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Caviar Gold Review


Potent Infused Buds

Caviar Gold is a new type of concentrated cannabis product made from combining cannabis flowers of various strains with 95% pure THC hash oil. Once the flowers take a nice dip in the hash oil, they are then rolled in kief for an extra-healthy dose of trichomes and THC.

Not just any flower makes it into Caviar Gold though. While flower strains vary, only the highest quality flower gets the royal caviar gold treatment. Most caviar gold flowers contain between 25-30% THC. Paired with a hash oil containing a full-spectrum of cannabinoids including around 95% THC, these flowers are some of the most potent you can find. The kief bath sends potency soaring to around 50-55% THC.

With potency this high, one puff of a bowl of caviar gold can give you all-day relief from your most severe pain and provide an uplifting, depression-busting mental state. It’s a force to be reckoned with, putting the most experienced of smokers and cannabis aficionados in their place. As a product with high concentrations of THC, caviar gold is a great choice for managing symptoms like pain, inflammation, lack of appetite, nausea, muscle spasms and reducing the growth and spread of certain cancer cells.

Caviar Gold is very easy on the eyes. The flowers take on a crystalline, alien-like appearance with the addition of sticky dark hash oil and kief. While the dark green flowers and orange pistils are barely visible, the molasses-like hash oil contrasts beautifully with both the flower and the silvery-white trichome heads that make up the blanket of kief. Together, caviar gold looks a lot like powdery, light green nuggets.

The aroma of caviar gold is similar to most cannabis with a bright herbal scent that is sure to stink up a jar and a room. When broken, caviar gold flowers release more floral notes reminiscent of whatever strain was used to make them. When burned, caviar gold takes on a very pungent earthy aroma. It tends to burn forever too, so be sure to put the smoldering cherry out when you cash the bowl into an ashtray.

The flavor of caviar gold flowers is just as powerful and mouth-watering as the scent. On the inhale you’ll get smacked with the immediate sensation of a high dose of THC. The first flavor takes on a very pungent and earthy taste though an exhale will leave you with more natural flavors like wood and char. The aftertaste is one of weed to the extreme. It’s delicate and floral, but it also coats your mouth with those skunky herbaceous flavors you think of when you think about smoking kief.

Caviar Gold Preroll

Caviar Gold is more than just a potent, beautiful flower though. The high percentage of THC is intensified by the full-spectrum of other present cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving you with a product that’ll have you feeling better than any other flower or THC concentrate alone. If you see it at your favorite dispensary, definitely give it a chance since it’ll probably be your next favorite product!

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Eleanor Russell Based in San Francisco, Eleanor specializes in reviewing strains of cannabis flower and concentrates, and the dispensaries that sell them.

Caviar Gold is made using a unique extraction method in which buds are dipped in liquid THC and coated in potent kief. Learn more in this strain review.

A Review of Caviar Gold

August 4, 2020 by Kevin Klein

A Review of Caviar Gold

This review of Caviar Gold breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the range of connoisseur crafted THC infused products offered by Caviar Gold. If you love your THC, you haven’t tasted anything yet before you taste Caviar Gold- a Dom Perignon of sorts. Beware, you will be paying up to five times more to get a taste of this goodness (about $50 per gram). But there is good reason why this is one of the most expensive marijuana products on the market. You will learn in the next few minutes.

Caviar Gold is a cannabis brand that utilizes a proprietary formula to create THC infused products that deliver maximum therapeutic and recreational benefits. Currently they offer 9 different products that are hand crafted to produce superior effects. Their products stand out from what is available in the cannabis market. This is not just because they contain high amounts of THC but they offer a unique edge that’s not been seen in the market before. Below is a rundown of the products that are offered by Caviar Gold. But before getting there, let’s take a peek at what makes these THC infusions stand out. Meanwhile, remember that Caviar Gold is a lifestyle!

