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About this product

With a sweet addicting minty cookie flavor that you won’t be able to get enough of. Just be warned – with its super powerful 28-30% THC level it’s easy to overdo it. The smell of Do-Si-Do is just as intoxicating as the flavor, with a sweet minty aroma that’s accented by fresh lime and pine. Once you get past the flavor, the effects are just as addicting. The Do-Si-Do high hits you fast and hard with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for only a few moments before fading into a happy stoney introspection. As your mind falls deeper and deeper into itself, a warming body buzz will start to wash over you, first moving down your spine before extending through your limbs, leaving you helplessly sedated and completely couch-locked. With these hard-hitting effects, Do-Si-Do is said to be perfect for the experienced user suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and depression.

About this brand

Zion Gardens

About this strain


Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with qualities similar to its parent, OGKB, a GSC-phenotype. With glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves, this strain is a feast for eyes. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side with the addition of Face Off OG genetics. Enjoy a stoney, in-your-face buzz off the start that melts down over the body, prettifying the consumer with relaxation that emanates outward.

8 customer reviews

on December 29th, 2019

I live in california and have tried lots of different phenos of this strain. At first i thought i didn’t like it. But a guy i know, grew it to perfection. The flavor was on point. The terpenes stood out. Since then; ive had it a few other times, honestly super fire. It really depends on if the flavor is there or not. One of the most tasty strains ive ever had. Especially with the gelatos and sherbs being a contender to choose from

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on November 8th, 2019

It’s pretty good. I really enjoy the smell. It’s pungent, but not overwhelming. And the high from it is very mellow and smooth.

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on September 28th, 2019

One of my all time favorite strains! Dosi has a fruity, OG aroma and that turns into sweet vapor hits. This strain is incredible for my tremors. In the time it takes to inhale and exhale the first hit, I go from shaking like a leaf to moving smooth as silk again. It absolutely crushes anxiety, stress and nervousness. Wish I had this when I used to get panic attacks. Perfect strain for social anxiety. Starts with a clear, uplifting head high and rapidly sinks into a heavy, soothing, muscle-melting, couch-locking body high. I have come to really love and rely on this strain to help keep me mobile and pain-free on rough days. I stock up on it every chance I get. If you have a lot of pain and/or anxiety and tolerance for heavy Indica body highs, it’s an excellent functional day strain. And the perfect thing to come home to after a hard day at work or a wild night out. Might put some to sleep, but to me it’s an any time time strain that’s like a giant sigh of relief for the body, mind and soul.

Do-Si-Do is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through crossing the potent GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) with Face Off OG.

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Why Colorado Tokers Love Do-Si-Dos

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Add this year’s Girl Scout cookies season to a long list of blown opportunities for me. I walked by more than a dozens stands of Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Do-si-dos outside of grocery stores, breweries and even pot shops, but I kept abstaining, confident there would be another time to buy. Alas, now that time is gone, and my freezer never saw one box of Thin Mints.

Luckily for me, Denver’s dispensary scene is still providing chances to purchase Do-Si-Dos, but this version is getting stuffed into pipe bowls, not dipped in glasses of milk. An obvious child of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, Do-Si-Dos is a cross between the popular hybrid and Face Off OG, an indica-heavy OG Kush phenotype. With the OG backcross (Girl Scout Cookies is bred with OG Kush and Durban Poison), it’s fair to expect heavy flavors of pine, soil and funk with dolloped calyxes — and that’s just what you’ll get. But the entrancing violet color and hefty trichome production give this cookie a taste of its own.

With such a heavy coat of resin glands and THC levels approaching 30 percent, I’m surprised this strain wasn’t named after Savannah Smiles, which are covered with powdered sugar and taste way better than boring oatmeal cookies with semi-bland peanut butter. But even if the name doesn’t quite match, Do-Si-Dos has soared in popularity since it was created by breeder Archive Seed Bank in 2016, gaining a reputation in Portland before slithering down the coast and into Colorado.

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Like most Cookies strains, Do-Si-Dos has a high potency that can be debilitating to the overzealous or uninitiated, so toke wisely. If you’re prepared for relaxation, however, this is one smooth, comfortable ride. The potent indica has that face-melting quality we’ve grown to love with Cookies strains, but its calming effect on the body and lack of anxious side effects makes for a tasty stress reliever.

Do-Si-Dos isn’t showing any signs of crumbling as it becomes more prevalent around town. Kind Love, The Herbal Cure, Lodo Wellness Center, Lightshade, Riverrock Wellness and bgood all carry the strain, but don’t be surprised if that list gets longer in coming months. Kind Love and The Herbal Cure’s cuts are easily the two best in Denver right now, though, with fat, spiky buds, an intoxicating purple color and sugar-dusted calyxes that look like ice cream sundaes.

Looks: Spiky, open calyxes and cone- and finger-shaped buds show off the strain’s OG heritage, but beautiful contrasts of forest-green and violet colors, powdery resin glands and rusty pistils are what truly stand out.

Smell: Although not as doughy and sweet as Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos still carries an alluring aroma, with tart, funky and earthy Kush scents that pair well with nutty and floral notes on the back end.

Flavor: Expect an OG-heavy flavor, with tastes of Kush, soil and a little sweet citrus up front. Pine and subtle, tart notes of rubber can creep in on the side of the tongue afterward.

Effects: Unless overdone, this strain’s high THC potency is calming without becoming too sedative, providing relief from anxiety, depression, stress, eating and sleeping disorders, nausea and minor pain for some medical patients. A sativa burst of euphoria is quickly overcome by tranquility, perfect for a night inside or an evening on the front porch.

Home grower’s take: “I’ve never wanted to pay the money people want for seeds — it’s over several hundred dollars — and it’s not available in clones out here that I know of. It’s a solid strain and can look really good, but I don’t get all of the hype over some of these Cookies strains — sometimes I think it’s because they have these catchy names. It’s like pastry stouts or dessert beers that breweries make — whatever’s hot now. Don’t get me wrong: Do-Si-Dos is probably worth buying at the shop. I’m just not wasting my time trying to get it in the grow when something just as good is readily available for less.”

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An obvious child of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, Do-Si-Dos is a cross between the popular hybrid and Face Off OG, an indica-heavy OG Kush phenotype. With the OG backcross (Girl Scout Cookies is bred with OG Kush and Durban Poison), it’s fair to expect heavy flavors of pine, soil and funk with dolloped calyxes —…