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The Ringmaster Quest – Shatter X Harmonic Crystal!

Shatter X Harmonic Crystals

By far, the hardest, most annoying and most nerve-wrecking task. You have to shatter Harmonic Crystals. That means getting 5 Crystals, putting them one on top of another so they will yield and item, placing blocks around them to arrange the chis, then breaking the crystal. While this may not be that difficult, it’s the price of the crystals that makes this quest really hard. You can find the recipes in this thread.

Demonic Arm – Black Black Black Red Red
The Gungnir – White White White Red Black
Crystal Glaive – Black Black White Green Green
Spike Anime Hair – Blue Blue Red Red White
Black Crystal Dragon – Black Black Black Black Black

Golden Crystal Skirt – Green Green Green Red Red
Purple Crystal Skirt – Red Red Red Blue Blue
Aqua Crystal Skirt – Green Green Green Blue Blue

Shifty Block – Red Red Blue Green White
Stained Glass – Green Green Red Blue Blue
Yellow Diamond Block – Red Red Green Green White
Crystal Tree – Green Green Blue Blue
Crystal Clock – Green Green Blue White White
Crystal Gate – Red Red Red Blue White
Crystal Spike – Red Red Blue Blue Blue
Sapphire Block – Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

First, splice the crystal, then use your wrench on the crystals. Every item has element (chi). You can see the items element by clicking info ,then look beside the item’s name. It has element beside the item’s name by icon. If you see the crystal need Earth Chi – Fire Chi – Water Chi – Air Chi, then put the element around the crystal, If it says more, you must put more. If it says less, you must break the item. After that, use your wrench on the crystal, if it didn’t says need anything again, just punch once. BOOM! The item that you make done!

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