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Cookies Kush

breed by Barneys Farm

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Basic / Breeders Info

Cookies Kush is an indica variety from Barneys Farm and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±55 days ) and in the greenhouse (as like as outdoors in the right climate zones) . Barneys Farms Cookies Kush is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Barneys Farms Cookies Kush Description

Developed by the Barney’s Farm Seeds team for the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup!!

An unusual blend of fine genetics. Cookies Kush is a blending of the famous Girl Scout Cookies with the one and only Rolex Kush.

This is a powerful and extremely vigourous indica plant, yielding huge amounts of beautiful stoney kush buds! Flowers in just 8 weeks indoors.

Genetics: Indica 100%
Flowering: 50 – 60 days
Yield: + 600 gm per m2
Medical: High THC / High CBD
High: Heavy stoned
Height: 50 – 100 cm
Climate: Temperate and Hot

Where to buy Cookies Kush cannabis seeds?

Cookies Kush from Barneys Farm is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 20 seedbanks, we found 65 offers between EUR 6.96 for 1 feminized seed and EUR 710.41 for 100 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Cookies Kush Cannabis Seeds from Barneys Farm somewhere – have a look to our Cookies Kush Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Cookies Kush offers: Hanfoase & Stecklingsexpress, Herbies Head Shop, Canna-Seed Seed Shop,, Cheeba Beans, Alchimia Grow Shop, Original Seeds Store, Zamnesia, Seedsman, Oaseeds, Mary’s Seeds, Indras Planet GmbH, Barneys Farm Seeds, Cannapot Hanfshop, PEV Seeds Bank,,, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Amsterdam Seed Center and Bushdoctor Online-Shop.

Cookies Kush Awards

Barneys Farms Cookies Kush is a cupwinning variety and won the 1st Place at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2014 in the category Cannabis Cup / Best Cannabis, submitted by Barney´s!

Cookies Kush Reviews

We’ve collected strain info from 13 growers for Cookies Kush, check out the reviews about the indoor and outdoor grow here.

General Impression

Known Phenotypes:

  1. stretched, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #2
  2. short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype
  3. short, compact, fastly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype #1
  4. short, compact, slowly blossoming, indica-dominant Phenotype
  5. long, stretched, slowly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype #3
  6. Very homogenous variety.

More Info:

How is Cookies Kush growing outdoors?

How is Cookies Kush growing indoors?

Cookies Kush Degustation

The seedfinder users tested Cookies Kush and uploaded information about the aroma, taste and effects of Barneys Farms Cookies Kush. Here a short overview, click to the charts or links to get an exact description and find similar cannabis varieties!

Aroma / Smell

25% Cookie Dough

The aroma / smell of Cookies Kush can be described best as Sweet (Cookie Dough; a little bit Chocolate, Sugar and Floral and also with a touch of Honey), fairly Spicy (a bit of Hashish and also a little bit Hot) and additionally as a little bit Microbiological (a little bit Wood and also with a touch of Earth). . read more

Taste / Flavour

36% Cookie Dough

The taste / flavour of Cookies Kush was characterized as Sweet (Cookie Dough and also a little bit Floral, Sugar and Honey), fairly Spicy (a bit of Hashish and also a little bit Hot) and additionally as a little bit Microbiological (a little bit Wood). . read more

Effect / Effectiveness

Cookies Kush have basically a prominent effect to the Body (Calming; fairly Couchlocking and also a little bit Sleepy) but is also affecting (a little bit less) to the Head (partially Relaxing and also a little bit Meditativ and Uplifting). . read more

Cookies Kush Gallery

Here you see the latest Cookies Kush photos, uploaded from our users! Altogether we’ve collected 32 pictures from Barneys Farms Cookies Kush, check out our Cookies Kush gallery to view them all.

