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How To Make Cannabis Milk

Cannabis milk is one of the easiest cannabis recipes to make, and can offer a discreet and tasty way to get high. Find out exactly how to make it right here.

Cannabis milk, much like cannabis butter, is a great base for cooking. There are a multitude of recipes out there that require the use of milk for its fat content. It is this fat that the THC and other cannabinoids within your weed can bind to, making a sky high drink. Once you have it you can use to create a cannabis version of absolutely anything else that would usually contain milk, be it eating a bowl cereal or baking a masterpiece.

We have two options, one using normal cow milk and another for vegans using almond milk. By replacing the milk by heavy-cream or whipped cream, you can also make Marijuana-Heavy-Cream.

Recipe For Normal Cannabis Milk

Skill level: Beginner // Preparation time: 1,5 hour


250ml of whole milk

3 – 5g of cannabis (depending on strength)


Use your grinder or blender to grind up your cannabis as finely as possible – the finer it is, the larger its surface area will be. The larger the surface area, the more efficiently cannabinoids can be extracted.

Add your milk into the saucepan and heat it until it is simmering gently.

Lower the heat and then add in your cannabis, stirring it occasionally.

Allow the mix to simmer for an hour, continue to stir it occasionally to keep it slightly agitated.

After an hour allow your mixture to cool and then filter out the cannabis with a fine strainer.

Pour the milk into a container and keep it refrigerated. It will expire the same time as its ‘use by’ date.

Recipe For Vegan Cannabis Almond Milk

Skill level: Beginner // Preparation time: full day

The vegan variety of cannabis milk is based on almond milk, due to its natural high fat content. You can of course use store bought almond milk, but it‘s way tastier to make up your own fresh batch. It‘s easy to make fresh almond milk you will need the following:



Soak the almonds in water overnight

Blend the almonds and water together in a food processor/blender until it‘s smooth and looks like milk.

Strain the almond residue out of the milk. It‘s easiest to use a dedicated nut milk bag for this, but any fine sieve will do.

Proceed to create cannabis milk using the above recipe, substituting the cow milk for the almond milk.

There you have it! You now have cannabis infused milk that you can drink straight, use as part of another drink, or even cook with!

Written by: Zamnesia
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Cannabis milk is one of the easiest cannabis recipes to make, and can offer a discreet and tasty way to get high. Find out exactly how to make it right here.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Milk

Monday February 11, 2019

T hough the most common foods people tend to associate with cannabis infusions are baked goods or gummies, just about anything can be infused with cannabis. Baked goods often use infused butter or cooking oils while gummies usually involve the addition of cannabis tinctures. But what about an ice-cold milkshake? Or a whipped topping on some pie? For recipes like these, cannabis-infused milk or cream is a great option.

Why Milk is Great for Cannabis Infusions

Though often overlooked, milks make a great medium for cannabis infusions. Not only are they tasty but they’re also filled with those glorious lipids (fats) that cannabinoids love so much. In fact, cannabinoids won’t stick to anything but fats or alcohol, and since alcohol products aren’t ideal for all consumers, having another source of liquid infusion is pretty important.

How to Infuse Milk or Milk-Like Products with Cannabis

Because cannabinoids require lipids to bind to, the best milk or milk-substitute products (nut milks, oat milks, soy milks, etc.) to use for cannabis infusions will be the fully-fatty kind (no skim or reduced fat) like whole milk, coconut milk or heavy cream.

That being said, most milks do contain some fat content so feel free to use whichever option you like best – regular milks or plant-based options will both work! To make your own cannabis-infused milk products, gather the following:

What you’ll need:

  • Milk, Cream, Coconut Milk or Other Milk Substitute
  • 1 Gram of Decarboxylated Cannabis Per Liter of Milk
  • Sauce Pan
  • Whisk
  • Cheesecloth
  • Air-tight Liquid Storage Container (i.e. Mason Jar)


  1. Finely grind your cannabis into a powder (the finer the grind, the better it will infuse into your milk)
  2. Next, add your finely ground cannabis directly to your milk, place over low heat and whisk to combine. Be careful not to let the mixture boil over!
  3. Stir the milk mixture frequently to prevent scorching and allow the cannabis and milk to simmer for 30 minutes to an hour depending on your preferred potency
  4. After 30 minutes to an hour, remove from heat and let sit for 5-10 minutes to help the cannabinoids set into the fat cells
  5. Place cheesecloth over the top of a large mason jar or other air-tight liquid storage container then pour the mixture over the cheesecloth to strain out all plant matter
  6. When it’s cool enough to handle, squeeze all excess liquid from the cheesecloth into your storage container
  7. Tightly seal your container, label with its contents and expiration date (the same date that was listed on the milk container) or freeze in ice cube trays for later use
  8. Always remember to label all cannabis-infused products (including your canna-milk ice cubes) and keep them secured away from children at all times

Clever ways to Use Your Infused Milk

Cannabis-infused milkshakes are awesome, but they aren’t the only way to enjoy your fresh canna-milk. Now that you’ve learned how to make your very own cannabis infused milk at home, here are a few quick recipe ideas for infusions.

Cannabis-Infused Alfredo Sauce

Infuse a pint of heavy whipping cream (and some cannabutter if you feel so inclined) for this easy dinner recipe. To make it, just mix one pint of heavy whipping cream, ½ cup of (infused) butter, and four ounces of cream cheese in a saucepan. Melt over low heat until smooth then add ½ teaspoon of minced garlic, one teaspoon of garlic powder, one teaspoon of Italian seasoning, and ¼ teaspoon of both salt and pepper and stir until combined. Add one cup of grated parmesan cheese, stir and simmer for three to five more minutes. Toss your finished Alfredo sauce over your favorite noodles and enjoy.


Homemade coffee creamer is easy, tasty and less complex than store-bought brands. To make cannabis infused coffee creamer at home, just mix two cups infused milk or heavy cream with one 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk in a large Mason jar and store for up to one week. Feel free to add your favorite flavored syrups, too.

Cannabis Queso Dip

Cannabis-infused queso is always a party hit and only requires a few simple ingredients. To make infused queso dip, just melt some Velveeta or other soft cheese into one to two cups of your infused milk or half-and-half then add your favorite flavors to taste (Ro-Tel brand canned tomatoes work well as do pickled jalapenos).

Got Milk?

Whether for the high or the awesome flavor, infusing cannabis into milks is a create way to ingest cannabinoids and terpenes. You can use it to replace milk or cream in a number of different recipes or just drink it plain alongside a fresh batch of cookies, making canna-milk one of the most diverse mediums through which to ingest cannabinoids.

Have you ever made canna-milk at home? Share some tips and recipes with our readers below.

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Want to make some delicious cannabis edibles but not a fan of butter or cooking oils? Then cannabis-infused milk might be the choice for you! Keep reading to learn how to easily make infused milk with marijuana.