blocks that are keeping you from raising your vibration. If you can, I would say smoke less weed if you’re smoking, not because it’d be just honest with yourself, but it seems that some things may be keeping you within a certain frequency range. Make the intention to raise your vibration, let go of the ego’s necessity to be right and choose to be happy. Just choose to be happy and then thirdly, get rid of the victim mentality by realizing you’re an immortal, spiritual being.

You can let go of the archetype. You can be empowered. You can change your story right now and let that be something that you grow from and it will change your life in a powerful way. If you want to as well, complete the past. One of the most powerful meditations I’ve ever created is on completing the past, so the exactly just that and film 100% worthy, wholly complete. Listen to it for 21 days. It will transform your life.

3 Things that Are BLOCKING You from Raising Your Vibration INSTANTLY I’m going to be sharing with you the three blocks to you raising your vibration instantly. These are things you may not even