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How To Make Delicious Cannabis Smoothies

Smoking cannabis can be pleasurable and eating baked goods with all kinds of “special ingredients” is always a considerable option when aiming for an incredible high. Try smoothies this time!

If you are tired of smoking for some reason or just want to try something new, you might be interested in a recipe to make highly potent cannabis smoothies. Regular self-made smoothies are already pretty awesome without THC and CBD in it but why be satisfied with a product that can potentially be so much better when looking at it from a stoner perspective?

It’s relatively fast and easy to make cannabis infused smoothies. This blog will give you a detailed recipe as well as some ideas of how to customize it in order to get satisfying results.


Let’s start off with obligatory ingredients you need as a basis to create the smoothie itself. You can always fallow your own recipe if you want to. The part that really matters is the process of getting THC and CBD from your buds into a carrier material that will later spice up your drink.

Here is a short list of basic ingredients to follow this particular recipe for two servings:

  • 500ml of milk (customize: almond milk, organic, lactose-free or whatever you like)
  • 150ml whipping cream (liquid)
  • 3-4 table spoons of honey (can be substituted by cane sugar for example)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla (fresh vanilla is always nice but not necessary)
  • Your favourite fruit: Bananas and Strawberries, Mangos and Kiwis, Blueberries etc.
  • Be creative when buying your fruit, pick either just one type of fruit or try to find a nice match like Banana-Strawberry for example. Organically grown are usually the best!


Exactly! Now it’s time to see if there is anything left from last harvest or to find out what the supply situation in terms of weed is at the moment. You don’t need a whole lot to achieve a decent potency. It’s more important to find a good way to get the THC and CBD from your buds into your smoothie, without having to chew on calyxes and leaves all the time. You need a carrier material. The most obvious is butter. You can follow the link to a recipe for producing very potent cannabutter below this blog. The other option is to just follow the following method with milk and cream.

  1. You take about 1-4g of dank bud and grind it all up.
  2. You mix the milk with the cream and heat this mixture to a temperature of 60-70°C. The cream is important because the stuff we desire likes to bond with fat. Milk alone only has a few percentages of it. Keeping temperatures down is an absolute must because the milk should never reach the state of boiling. It’s more a low simmering we aim for.
  3. Now happily sprinkle these wonderful herbs in your milk-cream mix and carefully heat it up to a low temperature. You need to get a feeling for the right temperature. Keep in mind that high temperatures can potentially lead to a product that is less potent due to the destruction of THC and CBD molecules. Seeing tiny bubbles at the surface, not meaning the ones from boiling is always a good sign. Let it simmer for at least 60 minutes. To be honest, it’s always best to invest a little more time when infusing carrier materials with THC. Rather do this with a relaxed attitude of a Celtic druid instead of a rushing through this important step. If you want HIGH quality, you will get HIGH quality.
  4. The colour of your mixture will change over time and you will most likely recognize the point when you think the heating process was long enough. Anything between 60 minutes and 8 hours of low simmering will ensure that THC and CBD will enter your milk. You don’t need the remaining parts of the bud anymore and therefore need to filter your milk-cream-cannabis mix to separate the liquid material from the solid. Let it cool down. The weed infusing process in now completed.


The important step of getting THC into the milk was successfully completed and now it’s time to be a little more creative again. It’s actually pretty easy: Put all of your desired ingredients into a blender, add some ice, and then get stoned! Have fun sippin’ on some of the finest drinks of the modern world: Fruit-Canna-Smoothies. Don’t drink and drive!

Read more about the latest hype in cannabis infused foods: Fruit-Canna-Smoothies. Delicious, relatively healthy, and a good way to consume some dank bud!

How to Make a Raw Cannabis Smoothie

We live in an era of convenience and fast food. Perhaps it is no surprise that the practice of eating fresh fruit and vegetables has taken a hit. According to the CDC, approximately 90% of American adults don’t meet federal recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption. Guidelines suggest we eat between 1.5 and 2 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables per day.

