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Critical Kush | Marijuana Strain Review

Lovingly brought to us by the legends that are Barney’s Farm, Critical Kush is the multi-award winning indica that has well and truly made a name for itself among cannabis enthusiasts.

If you haven’t heard of Critical Kush before, first of all – where have you been hiding!? Secondly, you’re in luck as today we are going to be exploring everything you need to know about this dank little bud!

Stick around to find out why you need to add Critical Kush to your collection…

What Is Critical Kush Strain?

The brainchild of Barney’s Farm, Critical Kush is a pungent cross between Critical Mass and the one and only OG Kush . Together the pair has created a next-level indica that isn’t only medicinally beneficial, but also packs a hell of a high!

This bud contains high levels of THC between 16 and 29%, and with moderate CBD levels to go along with it at around 2%, this isn’t a flower to be overlooked. Popular for its vigorous and powerful high, Critical Kush isn’t all about that couch-lock high, and in fact, offers a much more euphoric experience when taken in the right quantities.

If you’re ever unsure about how great the strains we talk about really are, don’t just take our word for it. Critical Kush has won multiple awards, from ranking in the top ten best Kush strains to earning first place at the 2015 Spannabis Champions Cup!

Critical Kush Flavor, Appearance, Aroma

The Critical Kush strain is a pretty dank flower in every sense of the word, and it boasts a pungent aroma to go along with its heavy effects. If you love a stinky bud, then you will love Critical Kush as it gives off a wonderfully rich smell of fuel combined with earthy notes and a herbal undercurrent.

The flavor isn’t quite as pungent as the smell, so lovers of a citrusy and fresh bud will like this as you get a cocktail of pine and tangy citrus with a distinctive spicy note.

To look at, this is a pretty nifty little plant, with its growth falling at around medium height. It is a wonderful indoor plant and presents in a bright mint green shade with deep orange pistils and delicious crystal-coated buds that are tightly packed together. The medium-sized nugs of resin-filled deliciousness are a winner with anyone who truly appreciates a great bud.

A word of caution, Critical Kush is one you will be able to smell a mile away as the distinctive notes are pretty hard to miss. So, if you’re looking for a more subtle, discreet bud, this may not be the one for you!

Critical Kush Grow Info

One thing we love about Critical Kush is how easy it is to cultivate, making it ideal for newbies who are beginners in the field. This plant is relatively resilient and can be successfully grown both indoors and out; however, most opt to grow it inside due to its mid-range height.

For outdoor growing , one should opt for humid conditions with temperatures around 72-80 degrees and a harvest time around late September.

If you are opting to grow your Critical Kush indoors, you can expect a flowering time of between 7-8 weeks, making this a pretty quick turnaround and great for those who aren’t looking for a big project.

The yield on this bad boy is immense, so much so that it was ranked in the top ten highest yield plants , offering an impressive around 500-550 grams per square meter!

Everything you need to know about the Critical Kush marijuana strain including medicinal benefits, growing information, and much more.

Critical Kush

ok guys so the Barneys Farm Critical Kush is a wonderful indica smoke, i like to smoke this a little before im ready to go to sleep as i have insomnia issues and this strain fits the bill for that!

Хорошо ребята, так что Барни ферма critical kush вырос безупречно даже при высокой влажности my подвала с 0 бутон плесени или гни. я думаю, что я мог бы сделать лучше, если бы у меня было больше места и света, чтобы распространить ее и получить больше света для почек, но им все еще очень доволен моим 1-ым когда-либо фотопероид grow. Я сделал 2 клона от нее, и теперь цветущий их. они были около 14 «, прежде чем переключить их на 12/12, так что давайте посмотрим, как вы делаете с более коротким veg.

Я действительно не вижу никаких преимуществ штаммов Photoperoid над autos, поэтому я не понимаю, почему люди ненавидят их так сильно.

как я сказал им в целом доволен фермой Барни и critical kush, я определенно могу порекомендовать это вам, ребята! 0

Хорошая работа маникюра! Похоже, некоторые хорошие вещи.

спасибо yo @Tazard1, это было очень легко обрезать и очень приятно курить также!

Я попробую этот штамм! Для сна мне нравится LA Confidential, NorCal и King Louis XIII. LA Confidential также хорошо от боли, если вы используете только немного.

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