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Since we came here in 2003 Amsterdam has sure made us feel welcome, so when you’re in next Amsterdam come and introduce yourselves at the store! There you can view our DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada Seed Gallery, get your hands on our full range of Bongs and Glassware, get some pointers from our friendly staff and just chill out the Amsterdam way.

With twenty years and two continents’ worth of green fingered expertise, we want to give you not only the best seeds but advice on growing a premium smoking experience in your own backyard! Whether you’re after specific tips or just want to chill, we’ll make sure you’re right at home in the Cannabis Capital, so pop down and get glued to our chill out room sofa!

Our Amsterdam shop is also the home of our Reserva Privada seeds – unique strains from a West Coast collective of expert Californian growers – so pop in and check out our unique heirloom strains and heavenly smokes. Until you get to Amsterdam you can find all our seeds and smoking accessories in the Online Shop, and our DNA Information Pages have everything you need to know about choosing and growing the very best green!

Or if Amsterdam’s too far to go, check out our Online Store. With discreet, safe and secure ordering, you can shop with peace of mind and ease. If you’ve got all your ingredients to grow your very own Sea of Green but are a bit stuck on what to do next, have a look at the DNA Genetics Information page for all the help you will need!

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DNA Genetics

Sint Nicolaasstraat 41
1012 NJ Amsterdam
tel: +31 207787220

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From the creators of LA Confidential, more than 35 different medicinal varieties, DNA has a strain for everyone. prides itself on high-quality, award winning, Cannabis Seeds and customer service. both online and offline.

Their friendly team is always ready to answer any questions you may have and our extensive DNA Genetics Information section has everything you need to know about Cannabis Seeds. DNA Genetics started out growing in the late 80’s in California. They would collect seeds from friends, family and, of couse, those rare bag seeds from the best medicine they could get at the time.

California offered lots of original and exotic herbs to choose from and to work with over the years. Despite Proposition 215 which legalised smoking and growing for medical use, in the 1990s, the US was still not so cannabis friendly, and they still did not feel very safe. 2003 brought a moved to the Mecca of Cannabis- Amsterdam, where they noticed the lack of quality weed. There was some good herb out there, but you just had to search to find it. They got right to work. D&A figured out the perfect name for their seed company. DNA Genetics was born.

Over a decade later, DNA is still rocking in the Dam with ever changing laws and restrictions, but with the same high quality seeds.

Visit the shop in the heart of Amsterdam for personalized advice, or buy online.

Meet Don from DNA Genetics, after their victory at the 2011 Cannabic Cup:

Check out our bro Andrew Pyrah reviewing Purple OG #18:

From the creators of LA Confidential, more than 35 different medicinal varieties, DNA has a strain for everyone.