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Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

The chief editor of the High Times magazine, Steven Hager, started this event in 1987. So it has been held for more than 30 years. That is enough time to fine tune organization and build a tradition. The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup usually takes the same format as those before, with experts showcasing their latest strains, celebrity guests and of course music.

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup dates

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup usually coincides with Thanksgiving in the USA, running around November 24 – 26. However in 2018 it has been held in the middle of summer on 13th to 15th of July.

Arriving in Amsterdam a few days before the event is a good idea. Also getting to the pre-registration event in order to avoid the long queues that plague the Cannabis Cup as much as any large international event.

Accommodation near Cannabis Cup

With event like this it is important to be accommodated closeby. The Cannabis Cup takes place mostly at the Melkweg culture centre. Use the form below to get a list of nearby hotels, hostels, apartments and even houseboats.

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The program of Cannabis Cup

There is always an opening night party and host parties with different acts playing during the next days. The event finishes up with the Cannabis Cup Awards show presenting the results of the competition as voted on by holders of judges passes.

Cannabis Cup legal issues

The Cannabis Cup had to also endure some trouble. Amsterdam city officials would like to present other sides of this beautiful city more than the marijuana consumption. Therefore there have been instances where Cannabis Cup events were cancelled and there was even a police raid. Attendees should obey some rules even at an event like this. For example smoking only at designated areas.

Simmilar events

The High Times Cannabis Cup is not the only event of this type in Amsterdam. Events of simmilar kind include the Unity Cup and the Elite Cup.

Cannabis Cups on the other side of the world

With recent legalization of marijuana in the USA there have been Cannabis Cups organized around this colorful country too. Past events were in Denver, Michigan, Seattle and of course California.

The Cannabis Cup expo

The Cannabis Cup Expo usually takes place at the RAI conference centre and Melkweg club. Experts from growing companies and seed companies are present to talk about cultivation and care of plants. Expert advice from the hosts of the party, High Times, will also be available in the form of resident gurus.

The Cannabis Cup Expo is open every day of the event from noon.

Nearby attractions

The events at Melkweg are surely going to be a blast. But checking out the surrounding area is definitely worth a while. For example Vondelpark is just around the corner. Then museums – Rijksmuseum for history and Stedelijk for art. Also Van Gogh House. The Heineken Brewery tour is a must. And finally, the districts of Jordaan and Red Light District.

Counterculture Hall of Fame

A worthy person is inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame every year. Inductees include stars like Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Peter Tosh and others.

Judges Passes

One of the most desired ways to take part in the Cannabis Cup is with a judges pass that allows you to have your say as to what the best strains of marijuana on offer are. Passes can be bought online for approximately $280 and allow holders to mark their impressions of each strain they try to be compiled and used to decide the best strains of the show. Unfortunately, judges passes do not entitle you to free marijuana or hash, but there are many stalls in the expo offering free samples anyway.

Amsterdam nightlife ticket

It is definitely worth to consider this nightlife ticket. It will most likely save you time and money. For 7 days you get free entrance to Amsterdam clubs, free shots, beers & cocktails, lazertag & bowling, free UBER and much more. Go have a look.

Marijuana museum

Amsterdam is a city with many fascinating museums. One of them is The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum. It makes great sense to visit it when attending The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

Cannabis Cup location on the map

The Cannabis Cup takes place mostly at the Melkweg culture centre. You can find it at the centre of the map below.

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Article about the Cannabis Cup 2015, including details of tickets, locaiton, musical guests and celebrity appearances.

Cannabis Cup


Cannabis Cup 2021 judges evaluate and judge. well, cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, grass, hemp, hashish. The Cannabis Cup Netherlands occurs in Amsterdam in November (around the American Thanksgiving holiday) in the country that is famous worldwide for its tolerance, most apparent in the Amsterdam Red Light District where legal prostitution is readily available and very visible. In the Netherlands there is a similar tolerance of soft drug use. Do note that the word used in relation to drugs is “tolerance,” not “legal.”

Coffee Shops and the Netherlands Drug Laws

The Dutch call their tolerance “gedoogbeleid,” which means a policy of tolerance towards something that is illegal. If you plan to visit one of the more than 200 infamous Amsterdam coffee houses or otherwise indulge in drugs, it pays to understand the laws of the country. Drugs, both soft and hard, are illegal in the Netherlands, regardless of the ubiquitous coffee shops or the annual Cannabis Cup beloved by the counterculture. Both are technically illegal, but tolerated so long as strict rules are adhered to. Coffeeshops (it is one word if it means a place to buy marijuana; a koffiehuis sells coffee; a café is a bar) may sell only soft drugs equaling no more than five grams per person per day, and a coffeeshop may not have more than 500 grams on the premises at one time. They cannot advertise drugs and no one under age 18 is allowed in. No alcohol may be sold or consumed in a coffeehouse.

Netherlands Map

Cannabis Cup History and Facts

The annual Cannabis Cup was begun in 1987 by Steven Hager, editor of High Times magazine, based in New York City. Judging of the event is by vote of judges who pay a fee to actually sample the various strains of marijuana entered in the competition. Because of the country’s drug laws, this means that the Cannabis Cup Netherlands competition is held in a number of different coffeehouses scattered around the city center. Since the coffeehouses have a limited capacity, the actual venues are not announced until October. The expo venue is also not announced until October, although it has in the past been held at the RAI Center located at Europaplein 22, a bit south of the Museumplein where the Rijksmuseum and the Vincent van Gogh Museum are located, and at the Melkweg concert venue and nightclub at Lijnbaansgracht 234A in the inner city.

Cannabis Cup Tickets

You don’t need a ticket to get into one of the coffeehouses where judging is occurring, but you might not be allowed in if you just show up and a judging event is already in progress. Judges are selected by an online application process. Advance tickets cost between $200 and $250, and tickets at the door, if available, are about $350. If you can’t afford a ticket to the entire five-day event, you can buy a single-day ticket. There have been as many as 2,300 judges. You don’t get free samples with your judge’s pass, you must purchase your marijuana just like anyone else. However the pass allows you entry to a number of ancillary concerts, seminars, the expo, and Amsterdam bus tours to and from the expo. One of the Cannabis Cup 2021 events that judges can attend is the induction ceremony into the Counterculture Hall of Fame, which has previously inducted such luminaries at Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.

Cannabis Cup Hotels

Transportation within the city is very convenient, so it’s not necessary to find accommodation extremely close to any Cannabis Cup Netherlands events. If you do want to be nearby, it’s suggested that you find lodging somewhere in the city center, which is fortunately where the largest number of Amsterdam hotels are located. You can find everything from the five-star Amsterdam American Hotel at Leidsekade 97, near the Leidesplein Station, to the Flying Pig Hostel at Nieuwendijk 100, right next to the Central Station.

Cannabis Cup. Get details on the Cannabis Cup Netherlands held in Amsterdam in November, as well as information on judge’s passes, venues, and hotels.