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DNA Cataract Kush Smoke Report

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Strain: DNA Genetics Cataract Kush

Growth: Topped once, 10 days before flowering. Trained to get multiple soda can sized colas. This plant didn’t take up too much space; just about 28″ circumference of the whole plant at it’s widest part up top. Does not stretch much (only gained 5-6″ in height for me) after 12/12 light cycle. Internodes are very tight. Be sure to give plenty airflow, the buds are pretty damn dense especially when grown in a cooler temperature (mine was up to 94F, thus a little looser bud than normal)

Nutrients: Subcool Super Soil at bottom half of every grow pot + Advanced Nutrients: Big Bud, Bud Candy, Nirvana at week 3 and 5.

Yield: 117 grams dried for 7 days in 50-55% humidity, then cured in mason jars for 15 days.

Grow Time: Vegged under 200watt T5 for 25 days, Flowered under 400watt HPS for 62 days

Bag Appeal: 9.5/10 This stuff is gorgeous. that’s pretty much all I can say. It’s covered in trichomes head to toe and is a nice color–almost silver-light green from all the resin

Smell: 10/10 — This is some of the most pungent smelling weed I’ve ever grown. Carbon air filter was an absolute must, it just stank the whole grow tent up during the last 3 weeks of flowering. When trimming outside, my roommate who was in the house came outside saying the whole inside of the house smelled like it. and I was outside trimming, lol. After curing for two weeks in mason jars, the smell just absolutely punches you in the face when you unscrew the lid. Citrus, diesel, grapefruit and skunk all mixed and VERY VERY loud smelling. It would give a skunk bag its run for the money believe me.

Taste: 9.7/10 — I just can’t get enough of the taste of this stuff. I sometimes like to roll a joint and then sit there and dry inhale through it just to taste the unburned weed, it’s that good. Grapefruit with oranges and a hint of diesel and a peppery spice on the inhale and a cool, almost melon sweetness on exhale. The taste lingers on the tongue for quite some time.

The High: 9.8/10 — This is in my top 5 list for sure on potency. If you want some one hit quit stuff, here is where to start. The first time I smoked it after curing it for two weeks, I rolled a 1 gram joint from a top bud and became almost stupified by the end of it. I felt like I was on a mild shroom trip–TV started just blending together and becoming stupid funny. I’ve had multiple friends smoke it and tell me they felt like they had some 3D glasses on. Smoking it outside at night, lights start having multiple rings appear around them, like when you go swimming in a chlorine pool with your eyes open.

Comments: Definitely a joy to grow, this plant didn’t even drop one single leaf or show one bit of stress the whole grow. It stayed nice and lush right up until I flushed it the last week, when it changed from dark forest green to a light shade of green. Resin all the way out to the fan leaves on some of the buds, so I knew this one was gonna be great! Wish I would have taken a clone of it

Strain: DNA Genetics Cataract Kush Growth: Topped once, 10 days before flowering. Trained to get multiple soda can sized colas. This plant didn't take up…