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Cannabis Suppositories

The Benefits – multiple uses – overcome the awkwardness!

***Disclaimer : The opinions expressed on my blog are based on my own thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. Please keep in mind that I am not a Doctor or other health professional so please consult the appropriate professional before making any changes. ***

Ladies… if you experience cramping and aching during your period, this is for you! Oh and all you ladies, yup I am going to say it, if you are looking for a safe deeply (pun intended), sensual lube, this is for you! Oh and ladies, all the ladies, hear me now.. no just kidding i’m not going to go off on a rapping rant, but fellas, mothers, fathers, brothers, grandmas, uncles and every single one of you reading this..(Everybody). if you want to deliver your cannabinoids rectally, which will help absorb more cannabinoids and avoid the head-high you get from edibles or smoking, these cannabis suppositories are worth trying.

The fact of the matter is.. I set out on this journey to help whomever I can however and wherever I can without losing focus on healing myself. A few years ago – I wouldn’t be able to talk about anything mentioning rectal, enema, suppositories and more but the reality is – it is life, real life and it is something we shouldn’t be ashamed to discuss or chat about with each other. Enter Cannabis suppositories. along with enemas, yes I have done both and I am not afraid to discuss either with anyone. When you are on a mission to heal, and heal naturally, you take whatever steps necessary to achieve that goal and believe it or not cannabis suppositories are becoming popular, even in dispensaries. They are also being used as treatment for vaginal issues and as a way to use smokeless cannabis without “getting toasted”, “tripping balls”, “getting so baked” and it is a way of delivering a higher concentration of cannabinoids into your bloodstream. When it came to medicating for myself, I just couldn’t maintain the dose that I need to maintain without getting so high that I cut way back and realized I was only hurting myself. I can’t be high, function and work, I just can’t – and the dose that I need it was impossible not to get high and just sleep, so I stopped medicating with cannabis. Until, I was introduced to cannabis suppositories, and micro – dosing sublingually (which I do now). Oh and they also work amazing if you suffer from severe menstrual cramps or back pain. There you have it – my deep down dirty secrets. (ha! – for me I was so over coffee enema’s, I just couldn’t keep doing the suppositories and I found it was much easier for me personally to continue micro-dosing throughout the day sublingually under my tongue).

Now, I was asked the question and I know all my essential oil friends talk about lube alternatives all the time so here is my contribution to that in regards to using cannabis suppositories as a weed lube alternative. These suppositories allow you to apply cannabinoids “all up in there” which is incredible and from what I have heard – sorry can’t speak from personal experience as far as the weed lube (I would be straight up lying if I said I could – so back to what I have heard from those who have tried – it last longer than your typical over the counter – toxic (sorry had to) lubes.

Back to real talk. As a rectal application, they allow you to quickly absorb higher therapeutic doses of medicinal cannabis compounds without getting insanely intoxicated (i.e. “HIGH”). So these cannabis suppositories can be effectively used both vaginally and rectally. Some of you may be cringing by now, or straight up laughing, but all jokes aside this is some serious medicine that I believe can help lots of people who avoid cannabis because they are afraid of getting so stoned, afraid of freaking out, have had a bad experience or simply just don’t want a psychoactive experience. So I am going to share below a few of those benefits and I just want you all to hear me out, read, keep an open mind and for what it is worth know that I wouldn’t be sharing this if I didn’t truly believe that cannabis suppositories for rectal or vaginal use could really help many patients and should be considered as a beneficial way to administer medical marijuana. So if you fall into any of those categories above, and don’t want to deal with the “high” effects of THC, these are for you. The cannabis discussion is difficult to have with anyone, especially those who are so anti “WEED”, never-mind rectal, vaginal anything.. However, the only way to remove the bad stigma of cannabis along with the various ways to administer cannabis is to talk about it, right? So here you go:

Benefits of Cannabis Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are a convenient way to get cannabinoids into those hard to reach places (go ahead smile). They’re inexpensive to make and store for a very very long time. When used rectally, suppositories are an excellent way to administer therapeutically high amounts of THC while avoiding some of the negative side effects that can come with large doses of THC (I know this because I have medicated this way because of just this). Making them is super easy.

How Cannabis Suppositories Work

When applied vaginally, they’re basically a topical treatment. There is little absorption into the blood stream, but the localized effects include increased sensitivity and relaxed pelvic muscles. While rectally, they work completely different, and bring up another big benefit of cannabis suppositories, they work fast. “Suppositories work with the lining in your colon to spread their healing magic quickly through nearby organs and into the bloodstream.”

How to Use Cannabis Suppositories

**Always wash your paws (hands)**

Vaginally for pain: lie down and insert it into your vagina (also known as “hoo”, “hoo ha” – go ahead smile), as deeply as you comfortably can. Obviously, as the ingredients warm with your body temperature, they are going to start to melt, so I would suggest using them at bedtime with pantyliner. (Don’t use tampons with suppositories – it’ll absorb all the good stuff before you do!)

Vaginally as an alternative weed lube: Insert, and let it warm up, while you’re ummm… ya you get the point.

Rectally for cannabinoid absorption: Not going to lie, it can be a bit awkward the first time you’ve used a suppository, this really is the best method for getting the most out of your cannabinoids. Some tips… go to the bathroom first or wait until after you have had your morning coffee and have gone to the bathroom, if you get my piont here.. go poop, try to wait until after..Insert the suppository as far as you can comfortably. You can use a little extra coconut oil to help the process. And again wash your paws (hands), when you are done.. PLEASE!!

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Cannabis Suppositories – The Benefits – multiple uses – overcome the awkwardness!