dinafem seeds review

Dinafem Seeds Seedbank Review

Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis seed bank, founded in 2005, that sells the best selection of feminised, autoflowering and medical seeds online. Although we initially specialised in feminised marijuana, we were pushed forward by our desire for self-improvement and ended up adding autoflowering and medical seeds to our catalogue.

Our seeds have received many distinctions and are known all around the world, which is not a random event but the result of years and years of hard work. Dinafem has a team of enthusiasts and experts in the field who have made it possible for us to be ranked in the top 10 of the world’s best seed banks.

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Dinafem Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder, additionally you can find prices and offers for 86 strains at our pages!

User Reviews

guest Spain, September 2020

I just ordered seeds from Dinafem a week ago,never received a confirmation email so I called their customer service number.The guy said their warehouse had been seized by police,everything shut down,but that they would reimburse me.Checked my bank,no reimbursement.Phoned again,guy says he has sent me many emails-I see nothing even in spam,not one email.Check banc again-no refund.What do I do next?

guest Canada, September 2019

My first order from Dinafem. I will have to wait until the spring to see about the quality as it is almost the end of the outdoor season in Canada. I will update my review then. Shipping was pretty quick, said 15-30 day and arrived in 8 days. I ordered 9 seeds and they threw in 2 freebies (cool shit).

guest No info, May 2019

Problem bei Keimung Sour Diesel Auto,

guest Canada, January 2019

Great delivery speed and pretty good packaging!

Shadock France, June 2018

Graines de très mauvaises qualités. 15 graines achetés pas une a germée.

Jai eu droit a un remplacement mais encore une fois, pas une graine na germée.

Je précise, je ne suis pas débutant.

Daprès les distributeurs, les graines peuvent être cultivées au cours des deux ou trois années suivantes.

Problème est que nous avons aucune information, concernant la date ou la graine a vu le jour.

Il faudrait quil y est de noté sur les emballages le début de conservation et la fin de durée de conservation pour utiliser les graines de cannabis.

Actuellement, comme il ny a rien dindiquer, tout laisse penser que certains distributeur vendent des graines périmée.

Le cannabis nétant pas légaliser en France, difficile de porter plainte contre ce distributeur espagnol Dinafem.

Si vous ne voulez pas perdre de largent et du temps, je vous conseil fortement de ne rien acheter chez eux.

guest Canada, June 2018

The seeds came relatively quickly, with nice packaging, a poster, and a free seed to try another strain. Just made a second order with them as they are professional and legi.

Manali777 Belgium, February 2018

Graines de super qualité, jai fait ma plus belle culture avec leur White siberian, une tuerie. Je recommande fortement

guest Canada, January 2018

Great selection of Autos with a proven track record on genetics. While outer delivery envelope was stealth, the order inside was not. It was nice that they threw in lots of stickers, a poster and a few other things. Great “freebees” if you order direct. Delivery was by regular mail and took about three weeks, however order was shipped next day from Dinafem and they have no control over the mail system.

guest Brazil, August 2017

I wrote a review on July, that said that I did not get the seeds, I got the seeds today. The packaging is really good and the seeds are very well protected. Probably the Brazilian mail was responsible for the delay. Serious company,awesome genetics, I wish they could delivery by private companies such as tnt and UPS.

guest Germany, August 2017

Sehr schlechte Keimrate, Vorallem Bei HUMBOLD 3er Packs und Sensi Seeds.aber auch bei den Sorten von Dinafem sind mehr als die Hälfte nicht KEIMFÄHIG.

trozdem,Dinafem sendet meistens ersatz und ist sehr KundenFreundlich

und die, wo überleben bis zum schluss, werden Grade AAA++++

guest Brazil, July 2017

Never got the seeds, Dinafem is a reliable breeder, but if you are in South America, order by Samenhal, Hipersemillas the Dinafem SEEDS

guest Turkey, June 2017

The order was attached to the customs officer, indicating that the order will be sent back if the order is returned, but the order has not gone back yet

guest Germany, January 2017

3 Tage lieferdauer

guest Germany, September 2016

Habe des öfteren dort bestellt,Top Breeder!

guest Norway, August 2016

Sent the seeds via regular post after being pre-warned beforehand not to do it. They say they offer UPS shipping which is a lie. Customer service denies any wrong doing.

guest United States, August 2016

The purple afghan kush feminized seed turned out to be a male ,6 months of wasted time , I wrote to them and told them ,your feminized purple afghan kush was not a hermi but a plain male ,and they said they dont warranty that problem ,if it went hermi they would replace it ,BUT a male NO . I will never order any of their products , we spend good money on seed banks ,and when you get ripped off it pisses me off,

guest France, April 2016

Bon breeder sérieux, je recommande !

guest France, March 2016

Retour sur mes 5 purple afghan kush, 3 graines nont pas prises, remplacé après contact du sav donc personnes très honnêtes, je suppose que je nai pas eu de chance pour une première commande mais ceci me pousse à continuer chez eux car ils ont un catalogue très interessant.