Cookies Kush Lineage / Genealogy

  • Cookies Kush »»» Girl Scout Cookies x Rollex OG Kush
  • Girl Scout Cookies
    • »»» F1 Durban x OG Kush South Florida
    • F1 Durban S1
      • Cherry Pie Kush
        • »»» Durban Poison x Chemdawg Mendocino
        • Durban Poison IBL
          • Africa Durban »»» Sativa
        • Chemdawg Mendocino (specified above)
    • OG Kush South Florida Probably
      • »»» Chemdawg x Probably
      • Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan
        • Lemon Thai »»» Sativa
        • Hindu Kush, Pakistan »»» Indica
      • Chemdawg
        • Unknown Indica »»» Indica
  • Rollex OG Kush
    • »»» White Fire regular remake x Kuchi
    • White Fire regular remake
      • »»» Fire Kush x The White
      • Fire Kush
        • OG Kush Fire cut (specified above)
      • The White
        • Unknown Hybrid »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
    • Kuchi
      • »»» Cheese x SFV OG Kush
      • Cheese Exodus Cheese Cut
        • Skunk #1
          • Skunk #1
            • Skunk #1
              • »»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
              • Afghanistan »»» Indica
              • Mexico »»» Sativa
              • Colombia »»» Sativa
      • SFV OG Kush
        • »»» SFV OG x Afghani #1
        • SFV OG
          • OG Kush SFV Cut (specified above)
        • Afghani #1
          • »»» Afghanistan x Afghanistan
          • Afghanistan »»» Indica
          • Afghanistan »»» Indica

Map of the Cookies Kush Family Tree

Cookies Kush Hybrids & Crossbreeds

Map of the Cookies Kush Descendants

If you are with a big screen and not browsing with your mobile, check out our dynamic family tree map with all known hybrids of Cookies Kush! (but this maybe will need some time to load all the data!)

Cookies Kush User Comments

Altogether we’ve collected 10 user comments about Barneys Farms Cookies Kush. Here you find the 4 english user comments, for the ones in the other langues please click here: spanish (1) or french (1) or german (4).

soilbrother1 – 23.03.2016

Cookies and Kush ruined my entire crop. It was purchased as a feminized Barney’s seed, however it grew tall as hell and formed pollen sacks while still in veg in under 3 weeks. Never again. When I contacted a reputable seed bank, they said they have had problems with this strain from Barneys and they would send a replacement.I thought by that they meant a different strain, breeeder. Nope they sent me Barney’s cookies and kush. I will not run it again.

alexmaster – 15.01.2016

The germination rate for the seed pack was 4/5. I selected three seedlings and harvested them after 56 days flowering. Two phenos presented. An indica dominant that grew fairly short with many large resin heads, a vomit/cheese scent/flavor, and lots of purple/pink hues. The second was exactly as described on Barney’s website with a cinnamon/spice flavor. It even matched the picture perfectly. However, neither lived to the claimed yield. I managed to average 170 g/m^2 which is significantly below my garden’s regular average of around 750 g/m^2. I did not get this strain tested for potency because I will not be growing it again.

zedaboia – 22.07.2015

10 seeds of cookies kush to toilet. 7 males 2 died 1 survive but very hill.
Waste of time and money
ONE ADVICE – never buy new strains expecialy from barneys

kagbeni – 07.07.2015

A good strain overall, with good yield and a nice high

Cookies Kush breed by Barneys Farm Here you can find all info about Cookies Kush from Barneys Farm . If you are searching for information about Cookies Kush from Barneys Farm, check out our

Cookies kush

Очень напряжён. Пахнет как классический запах GSC. Доходность была хорошей. Этот материал является идеальным mix обоих миров высокой головы и кушетки высокой. Дает манчи и хихихикает. Очень гладкое курение. Компактная структура бутона. Лечение уже около двух недель, и это все, что я мог попросить в my первом grow.

Только отрицательный – это дорого для того, сколько вы получаете, но стоит результатов. будет использовать снова forsure. Смешивание может быть некоторой работой, но вы должны сделать это, если хотите хорошие вещи.

Я просто сушал их в my палатке перевернул мошонку вверх ногами и сушал в течение 1 недели на 55% rh и 20 градусов, а затем обрезал красиво и отрывал банки, пока у него не было RH 62%

Общий первый рост –

Прежде всего, я хотел бы упомянуть некоторые проблемы с grow, но я боролся очень хорошо. Если мощность выходит получить фонарики, чтобы держать световой цикл идет. Получить полив распыления насоса легче воды картина неделю 7. Положите ваши горшки на высоте 4 до 5 3/4 дюйма деревянные части, чтобы вы могли регулировать высоту горшка в вашей палатке, чтобы получить лучший навес в целом, если обучение не идет, как планировалось. Получить большой осушитель. Держите Ph согласованным. И будьте простыми. Хорошие огни

, хорошая грязь, хороший штамм, хорошие питательные вещества и вода в соответствии с правильными ppm и pH и держать влажность на низком уровне для плесени, и у вас будет много хорошего. Надеюсь, этот дневник поможет некоторым из вас.

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