CDC experts warn that a failure to eat enough fruit & veg means we miss out on essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Seven of the top 10 leading causes of death in America stem from ‘chronic diseases.’ These include heart disease, obesity, some cancers, and type 2 diabetes. Those who eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can reduce their risk of succumbing to one of these illnesses.

One of the primary barriers to a healthier level of fruit and vegetable intake is a perceived lack of time. Those who work long hours feel like they don’t have the time or energy to prepare fresh food. It is much easier to buy ‘ready-made’ meals, throw them in the microwave, and curl up watching TV.

We’re here to tell you that eating healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of effort! In this guide, we provide you with raw cannabis smoothies you will love. Not only do they contain fresh fruit and veg, but they also have the power of marijuana.

Why Go Raw?

Proponents of marijuana suggest it has an array of medicinal benefits. It remains a federally illegal substance, so clinical research is limited. However, from what we know, it has enormous potential. As more studies are published, we will hopefully gain a clearer picture of what cannabis can do for us. At present, however, there isn’t enough data to make conclusive claims about what it can and can’t do.

Marijuana is a versatile plant. Once upon a time, you could only smoke marijuana flower. These days, you can consume it in a capsule or an edible, or even through a vaporizer.

But what about raw cannabis? Most users steer clear of it. ‘Raw’ marijuana is not decarboxylated. As a result, popular cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are not activated. When you heat weed (the decarbing process), you turn the THCA and CBDA in the raw plant into THC and CBD. Therefore, raw marijuana doesn’t provide the intoxicating high that so many users love.

Why Would I Want to Use Raw Cannabis if I Don’t Get High?

There is a growing body of research into THCA and CBDA, and it makes for exciting reading. The suggestion is that CBDA has anti-inflammatory properties, much like its more famous counterpart.

As for THCA, it potentially can protect us against neuroprotective diseases, reduce pain, and help people sleep better. Arguably the most fascinating possible property of THCA is its capacity to help patients with epilepsy. CBD has garnered lots of publicity for its apparent ability to reduce seizures. However, there is research that suggests THCA can do the same thing.

An Australian study by Suraev et al., published in Scientific Reports in July 2018, looked at the use of cannabis extracts for childhood epilepsy. A significant 75% of carers who used MMJ to help kids with epilepsy said the extracts were ‘effective.’ Research determined that THC and THCA were present in most of the extracts studied. Incidentally, the quantity wasn’t enough to induce an intoxicating high.

More than half of the extracts led to a seizure reduction of between 75% and 100%. Furthermore, 65% of the extracts resulted in other positive effects, such as improved language skills and better cognition.

What Are the Other Benefits of Raw Cannabis?

If you smoke marijuana, the combustion of the plant matter burns away a lot of potentially useful cannabinoids and terpenes. The terpenes you find in weed don’t just help improve the flavor and aroma. They may also have medicinal benefits such as antifungal and antibacterial properties.

If that isn’t enough, check out this list of amazing things you can find in a raw cannabis smoothie:

  • Folates: Vital for DNA repair throughout the body!
  • Iron: Much like other dark leafy greens, cannabis in its raw state is full of iron, which helps move oxygen through the blood.
  • Calcium: Great for strong bones.
  • VitaminC: Aids healthy immune function.
  • Vitamin K: Helps with blood clotting and calcium absorption.

We have the answer!…

So, Which Is Better, Raw Cannabis, or “Heated” Cannabis?

Whether you choose to go raw or you prefer the more traditional approach to consuming weed, there is no right or wrong answer. There are many things you can find in raw cannabis that you won’t find in its decarboxylated counterpart and vice versa.

If you are on the hunt for a healthy and “high-free” method of consumption, going raw has many potential upsides. Not only will you create something delicious, but you also get some of your essential nutrients and vitamins!

