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See It in Action

The Magic Creeper will make your life simpler. With zero ground clearance, this low profile creeper will not damage the expensive floor finishes on your shop floor, and works just as well on rough or uneven surfaces. Our patented multi-layer construction is high-strength, waterproof, and puncture resistant. This wheel-less automotive creeper weighs in at only 3 pounds. It’s easy to store and maintenance free. You’ll love how easy and convenient it is to use. Take it with you wherever you go!

How to Use the Magic Creeper

Pull the elastic straps over the ends to open the Magic Creeper.

Roll out this car creeper facing in the direction you wish to move. Keep the edges aligned and smooth out any large wrinkles.

Sit down near the end and lay back. Your head should be two to three feet from the end. Use feet and/or hands to easily glide forward or backward.

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The most versatile low profile auto creeper for your garage, RV, truck, and shop. Simple to use, easy to store, works on any surface and maintenance-free!

Auto Creeper

(Creeper x Williams Wonder) x Creeper

Сведения о товаре

This is not a Dutch Passion variety but a variety from the Super Sativa Seed Club. More info here.

8 autoflowering seeds
Very high
Lemon, earthy, sour apple
Uplifting genuine sativa

In the 80’s the SSSC worked with an indica strain called Williams Wonder. It was an interesting and occasionally freaky strain for research. Sometimes it showed autoflowering characteristics. This was unusual, auto genetics were far from understood in those days.

Autoflower seed varieties need careful research, there are still plenty of underperforming low potency dwarfs from the lesser seed companies. However there have been some truly exceptional autoflower genetics created recently as well. These sometimes came via selectively inbreeding autoflowers with the best genetics over many generations. When done well, this preserves the autoflower gene as well as the THC-rich characteristics and taste/aroma from the photoperiod parent genetics.

After studying autoflower breeding we worked on Auto Creeper. In our opinion this brings a whole new approach to autos. When the SSSC was re-established we knew that a good autoflower variety was required for the modern seed collection. But it had to be of superior quality to the typical ‘mid-quality’ auto strains which dominate much of todays market.

Auto Creeper was made from scratch using THC rich genetics from our photoperiod Creeper sativa. We still had the autoflowering version of the original Williams Wonder in our seed archive. This was used to give the autoflowering characteristics to the genetics.

More than 3 years of effort and lots of back crossing to the original Creeper was required until the team were satisfied with the quality. Auto Creeper is usually around a metre high with extensive side branching. She takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, occasionally a couple of weeks longer for the heaviest yielding phenotypes. The buds look like real sativa flowers, long and stretchy. You may notice some broad indica-shaped leaves from the Williams Wonder indica heritage. But the smell and powerful effects are genuine sativa. You can expect generous yields, especially under intense light conditions.

(Creeper x Williams Wonder) x Creeper ]]>