does harlequin get you high

Harlequin Is A Low THC Strain | What Did RMR Think?

When I’m choosing strains to review, I always try and choose ones I’m unfamiliar with. This way, I’m educating myself and my audience and we learn something new in the cannabis game together. I went way out of my wheel house and grabbed a CBD dominant product, the Harlequin strain.

I picked up my Harlequin from Golden Tree Productions, at A Greener Today in Shoreline, WA. I highly recommend this shop to anyone in the area. The managers are knowledgeable and the shop carries a great range of quality products at top, mid and low shelf prices. Ask for Garrett if you stop in, that’s my guy.

Opening up the bag, the first detail I noticed was the the beautiful nug structure of the Harelquin strain. Big buds covered in think amber hairs. This strain was extremely photogenic, the hairs makes the flower pop off the page. Harlequin smells earthy and mellow. The flavor profile was more tropical than I expected after smelling it. Lots of tropical and mango notes on the inhale and exhale.

There is such little THC in this strain, it didn’t make me high, and that’s actually a good thing. If you told me five years ago I would love to smoke weed that didn’t get me high I would have pointed in your face and laughed in a very rude fashion.

I loved feeling my anxiety dissipate without feeling the high that normally accompanies it. This is a fantastic strain for daytime smoking or even wake and baking. If you’re trying to ween off weed for a tolerance break, this strain will help you accomplish that as well. I would also recommend this strain for new smokers and people with low tolerances. This strain is a great way to get initiated without being overwhelmed by the feeling cannabis provides.

Cannabinoid Breakdown
  • Total THC: 1.7%
  • Total CBD: 3.7%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 6.1%


  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • CBD Dominant Strain
  • Genetics: Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, Thai and Swiss landrace strains, per Leafly
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, light, hints of mango or tropical flavors
  • Scent Profile: Earthy and floral.

The Harlequin strain is perfect for those who want to be elevated without being ripped. Low THC strains are great for dealing with anxiety.