Caviar Gold Proprietary Process

  1. Caviar Gold starts off with high quality organically grown flowers that are rich in THC. An example is OG Kush which contains the upwards of 20% THC.
  2. The buds are then infused with high potency liquid THC (hash oil) which contains 95% THC. The liquid THC gets to the core of the buds and creates dark Caviar Gold nuggets.
  3. The nuggets are then coated in THC loaded kief to create triple potent smokable nugs that break easily. The kief is loaded with terpenes that confer different aromas depending on the strains used. These nuggets produce the most powerful form of cerebral high.

Caviar Gold Products

Caviar Gold Flagship

This proprietary blend of high THC flower, hash oil, and kief is the flagship product of Caviar Gold. The nugs are soaked in 95% THC hash oil and later coated in kief to create smokable nuggets. The following cannabis strains are available as Caviar Gold nuggets:

  • ​Original Gangsta
  • King Cavi OG
  • Strong Berry
  • Bubble Gold
  • Vanilla Bliss
  • Grape Jelly
  • Apple Drip
  • Rad Berry
  • Lost Larry
  • Misty OG

Caviar Gold is choosy about the strains that they use to create their infused products. Most of the flowers will contain over 25% THC. This is mixed with hash oil with 95% THC. The nugs are later bathed in kief containing 50%- 55% THC.

Cavi Cone

These are the equivalent of Caviar Gold pre-rolls. The cones are made from premium infused kush and 92% liquid THC. The flower is then rolled in kief before it is prepared into the world’s most potent prerolls.

Caviar Gold Snoogans

Snoogans is the indica version of Caviar Gold’s moonrocks. Snoogans contains about 55% THC and up to 30% CBD giving them a wide appeal. Users have described the smell as “bizzare.” Snoogans will not blast you into space, rather it will cause a deep sense of relaxation that leaves you glued to the couch. They are also referred to as lunar modules.

Caviar Gold Snoochie Boochies

This is the sativa version of the moonrocks offered by Caviar Gold. Unlike the Snoogans, expect the snoochie to blast you to the moon with the first puff.

Caviar Gold Berzerker

The Berzerker is a balanced hybrid featuring equal proportions of indica and sativa. It is intended for maximum therapeutic advantage without the associated feelings of being overwhelmed.

Caviar Gold Aroma and Taste

The aroma of caviar gold will vary based on the strain of cannabis that has been used to create the THC loaded nuggets. Fresh nuggets are likely to have a deeply herbal scent that fills up the room when exposed to fresh air. When burnt, the smoke is mild and gentle; not the kind to induce chronic coughing. On the exhale you are likely to taste mild floral notes while a woody taste will linger in your mouth long after the exhale. The nuggets burn for a long time so it is advisable to extinguish the smoldering one you have had enough of the flower.

Benefits of Caviar Gold

Caviar Gold offers high amounts if THC, more than you would expect to find in most cannabis products. Tis makes Caviar Gold ideal for those looking to get a kick out of high THC, as well as those looking to give therapeutic relief.

Caviar Gold is currently available in California, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Caviar Gold delivers instant relief from severe pain and inflammation. It is also ideal for those looking to cure glaucoma, poor appetite, muscle spasms, nausea, and insomnia.

Caviar Gold is a much sought-after strain for ultimate recreation. It delivers the most potent cerebral buzz that is capable of quelling fear and similar inhibitions. This makes Caviar the ultimate strain for social events especially when anxiety is likely to crop up.

Caviar Gold may also show potential in the suppression on certain cancer cells, as science is beginning to show.

Caviar Gold is a rare cannabis brand that is focused on providing the highest possible amounts of THC. They offer a narrow range of THC infused products with each product formulated to offer the maximum therapeutic benefits. On the flip side. The high amounts of THC in each product can be overwhelming; that is the ugly of this strain. That wraps up our analysis of Caviar Gold.

Cavier Gold is a brand that produces superior THC products. It focuses on makig the highest amounts of THC for its products.