Back on my 5 purple Afghan kush 3 seeds have not taken , replaced after contact with Dinafem very honest, I guess I have not had chance for a first order but i will be back because they have a very interesting catalog.

guest Romania, March 2016

My first order and frankly my first grow also. so lets see how it all goes.

guest France, March 2016

aucun problème, reçu très rapidement, reste à voir la germination purple afghan kush: une graine très jolie mais les autres blanches, ça veut rien dire donc à suivre.
une graine blue cheese auto offerte
Mais ils ont lair très sérieux que ce soit dans la livraison ou le packaging

no problem, received very quickly, remains to be seen sprouting 5 purple Afghan kush: one beautiful seed but the other white, it means nothing, so to follow .
one seed blue cheese auto gift
But they have very serious either in the delivery or packaging

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Dinafem Seeds Seedbank Review Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis seed bank, founded in 2005, that sells the best selection of feminised, autoflowering and medical seeds online. Although we initially


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Write a review

Reviews 128

very good company

Critical Cheese auto

Perfect strain. Easy to grow, high yeld and short grow time are making these plants the first choice of autos for me.

Dinafem are the business goods arrived…

Dinafem are the business goods arrived promptly and they work really well would recamend them to everybody

It went pretty much perfecty

It went pretty much perfecty; you choose, you order, you pay and it arrives.

And the quality of the product each time was excellent, without a doubt they know what they’re doing. ?

Several times wrong order sent

Several times wrong order sent, despite email asking.
Order always has been sent again but waiting time was long.
The received seeds were overall low quality, won’t come back.

Excellent seller

10 morning glory defectuosas

he comprado un paquete de 10 de morning glory y no me ha salido ni una,sembradas al mismo tiempo que 10 cream caramel y 4 critical 2.0,todas han salido menos las good morning

Acquisto semi da voi ormai da due anni…

Acquisto semi da voi ormai da due anni . Sempre soddisfatto. I semi sono sempre germogliati al 90 % dando ottime piante. Purtroppo l’ultimo ordine mi ha lasciato davvero deluso. Non uno dei semi acquistati (compreso quello omaggio) è germinato. Dato che uso sempre lo stesso terriccio , non può essere che un problema dei semi. Probabilmente vecchi, perchè li ho ripescati e nessuno aveva germinato.

I have been buying seeds from you for two years now. Always satisfied. The seeds are always 90% sprouted giving excellent plants. Unfortunately the last order left me really disappointed. Not one of the purchased seeds (including the free one) has germinated. Since I always use the same soil, it can only be a seed problem. Probably old, because I fished them out and no one had germinated

Not the best experience this time

I ordered a pack of 3x Moby D. CBD and 2 individial LaMota seeds from your website.

The shipping was great. Packaged well, and delivered quickly.

I’m not a novice grower, so I’m certain my methods weren’t an issue.
Of the 3 Moby D. CBD, 2 of them are great. They sprouted same day, and they are growing healthy and as quickly as I would expect for seedlings. The third one took nearly 7 days before sprouting, and now it is on day 4 still without its leaves even showing. It doesn’t seem this seedling is going to do much.

For the LaMota seeds, the Chocolate Zkittlez just never germinated and the Do Si Dos Cake is quite a runt. It sprouted within about 4 days, but it’s leaves are super weird, and it isn’t looking like it will ever get past this stage. Its clearly the genetics on this one.

I do plan to give Dinafem genetics another go, as you guys have a great reputation, and some really nice strains. I’m not sure if I’ll get anymore if the Lamota seeds though. I was already skeptical of them because the price was so low, and unfortunately the results of them were about what one could expect from buying cheap seeds.

I’m 100% giving the benefit of the doubt on these that my luck just wasn’t great on these, as it was a small order, and sometimes that’s just how it goes. I’ll make one more order sometime of just the Dinafem genetics, and if all goes well, I’ll leave a glowing review. This order was just a bit of a disappointment to get 2 healthy seedlings out of 5 seeds. (I haven’t planted my freebie yet, so fingers crossed for her)

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