cheese factory amsterdam

Cheese factory amsterdam

Best Organic Cheese

Hooidammer Supreme Organic Cow cheese 8kg

Best Dutch Cheese

Goat Cheese Spicy 8KG

Polderkaas sheep cheese extra old

Best sheep cheese

Best Dutch Cheese

Best Organic Cheese Specialty

Biological Gouda old

Regular Goat cheese with additives

Polder cheese gold goat cheese extra old

Semi-hard Regular Goat Cheese

Polder cheese gold goat cheese extra old

Regular Goat cheese

Polder Cheese Gold Goat Cheese Extra Old

Regular Goat cheese with additives

Polder cheese Blanc Goat cheese Fenugreek

Regular Goat cheese with additives

Polder cheese Blanc Goat cheese Fenugreek

Best Organic Cheese

Organic Cow cheese Green Pesto

Experience Henri Willig

Henri Willig’s cheeses are world-famous. Every year millions of people visit our shops and cheese farms. And the cheese tastings are also very popular. Henri Willig wants his guests to leave our locations “richer” than they came in. That is why we have developed a number of experiences & cheese tastings where we share our passion for cheese making and immerse people in the world of Henri Willig Cheese.

Henri Willig’s Cheese Stores

Henri Willig’s cheese stores in Amsterdam, Delft and Edam offer an exclusive range of Henri Willig cheese products. These farm stores also sell aged cheeses from our own cheese making plants, delicacies and wine as well as gifts and kitchen utensils, such as cheese graters, cheese boards and fondue sets.

Specialty Cheese Shop Edam
Amsterdams Kaashuis
The Kaaskelder Amsterdam
Kaaswaag Edam
Henri Willig Warmoesstraat Amsterdam
Henri Willig Delft
Henri Willig Singel Amsterdam

Cheese & More by Henri Willig
Are you looking for a luxury cheese gift or a traditional Dutch product? Then be sure to visit Cheese & More by Henri Willig in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Delft.


  • Amsterdams Kaashuis
  • De Kaaskelder
  • Henri Willig Warmoesstraat
  • Henri Willig, Singel
  • Henri Willig Reguliersbreestraat
  • Cheese & More Singel
  • Cheese & More Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
  • Cheese & More Kalverstraat
  • Cheese & More Leidsestraat
  • Cheese & More Nieuwendijk 109
  • Cheese & More Nieuwendijk 226
  • Cheese & More Stationsplein
  • Cheese specialty store Henri Willig


The Hague

  • Specialty Cheese Shop Edam
  • Kaaswaag Edam








  • Vienna
  • Salzburg


  • Cologne
  • Munich

Our webshop

In the extensive webshop you can make a selection from the many Henri Willig cheese specialties as well as fine foods and gifts. We ship our products to about 70 countries worldwide.

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Covid-19 update: Most of our Henri Willig stores and cheese specialty shops in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria are open. We are happy to welcome you, of course with one and a half meters distance, see “more information” . Go to visit us in our website navigation for our shop locations and opening hours. You can continue to order our products through the webshop.

Henri Willig update

Only our branch in Magna Plaza, Amsterdam and The Styles, Halfweg are closed. The rest of our shops is open.

Of course we follow the local guidelines closely.

The health of our employees and our customers is our priority. That is why a number of our stores are closed until further notice. We follow the advice of the RIVM as well as possible. We give our employees the opportunity to work from home, take account of social distancing and have taken extra safety and hygiene measures to protect our employees and customers.

And of course you can continue shopping in our webshop. We ship to over 70 countries worldwide.

For our business partners:

  • Our production facilities are fully operational. You can contact us via the usual channels.

Making a copy by means of photocopy, printscreen, or any other duplication of our website or parts thereof is prohibited without the prior written permission of Kaasmakerij Henri Willig

Cheese makers with Passion! Visit one of our cheese farms, Cheese Shops or order all kinds of cheeses and accessories in our webshop.