How to Make a Raw Cannabis Smoothie

Creating a raw cannabis smoothie is much easier than you think. Once you have the necessary ingredients, the process is straightforward and quick. Now you have no excuse not to get your daily dose of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here are a few top tips to get you started:

  • It is better if you blend the mixture rather than juicing it. The latter process loses a lot of the cannabinoids that are commonly stored in the plant’s fiber.
  • Fresh is best. When making a ‘regular smoothie,’ wouldn’t you pick the freshest ingredients if you could? Therefore, it makes sense to use the freshest cannabis leaf for your raw cannabis smoothie! If you’re using dried and decarboxylated bud, the non-psychoactive THCA has probably degraded into THC!
  • Adding a second vegetable juice will cut the bitterness of the raw cannabis for an extra-tasty smoothie!
  • In terms of ingredients, we recommend always going organic.
  • Always wash all produce before making your smoothie.

Raw Cannabis Smoothie Recipes That You Have to Try

There are plenty of recipes available for the perfect raw cannabis smoothie. However, we have three that we think you will love. There is something for health-conscious readers, and those hoping to drink something tasty. We also included an ancient recipe that is still incredibly popular today.

Simply Green

The Simply Green raw cannabis smoothie is packed full of amazing, fresh ingredients. It provides you with a nutrient-dense and delicious smoothie you will love! Here’s how to throw it together:


  • 5 Handfuls of Spinach
  • ½ Cucumber
  • 3 Kale Leaves
  • 1 Fuji Apple
  • 7 Large Cannabis Fan Leaves
  • ½ Lemon

Put these ingredients into your blender and blitz them together to create your delicious and healthy smoothie!


If you have a sweet tooth but want to watch what you’re eating, then you will love this smoothie recipe! It’s a lovely mixture that combines a host of great and natural ingredients:


  • 1 Large banana, peeled & Sliced
  • 2 ½ Cups of Almond Milk
  • 4 Tablespoons Cocoa
  • ½ Cup peanut butter
  • ¼ Cup chopped fresh cannabis

Make sure you use a low setting at the start. Then you can switch to a higher setting to deliver a smooth and delicious smoothie. Believe us; the banana adds an extra “tropical” element that sets this recipe apart from all the others!


In case you weren’t aware, bhang is an edible cannabis drink that retains enormous popularity in rural India, its place of origin. It is a drink with many variations and requires a little bit of preparation.


  • Up to ½ ounce of raw cannabis
  • 3 cups of warm milk
  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ cup sugar or honey
  • ½ tsp ground cardamom
  • ½ tsp ground anise
  • ½ tsp rosewater.
  • ¼ tsp ground ginger
  • ¼ tsp ground fennel
  • ¼ tsp garam masala.
  • Pistachios, mint leaves, rose petals, or chopped almonds to garnish

Here is how you make bhang:

  1. Heat the water until it boils, remove from heat, and add the raw cannabis. Steep the weed for around seven minutes.
  2. Strain the plant matter using a cheesecloth or muslin. Squeeze the plant material until you remove all the liquid. Collect the water and leave it aside for now.
  3. Grind the plant matter using a mortar and pestle along with two teaspoons of the milk. Slowly add more milk and keep squeezing the flowers until you have used around half a cup of the milk. Set aside this liquid.
  4. Add any garnishes you have and grind them with more milk. Keep grinding until you form a fine paste. Collect this extract and remove any remaining fibers or residue.
  5. Combine the liquids with the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything thoroughly, and leave to chill.

If you want to make bhang lassi, add a tablespoon of coconut milk and ½ a teaspoon of grenadine. An authentic lassi also includes curds, whey, or yogurt.

Final Thoughts on Raw Cannabis Smoothies

The argument for raw cannabis smoothies is undoubtedly a compelling one. We all know the health benefits of vegetables and raw fruit. We are also aware that fruit & vegetable smoothies have been on the market for years! Therefore, it makes sense that cannabis should join the party. After all, it has many potential benefits, and is a leafy green!

Few people know that raw cannabis flower offers a load of potential benefits, without the high. But what's the best way to consume it? Find out here.