chem glue strain

Basic info about Chem Glue

House of Funk Genetics Flowering: ±67 days mostly indica

Chem Glue is a highly potent F1 hybrid, developed both for its medicinal qualities and its truly unique terpene profile. It is quickly ascending in popularity amongst the HOF growing crew, and is sure to be a standout in any garden. This plant has a penetrating aroma in flower, and if security is a concern. we highly recommend the use odor control techniques. Though it is a very unique plant, its ease of growth and happy acceptance of all types of growing mediums make its only challenge. deciding which phenotype selections to mother.

Genetics: Chem 4 clone x Snow Lotus (bodhiseeds)
Outdoor Harvest: Early October (Central Coast California)
Characteristics: Trichome laden, unique strong smells, very potent, surpasses parental stock in quality, mostly short and squat, multi-branched/bushy, fast finishing chem hybrid
THC: Phenos tested so far between 18-22% tested By HOF
Product Weight: Lbs 2lbs per meter square
Area: Indoor Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse (grows well in all)
Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Flowering Indoor: 9-10 weeks
Plant Structure: Branchy, average heights, moderate stretch, fast vegetative period
Flowers: Very high resin content, extremely potent, average to high yield

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