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Discreet Seeds back on-line again, i’ve just placed a new order 😉

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Thank god I just noticed that after a few months off line Discreet Seeds are back, let’s hope they’re as reliable as they were before.
Is it the same owners does anyone know?

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Well Package turned up within 48hrs as it always did in the past and contained all my ordered seeds with some free seeds also –

  • 2 Original Sensible Zkittzy Gorilla Feminised Seeds
  • 2 Greenhouse Super Silver Haze Feminised Seeds
  • 2 World Of Seeds Afghan Kush Feminised Seeds

They also gave me 12 % discount by using one of their codes –

DISCREET6 (6% OFF OVER £60) – DISCREET12 (12% OFF OVER £100)

I left an order note as we like promotional goods from seedbanks if available and free ( Don’t we all ?) We got grinders, stickers and yet more promotional free seeds, what can I say.

I ordered some single varieties from them but did notice that they did not have all strains in singles? ( Let me email them and ask why .

They are including a single seed option right away .
I always found with Discreet that if you ask you seem to get, that will do me

All items including free seeds have popped and are in so i’ll keep you updated on my results .

Thank god 😀 I just noticed that after a few months off line Discreet Seeds are back, let's hope they're as reliable as they were before???? Is it the same…

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Working to resolve issue! Will update

Working too resolve issue! Will update

Hi Jimmy and thanks for your review, as we have already said to you in various emails;

When placing your order there is an option to choose ‘Super Discreet’ shipping where seeds are removed from the breeders packs, this choice is up to the customer and you choose that option!
Also as we said in various emails that we would happily resend your order free of charge within the packs if you preferred that method or refund your order total?
We send many orders in this method and have never had any issue’s before, obviously we monitor shipping methods closely to ensure successful and safe delivery.
Please do contact the breeders directly as we have done this on your behalf already, keep us copied in on their responses 🙂
Happy New Year
All @ Discreet


Best service ever au

Hi L 🙂
Many thanks for your continued custom, we really do appreciate it 🙂
Have a great New Years in AU and keep safe.
Happy 2021.

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